Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Triple treat & some days off... see ya.

Small Talk
'Founded from the ashes of the Columbia signed Pop Rock outfit ROCK ROSE, SMALL TALK basically featured the same line-up with the exception of drummer Jack D'Amore, who had been replaced by frontman Frank Demme's brother Lou. ROCK ROSE had only recorded one album, released in 1979. SMALL TALK could also only manage a single, self-titled album through MCA Records in 1981 that meandered in the same general direction as ROCK ROSE with a similar lack of success.'
I really like the Rock Rose album a lot (posted here, look in the archives), and this is the same band with a new drummer, but also softer all over. There's no 'Diary of Fools', 'Daddy's Car' or 'Matinee Mood' here. Sadly enough. I like the album, but there should've been some uptempo or rockin' tracks here. Which there aren't at all. As they states on the album cover, 'Thanks to hard pop lovers everywhere'. It's just isn't hard. More like a randomly picked Toto album without the sparkling highlights. And without the surgical precision approch to the studio, playing and production that Toto have.

Small Talk - Small Talk. 1981.
Produced by Joe Falsia.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

1. When I Get You Alone
2. Stop In The Name Of Love
3. Survive
4. I Like The Fire
5. I Want Your Love
6. She Said Stay
7. That's Rock n' Roll
8. What's Your Name
9. Say Goodbye
10. Ten Minutes



Is this a terrible cheesy cover or what? Yes it is. Is the album any good? Yes, indeed it is!! I don't exactly know why I bought this back then, but I've never regreted. Filled with good quality hard rock, and I'm sure a lot of you'll like it. Forget the cover, give it a try, you'll be surprised. I never knew much about this album/band/project, but if you're interested in some input, ckeck out

Ozz - No Prisoners. 1980.
Produced by Andy Johns, Gregg Parker and Alexis T. Angel.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192. Some clicks.

1. Sail On
2. Ain't No Money
3. Givin' Up On Love
4. Sister Madness
5. Checkin' It Out
6. Baby Don't You Cry
7. Hungry Love
8. Dreams
9. Lonely Rider
10. Just Got Back

Alexis T. Angel - Lead & backing vocals
Gregg Parker - All guitars & backing vocals
Donnell Hagen - Drums
Craig Gruber - Bass
Willie Bass - Bass (!)
Michael Cavanaugh - Keyboards & synthesizers
Ollie Brown - Percussion


Well, what can I say. Why not post this one too, as I've recently posted 2 albums by Danny Spanos. Another one with a Streetheart track and connection, and Spencer Proffer, Randy Bishop contributing... and enough guitars to be an album worth hearing & having. More like if Eddie Money were into The Small Faces kinda rock'n'roll. Actually sometimes a bit like Quireboys. Just a thought... it says on the cover 'To all of you beautiful blondes out for Trouble... see ya!' And I think he actually DID see a lot of them. I may be wrong, but my guess is that the one with the most trouble would be Spanos himself. 3 albums with songtitles as Lorraine, Molly, Hot Cherie, Anita, I'd Lie To You For Your Love, Excuse Me... says it all.

Danny Spanos - Looks Like Trouble. 1984.
Produced by Spencer Proffer.
Engineered by Duane Baron.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

1. I'd Lie To You For Your Love(Frankie Miller, Jeff Barry)
2. Change Of Heart (Spencer Proffer, David Payne)
3. Wherever There's Smoke (There's Fire)(Randy Bishop)
4. Lorraine (Jeff Neill)
5. Excuse Me(Spencer Proffer, David Payne)
6. Comin' True(Jeff Neill, Spider Sinnaeve, Kenny Shields, Daryl Gutheil, Randy Bishop)
7. Are You Ready Now (Spencer Proffer, David Payne)
8. Molly (Randy Bishop)
9. Looks Like Trouble(Danny Spanos, Dana Strum, Ron Mancuso)
10. Good Girl (Danny Spanos, Dana Strum, Ron Mancuso)

Danny Spanos - Lead and backing vocals.
Dana Strum - Bass and backing vocals.
Joey DePompeis - Drums, percussion and backing vocals.
Jawn Bertzer - Guitar.

Ron Marcuso, guitars all tracks.
Ross Bolton, keyboards all tracks.
Frankie Banali, drums 'Excuse Me'.
Rick Derringer, guitar 'Excuse Me'.
Duane Hitchings, keyboards 'Excuse Me'.
Jimmy Johnson, bass 'Excuse Me'.



