Thursday, May 31, 2007

Way back in Minnesota...

I didn't listen to this band or album when it was released. But hearing it later, it's not hard to understand that this band made quite a stir and made some fans believe this was the next big thing. Amazingly rockin' good hard rock, by very competent musicians. Great fun to listen to. And, for a '75 release, this is remarkably fresh & rocking. I only wish I bought it when it was released, then this Minnesota band would really have a place in my heart.

Jiggs Lee - Vocal
Dave Elmeer - Bass, keyboards
Lloyd Forsberg - Electric guitar
Kevin DeRemer - Drums

Cain was a hard rocking Twin Cities band that tried to take on the music industry in the mid-seventies. Their two small label albums were serious hard rock guitar extravaganzas, but with great fun original tunes, raucous lead vocals, and sweet backing vocals. Their influences ranged from the guitar of Deep Purple and Robin Trower, the majesty of Queen, and the vocal harmonies of Styx.
Cain's roots went back a number of years. In 1969, the Twin Cities band The Bananas went through some personnel changes. Guitarist Lloyd Forsberg, bassist Dave Elmeer, and keyboardist Al Dworsky brought in Jiggs Lee on vocals and Mike Mlazgar on drums. Jiggs (from the Grasshoppers) and Mike (from Crow!) replaced Jim Offerman and Joe Soucheray. A name change was desired and Lloyd came up with "Cain."

Like many local bands, Cain performed at teen clubs and school dances. Eventually, they worked their way up to college shows and started to gain a "heavy" reputation outside of the Twin Cities. Along the way, Mike Mlazgar was replaced by Tom Osfar and Al Dworsky was replaced by Jerry Magee. Of course, Cain started writing their own material. The popular ballad "Katy" was written by their next keyboardist, Chas Carlson. Their tours took them to neighboring states with gigs in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Carbondale. They worked clubs with other Midwest bands like Styx, Kansas, and Cheap Trick. More personnel changes occurred before they went in to the studio to record their first album in 1975: Tom Osfar was replaced by Kevin DeRemer (from the Everett James Band) and keyboards were dropped from the line-up entirely.

Their first hard rocking album was titled "A Pound of Flesh" (a reference to Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice"). It's not known what the band thought of the cover image that ASI Records' marketing department created.
The album's guitar sound brings to mind Richie Blackmore; the main riff of the album's opener "Queen of the Night" is in the same vein as Deep Purple's "Burn." Lloyd's Stratocaster sound ventures into Robin-Trower-land on "Badside." The album features an ode to girlie magazines on "If the Right Don't Get You the Left One Will," a big power ballad with "Katy," and an epic rocker with "All My Life." They supported the album with tours that took them as far as Texas.
In 1977, the second (and last) album in their ASI contract, "Stinger," was released. This album was just as hard rocking as the first, but the song writing really advanced. The Queen influences come out strong on "Welcome to the Dance" and the title track "Stinger" (which was a big live favorite when Jiggs broke out the burning book!). The album's Big Power Ballad was "The Minstrel Song."
A third album was only half completed in 1978 when disco and other pressures took its toll on the group. Dave and Jiggs left the group, while Lloyd and Kevin continued on as Cain for another year before calling it quits.

Where are they now? Today, Joe Soucheray is a broadcast professional (KSTP am 1500), author, and columnist (St Paul Pioneer Press). Jiggs works as a commercial sound system designer in the Twin Cities and recently returned to music performance himself with a 2003 solo album. Dave is an anesthesiologist in Minneapolis. Kevin married Melissa Manchester and so has continued in the music profession.

Cain - A Pound Of Flesh
BitRate 160

1. Queen Of The Night
2. Katy
3. South Side Queen
4. Badside
5. Born Of The Wind
6. Heed The Call
7. If The Right Don't Get You, The Left One Will
8. All My Life

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back in business...

I'll do some cd rip postings for a start, not quite there to attack the pile of vinyl yet. But this site definately need some updates.
And first out... Notorious.

I, among a lot others, triggered by the old'n once mighty Kerrang!, had great belief in the up'n'coming Robin George. And liked Diamond Head a lot. So, it was o'happy day, that day I bought this one.It never filled my expectations, but listening at it later, much later, it's not a bad album at all. It's just not what I at first wanted it to be.It's not much Diamond Head here, was my first thought. But with Sean Harris on the vocal, it's not far away from the late Diamond Head at all. I remember their demo songs before their split, and that definately sounded like the first steps in this direction.To describe it, I would say a bit like some solo stuff the Zep, Robert Plant could've done, with a rhythmic touch as early Billy Squier solo. And a taste of mentioned late Diamond Head. A bit zeppelinish aor-touching radio rock.

But, don't waste time reading this, c'mon, listen for yourself! A true rare gem.

Notorious - Notorious
Own CD rip.
01/01/1990 Geffen Records

Robin George / Sean Harris
Robin George - Vocals/Background/Producer/Engineer
Sean Harris - Vocals/Background, Producer, Overdub Engineer
Glenn Hughes - Vocals/Background
Peter Green - Vocals Background
Derek Holt - Vocals Background

John Kalodner - Executive Producer
Rob Dickins - Executive Producer
Mark Dearnley - Mixing Engineer
Benedict Tobias Fenner - Engineer
Greg Fulginiti - Mastering
Robin Sloane - Creative Director
Robert Fisher - Art Direction
Mark Willie - Engineer
Adrian Moore - Assistant Engineer


An alliance between former DIAMOND HEAD lead vocalist Sean Harris and former DAVID BYRON and MAGNUM guitarist ROBIN GEORGE, NOTORIOUS were indeed notorious for spending huge amounts of money on an album that only saw a brief American release in 1990. It charted before allegedly being killed by a change of staff at the record company.
Apart from the album and a flop single, NOTORIOUS also contributed the track 'Here We Go' to the 'Highlander II' movie soundtrack. Drums were handled by former MAGNUM, UFO and BUDGIE man Jim Simpson whilst none other than GLENN HUGHES contributed backing vocals.

'In the meantime Sean went on to work with guitarist Robin George in a one-off pop rock project under the name of Notorious funded by Geffen Records. The resultant single 'The SWALK' was released in 1990. The album was released in America for only three weeks before being deleted. The same year, Notorious also contributed a track to the soundtrack of the 'Highlander 2' in the form of 'Here We Go', a fast paced rock track. A second track on the album 'Who's That Man - part 1' saw Brian Tatler and Sean Harris team up again under the moniker of 'The Magnetic AKA' The track was written and produced by Sean.'

1. The Swalk
2. This Night
3. You Need More
4. Arianne
5. Losing You
6. Radio Silence
7. Eyes Of The World
8. Touch
9. Love Fades
10. I Believe In You

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Long Time, No Sea... Moses once said.

Sorry, I've had long time problems with the computer & net.

Now I've got a new one. Hurray!
And it's restarting & closes down most programs whenever it want.
Not so hurray!
As soon as I get it to work, I'll do some more blogging. And I've got a nice pile of vinyls ready for ripping. A lot of rare stuff. Yes, the questioned Susan too.

I'll focus on the NOT very easy to find stuff. The rest are 'out there' and easily found. Or bought.

But as I said, fix the pc first, then rig for rip & scanning.

But thanks for visiting this blog!
And thanks a lot for the postings.

Rock on!!!