Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some more musical refreshments...

To stay in topic, I return with a great Billy Squier concert. My Kinda Lover, Lonely Is The Night, In The Dark & The Stroke are more than enough to get me goin'. This rocks!

Billy Squier - King Biscuit Hour Presents Billy Squier In Concert. 1998.

(1998 Japanese 14-track promo sample CD, recorded in Worcester, USA in March 1983)

1. Everybody Wants You
2. Whadda Ya Want From Me
3. I Need You/Catch 22
4. Learn How To Live
5. My Kinda Lover
6. Too Daze Gone
7. She's A Runner
8. Emotions In Motion
9. Listen To the Heartbeat
10. Lonely Is The Night
11. In The Dark
12. The Stroke
13. Keep Me Satisfied
14. Rip This Joint

Billy Squier - Vocals
GuitarJeff Golub
GuitarAlan St. Jon - Keyboards, Vocals
Doug Lubahn - Bass, Vocals
Bobby Chouinard - Drums


Next one out, Creed. NOT the later post-grunge-'who's-the-most-boring-singer-in-the-world'-group, but the hard rock outfit that released their debut album in '78. Quite rare. And good one. Kinda keyboard-southern-hard-rock touching aor. Sadly I miss track 7 on the rip. I might have to do my own rip when I get the stuff stacked & workin'. And fix the sound a bit too, this is a pretty low rip.Well, enjoy this anyway! Best track: 'Just Don't Stop'. Make me think of both Legs Diamond and a touch of Rush. :))
Steve Ingle (vocals / guitar)
Hal Butler (vocals / keyboards)
Luther Maben (guitar)
James Flynn (bass)
Chip Thomas (drums)

Creed - Creed. 1978.

1. Keep On Rockin'
2. Tied Down
3. Firecracker
4. You Never See It That Way
5. We're Gonna Make It
6. Just Can't Stop
7. Can't Find Love
8. Time And Time Again

Supergroup, someone!?

When you put Graham Bonnet on vocals (Rainbow, MSG, Impelliteri, Forcefield), Bob Kulick on guitar (Michael Bolton, Balance, Kiss, Meat Loaf etc.), Frankie Banali on drums (Quiet Riot, Wasp, Billy Thorpe, Billy Idol), Jimmy Waldo on keyboards (New England, Alcatraz, Malmsteen, House of Lords, Steve Vai) and Chuck Wright - bass (Giuffria, Impelliteri, Quiet Riot) together, something GREAT will happen, right!? Wrong. Never liked this album. When I first heard it, I remember my thoughts were 'old geezer's stay young by playin' stoopid heavy metal' instead of what I know they're all capable of delivering. Well, it's listenable, but no classic, far from it. But if you want to check that out yourself, grab it here!

Blackthorne - Afterlife. 1993.

1. Cradle to the Grave

2. Afterlife

3. We Won't Be Forgotten

4. Breaking the Chains

5. Over and Over

6. Hard Feelings

7. Baby You're the Blood

8. Sex Crimes

9. Love From the Ashes

10. All Night Long

Produced by Bob Kulick.

Features Bruce Kulick on guitar on track 05 & two song-writing credits.



Sunday, April 8, 2007

Pure PompPopProgRock-tastic!

Here's an amazingly good debut album, produced & engineered by Gary Lyons (who btw did Foreigner's debut too, among lots of others) which saw the light of day in '79.

A marvelous mix of Pomp/Rock/Orchestration/Prog & Pop. If you liked New England, ELO & Queen, I think you'll love these guys. Sadly they released only 1 album, but years later, in 2003, a second album 'Ambition' was released, with material recorded 77-79.
Both are well worth having in your collection!

Brad Love (vocals / keyboards), Toby Bowen (guitar), Ken Steimonts (bass),
Paul Madden (keyboards), Richard Bryans (drums)
Bass player Ken Steimonts died in 1994 (R.I.P.).

Aviary - Aviary. 1979.

1. Soaring
2. Anthem For The U.S.A.
3. Puddles
4. As Close As You Can Get
5. Mystic Sharon
6. Feel The Heart
7. Average Boy
8. I Will Hear
9. Maple Hall

Aviary - Ambition. 2003.

