Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More Konnoisseurs...


Hi again. Just a short post this time. Pathetic enough, my setup for vinyl ripping are still not satisfying soundwise. Still looking forward to get started. But I have to wait until it's good enough. It'll take quite some time to rip & prepare good stuff anyway, so the result might as well be as good as it gets.
Still in the Konnoisseurs topic. Here's the two album released by the Chicago based 70-80's band Tantrum. Not quite as ABBA as their look, I recommend both albums. Good stuff.
I read about some rerelease of this stuff, or plans, including material from a never released third album, but that's something I sadly never seen/heard/found/got my hands on...

Sorry for the bad quality of the pics, used a bad digicam, my scanner are not operative right now. So, this'll do for now. See, both my vinyls pictured here are still sealed :))

Pam Bradley - vocals
Sandy Caulfield - vocals
Barb Erber - vocals
Ray Sapko - guitar
Phil Balsano - keyboards
Bill Syniar - bass
Vern Wennerstrom - drums

Tantrum - Tantrum. 1978.

1. Listen
2. You Came To Me
3. You Are My Everything
4. Happy Yesterdays
5. Kidnapped
6. Flash Commander
7. Night On Main Street
8. Livin' My Life Without You
9. Kid Brother
10. No More


Tantrum - Rather Be Rockin'. 1980.

1. Rather Be Rockin'
2. Don't Turn Me Off
3. You Are My World
4. Sammy And Suzie
5. Runnin'
6. How Long
7. You Need Me
8. Take A Long
9. Applaud The Winner
10. Search For A Reason


Have a great rockin' summer all of you...


Rob said...

some great stuff you're posting here!
I got hooked on the konnossier stuff too some years back -think I managed to track down most of the artists from it ..
The Tantrum albums were released by escape music as a 2 cd set with the third unreleased lp included I think it's still available from their website

Anonymous said...

I had been looking for the 1st Tantrum album for sooo long! thanks a million!

bigfootkit said...

Thank you for the first Tantrum lp, strangely enough i've been blaring the 2nd quite a bit lately, so now i can get to grips with their debut too.

Anonymous said...

It is very good though heard for the first time!
It always looks forward to this blog

Steamhammer said...

Cool, this sleeve to Rather.. is different from my UK opy. Never knew that!

Anonymous said...

These albuns and the third never released at the time where rereleased by Escape Music at 2005.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the third unreleased 'Breaking Away' album which was part of the Tantrum CD release back in 2005, is not a digital remaster, and is far from pristine - for a CD re-release. Why do record companies do this?

gdazegod (

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these obscure rock bands of the 70s.The friend of mine is a big fan of this music of his youth.How else he would be able to hear this.

micki said...

this is awesome, thanx!!
I was spinning the "striktly for konnoisseurs" double-vinyl just last night and I thought I needed to know/hear a bit more of Tantrum... amazing song that's featured on that compilation!
best wishes from Spain

Anonymous said...

You may never get round to reading this but you've made my day ! Been looking for these since I bought Strktly for... - See also my comment on Teri de Sario.
Isn't this interwebby thing bostin'!

Anonymous said...

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