Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some more musical refreshments...

To stay in topic, I return with a great Billy Squier concert. My Kinda Lover, Lonely Is The Night, In The Dark & The Stroke are more than enough to get me goin'. This rocks!

Billy Squier - King Biscuit Hour Presents Billy Squier In Concert. 1998.

(1998 Japanese 14-track promo sample CD, recorded in Worcester, USA in March 1983)

1. Everybody Wants You
2. Whadda Ya Want From Me
3. I Need You/Catch 22
4. Learn How To Live
5. My Kinda Lover
6. Too Daze Gone
7. She's A Runner
8. Emotions In Motion
9. Listen To the Heartbeat
10. Lonely Is The Night
11. In The Dark
12. The Stroke
13. Keep Me Satisfied
14. Rip This Joint

Billy Squier - Vocals
GuitarJeff Golub
GuitarAlan St. Jon - Keyboards, Vocals
Doug Lubahn - Bass, Vocals
Bobby Chouinard - Drums


Next one out, Creed. NOT the later post-grunge-'who's-the-most-boring-singer-in-the-world'-group, but the hard rock outfit that released their debut album in '78. Quite rare. And good one. Kinda keyboard-southern-hard-rock touching aor. Sadly I miss track 7 on the rip. I might have to do my own rip when I get the stuff stacked & workin'. And fix the sound a bit too, this is a pretty low rip.Well, enjoy this anyway! Best track: 'Just Don't Stop'. Make me think of both Legs Diamond and a touch of Rush. :))
Steve Ingle (vocals / guitar)
Hal Butler (vocals / keyboards)
Luther Maben (guitar)
James Flynn (bass)
Chip Thomas (drums)

Creed - Creed. 1978.

1. Keep On Rockin'
2. Tied Down
3. Firecracker
4. You Never See It That Way
5. We're Gonna Make It
6. Just Can't Stop
7. Can't Find Love
8. Time And Time Again

Supergroup, someone!?

When you put Graham Bonnet on vocals (Rainbow, MSG, Impelliteri, Forcefield), Bob Kulick on guitar (Michael Bolton, Balance, Kiss, Meat Loaf etc.), Frankie Banali on drums (Quiet Riot, Wasp, Billy Thorpe, Billy Idol), Jimmy Waldo on keyboards (New England, Alcatraz, Malmsteen, House of Lords, Steve Vai) and Chuck Wright - bass (Giuffria, Impelliteri, Quiet Riot) together, something GREAT will happen, right!? Wrong. Never liked this album. When I first heard it, I remember my thoughts were 'old geezer's stay young by playin' stoopid heavy metal' instead of what I know they're all capable of delivering. Well, it's listenable, but no classic, far from it. But if you want to check that out yourself, grab it here!

Blackthorne - Afterlife. 1993.

1. Cradle to the Grave

2. Afterlife

3. We Won't Be Forgotten

4. Breaking the Chains

5. Over and Over

6. Hard Feelings

7. Baby You're the Blood

8. Sex Crimes

9. Love From the Ashes

10. All Night Long

Produced by Bob Kulick.

Features Bruce Kulick on guitar on track 05 & two song-writing credits.




Freak Magnet said...

Dude, I keep passing that Billy Squier album in the record store and think one day I'll break down and buy it. Now I'll know exactly what I'm missing.

the KIDD said...

I always liked Billy's music,from day one,many,many,thanks!!!

Residentevil2 said...

Fantastic blog!!!!!
WOW! Creed been looking for this for over 15 years(Canadian weren't they?)Saw them in Toronto and had their album at one time. Use to play this followed by Boyzz for several years. Big thanks and you have Nutz too excellent.
Maybe you then have some others I am searching for form my lost collection?
THUNDERMUG - Orbit, Bang That Love Drum


FANCY - Wild Thing, Turns You On
SUGARLOAF - Album with "Don't Call Us" or hits with it
DRIVER - No Accident

HOOKFOOT - second, Live
NAZARETH - Move Me (3 bonus unplugged tracks
T.S. Tony McPhee - Solo stuff

Anonymous said...

Do you have an album by a band named SUSAN? I think it's from 1979.
Thanx in advance!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog, I really like it.
By the way, I'm also interested in that Susan album (I think its name was "falling in love"). I had it some years ago but somebody took it from me and never returned


Alocacoc said...

Yes, Susan - Falling In Love Again. 1979.
That'll be my first rip, when it's all set up.


DSB said...

susan,karrol brothers,creed,lydia taylor,hunt- just check for all these Vinyls on www.dsb-aor-world.com

Anonymous said...

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