1. Hello
2. The Sun & The Sand
3. Apathy
4. You
5. Desert Song / Pharaohs March
6. I Should Have Known
7. Eva's Birthday
8. Fine Lines
9. Working Girl
10. Yes & No


Donnie Iris and the Cruiser's

As a 'this post's bonus', something completely different, I think. Donnie Iris. He's been around quite some time, and have released more albums than most ppl are aware of. Either you love him or hate him. Or maybe you've never heard him!? But I happen to appreciate most of his stuff. And now you can listen & make up your mind too. It's positive rockin' power pop, and it's greats songs! And what more can you ask for.

Donnie Iris & the Cruisers - Nick's Fat City '97.

Donnie Iris - Vocals

Mark Avsec - Organ, accordian, synths, piano, vocals

Marty Lee Hoenes - Guitar and vocals

Paul Goll - Bass guitar and vocals

Tommy Rich - Drums

01 - Agnes

02 - Do You Compute?

03 - Tenth Street

04 - Tough World

05 - I Can't Hear You

06 - That's The Way Love Oughta Be

07 - Poletown

08 - This Time It Must Be Love

09 - Injured In The Game Of Love

10 - Minnie The Moocher

11 - Love Is Like A Rock

12 - Ah! Leah!

13 - The Rapper



Donnie Iris & the Cruiser's - Live At The Paradise (Promo)

01 - Agnes
02 - Intro
03 - I Can't Hear You
04 - The Rapper
05 - Shock Treatment
06 - Ah! Leah!


Well, so much for this post. Whaddya think, want more Donnie Iris? Or, what do ya want out there!? Anyway, Happy Easter! Rock On!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

I'll give you a rare Rose...

I love this album. It's great. Highly professional played, written and produced good rockin' AOR/hard rock. No wild screamin' guitars, but they're there. Should satisfy most likers of 'radio rock'. Bought the album by looking at the cover, way back then, I thought the band looked interesting. And they were. Sadly they only released this one album, before changing their name to Small Talk, and released a softer album. Not bad that one either, but frankly a bit boring. I got that stacked away like most my old vinyls, and I'll try to rip & clean it up when I get some equipment up and running. I think & I hope you'll appreciate this one!

Rock Rose - Rock Rose. 1979.

Frank Demme - Vocals, Bass
Carl Johnson - Guitars
Jack D 'Amore - Drums
Chris Barr - Keyboards

1. Daddy's Car
2. Matinee Mood
3. Bittersweet Love
4. You've Gone Beyond
5. Phantom Lover
6. Diary Of Fools
7. Sad Thing
8. Slippin'
9. Rock Rose

Year of the Wolf...

1981 was a good year, a lot of great things happened around that time, in the world of hard rock. Record companies had back then the will & cash to give a lot of happening bands a fair chance of release. And south african artist Trevor Rabin, released his amazing third album 'Wolf'. Might not be the best lyrics ever, but who cares, it's a great rockin' AOR album, one of the best out there! And that's really something.

I guess most ppl interesting in this type of music, already have this one. But if not, don't wait anymore. Grab this pearl as fast as you can & enjoy it!!

If in any doubt, take a look at this awesome line up (and yes, it's THAT good!):

Trevor Rabin - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Simon Phillips - Drums
Jack Bruce & Mo Foster - Bass
Manfred Mann & Rabbitt - Keyboards
Additional vocals: Chris Thompson, Stevie Lange, Noel McCalla
Composed and arranged by Rabin
Produced by Trevor Rabin

Associate producer: Ray Davies
Recorded at Konk Studios London
Engineer: Benedict Tobias Fenner

Trevor Rabin - Wolf. 1981.

1 Open Ended
2 Heard You Cry Wolf
3 Do Ya Do Ya Want Me
4 Stop Turn
5 Lost in Love
6 Looking for a Lady - (Wolfman)
7 Pain
8 Take Me to a Party
9 She's Easy 10 Long Island


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Have 2 more Nutz...

Well, as promised, the two last Nutz albums. Have fun!

Nutz - Live Cutz. 1977.
1. Seeing Is Believing
2. Loser
3. Pushed Around
4. You Better Watch Out
5. RSD
6. Joke
7. Can Be Loved
8. Wallbanger
9. Knife Edge

Nutz - Hard Nutz. 1977.
1. Seeing Is Believing
2. I Know The Feeling
3. Loser
4. From Here To Anywhere
5. Wallbanger
6. Pushed Around
7. Beast Of The Field
8. Sick And Tired
9. Down On My Knees
10. One More Cup Of Coffee

The Rage continue...