Anonymous said...

Ozz is great music. the cover is indeed ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

many T H A N K S !


Steamhammer said...

Ozz and Greg Parker are sadly missed. He toyed around with other bands but nothing comares to OZZ. He said he had several unreleased Lp's in he can but has now disappeared, a great pity.

Anonymous said...

I'll give Ozz a listen. I remember seeing that record in the stores back when but never heard it.

When you get back off break, see if you have this hard to find record in your collection:

Trooper self titled 1975 debut

I'm In Trouble Again
General Hand Grenade
All Of The Time
Eddy Takes It Easy
Roller Rink
Baby Woncha Please Come Home
Love Of My Life
Don't Stop Now

fan de esta pagina said...

muy bueno muchachos sigan asi, con estas joyas para descargar. NO PAREN

Alocacoc said...

Thanks all!
And these last lines, using , turns into this: 'Very good boys continue asi, with these jewels to discharge. Do NOT STOP' so, a big thanks to you too :)

Anonymous said...

Alexis T. Angel is one KICK ASS singer! When he left, OZZ was done!
They say he owns his own lake and you can hear him screaming vocals and guitar across the water.
Wasn't impressed with the BS side of the music biz but still plays and sings away.
Had a lot to do with the writing of the instrumental parts as well as all the vocal parts of the OZZ album but was credited with arrangement and lyrics.
He's also doing all the harmonies
(4 and 5 parts in some cases) on the album "No Prisoners".
He'd be the first to tell you that the cover was 'out there' but that holds true for 97 percent of all covers.
The band never stepped foot on any stage but that was T. Angel's choice.

Anonymous said...

I like the cover! Parker and T. Angel havin' fun!
You gotta problem wit dat?
They wrote this stuff in the middle of the disco era but ignored the trend and cranked out the good stuff!
T. Angel was prolific and by the time this LP was released he'd written tons o' new stuff which he recorded under another name!
Hint: the BGB...Go figure!

Anonymous said...

OZZ - No Prisoners has been released on CD, check it out at CD Universe. great album

Anonymous said...

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Harold Mandell said...

My late stepson, Kevin DuBrow, was an American rock singer, best known as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Quiet Riot from 1973 until his death in 2007. During Quiet Riot's commercial heyday in the 1980s, Kevin was known for his on-stage charisma, black-and-white striped microphone stand, gravelly bluesy voice, and suspenders. He will be missed. Thank you for making this page as a tribute to him. He would have happily done the poontango with your girlfriend as a tribute to all the fans.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?
Your going to diss the cover of the OZZ LP?
They're (Gregg Parker and Alexis T Angel)obviously screwing around with that crazy stage set that CBS 'Epic' photographers provided for them.
The music is like the cover in that it has tons of energy just like typical T. Angel.
T. Angel's given name is William J Gramer the 1st and he did an album in 1989 entitled 'Say Your Prayers' by the Billy Gramer Band (dedicated to his father) where he plays the guitar and sings all the songs that he wrote for the album. The guy can do it all from blues to rock n roll to metal to country and folk and his music has been played on all of these radio formats. His power, range and clarity and versatility can be matched by few if any and I'd recommend anything written and recorded by him. His vocal style is obviously rooted in the blues and you can hear that in everything that he does and they say he can blow a harmonica like nobody's business and his guitar playing soars like Hayleys Comet!!
If you can get a hold of his music buy it! You'll be glad you did!

Anonymous said...

OZZ No Prisoners is one GREAT LP no doubt. I've seen T Angel being compared to Plant, Morrison, Jagger, Mercury, McCartney, Tyler, and others but he has his own voice and power. When he is compared to others it is always the worlds best that he is compared to. T Angel and Parker it is said, wrote nearly everything in the studio, on the fly, when they were in their very early twenties and the results were nothing short of spectacular and it's a cryin' shame that the suits at CBS didn't arrange for a world tour when first released. Glad to see this LP on the net so that the world will have a chance to discover this great music! There isn't a weak song on this whole LP !! They are all unique and powerful and the pic on the back of this LP is killer. As far as the front cover goes. I agree, these two are having a good time screwing around with the photographers. Why do some folks feel that every album cover should be graced by a bunch of guys who sport the look of bad poker players. Get it right ! This album's FANTASTIC ! Cover and all.