Seems like I never get to do things in 'said order' in here. But blog'ing Nutz, the UK 70's band, NOT the german thrash bunch, led me thinking 'bout what happened after the Nutz 'broke up' after releasing 4 albums (all to be shared here eventually). Or, they really never broke up. Just changed name & got revitalized in the NWOBHM movement as Rage. And got one track 'Bootliggers' on the now classic 'Metal For Muthas Vol.1' album, in company with the more suited Iron Maiden, Samson and Angelwitch. (By the way, whatever happened to the band Toad The Wet Sprocket on that album, and why on earth did someone choose them to front the NWOBHM movement!? I liked it, but very misplaced. Not metal at all... but cool well played song)

To make a long story shorter, here's the line-up's:

Dave Lloyd - 1974-1980 Vocals (2 AM, Rage)
Mick Devonport -1974-1980 Guitars (Rage)
Keith Mullholland -1974-1980 Bass (Demon, Rage)
Kenny Newton -1974-1980 Keyboards (Nightwing)
John Mylett -1974-1980 Drums (Nightwing, Rage)

Nutz - Live at the Reading Festival 1974.

Dave Lloyd - 1980 -1983 - Vocals (2 AM, Nutz)
Mick Devonport - 1980 -1983 - Guitars (Nutz)
Terry Steers - 1982 -1983 - Guitars
Keith Mullholland - 1980 -1983 - Bass (Demon, Nutz)
John Mylett - 1980 -1983 - Drums (Nightwing, Nutz)

Dave Lloyd -1987-1988 Vocals (Nutz, Rage)
Mark Thomas -1987-1988 Guitars
John Young - Keyboards
Lou Rosenthal - Drums (Export)

Rage's '81 debut album 'Out Of Control' actually got 5 K's in the mighty Kerrang! magazine. After the next rockin' album 'Nice'n'Dirty' (with now gone rocker Gary Holton's (RIP) Donna, the blonde one on the cover), they returned a bit more to the Nutz kinda music with 'Run For The Night' in '83 (anyone out there got a good rip of that one!!?). Didn't sell much, I think, but I really liked that album as well. The track 'Cry From A Hill' was great! But I remember that was recorded real low and after playing that on a listenable volume these days, I often jumped high playing the next album without adjusting the volume on my stereo back to normal (such as Motorhead's 'Overkill'... usually woke up my neighbours. And me.)

Drummer Mylett tragically died in a car crash later that year (RIP).

Rage - Nice'n'Dirty

01 - American Radio Stations
02 - Waysted Years
03 - Woman
04 - Heartbreaker
05 - Silver And Gold
06 - Long Way From Home
07 - Only Child
08 - Blame It On The Night
09 - Wild Cat Woman
10 - Ready To Go


Then they disappeared. Untill the singer Dave Lloyd turned up a few years later in the more soft project 2AM. Even that a good album, with good songs. Although far from rocking. Sorry, didn't find the cover on search, and my scanner are not connected right now. I might do a scan later, if there's any interest.

2am - When Every Second Counts

01 - Never Gonna Let You Escape
02 - You're The One
03 - Sombody Someday
04 - Who Will You Run To
05 - Too Late
06 - Lost Souls
07 - Running With The Same Old Crowd
08 - Never Feel This Way Again
09 - Dream And Promises
10 - Now You're Leaving


Monday, April 2, 2007

Pass the Nutz, please...

A quick blog this time again... more bout this band the next time, but as a start:
70's Liverpool band Nutz, 2 first albums.

Mick Devonport - Guitar
David Lloyd - Vocals
Keith Mullholland - Bass
John Mylett - Drums
Kenny Newton - Keyboards (Hard Nutz & Live Cutz)

Nutz - Nutz. 1974.

1. Poor Man
2. Ain't No Thanks To You
3. Spoke In A Wheel
4. I Can't Unwind
5. Can't Tell Her Why
6. As Far As The Eye Can See
7. Love Will Last Forever
8. Light Of Day
9. Round And Round
10. Joke



Nutz - Nutz Too. 1975.
1. Intended
2. I Want Never Gets
3. Take It From Me
4. Change's Coming
5. Dear Diary
6. Is It All For Real
7. Cool Me Down
8. RSD
9. The Love You Lost
10. Sinner
11. Knife Edge



I'll post the last 2 albums when I get the time. All 192 bitrate.