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Meanwhile on the other side of the pond...

Greetings distinguished readers. It's a tall order to come in here and suprise anyone. It's pretty clear to me that there's always someone out there in cyberspace, who owns the most bizarre stuff - or even recorded it! So I'll throw myself into this blog with some more local music. Alocaloc has been concentrated on music on the other side of the pond, I'll try to share with you some of the music from Europe. I'll start the journey in my native Scandinavia.


First out is Swedish act Biscaya. From Gothenburg, south in Sweden, their selftitled album from 1982 is a gem that should be in anyone's collection. It was re-released on CD a few years back (with four bonus tracks) and isn't really hard to find, but you will have to know what look for. (Speaking as someone who has spent a considerable amount of time in the bargain bin over the years)
Prominent on this album is the guitarwork of Pär Edwardsson, in pair with the keyboards of Magnus Strömberg.
The band lineup on the album is:
Mads Clausen - Vocals
Pär Edwardsson - Guitars
Martin Hedström - Guitars
Magnus Strömberg - Keyboards
Birger Löfman - Drums
Hans Johansson - Bass

Produced by Peter "PJ" Jägerhult & Biscaya

A theme on this album is not easy to find. There are so many different styles and influences on it. Not many bands put an anthem on their album. But Biscaya put one as the opening track of side B on the album. Nothing short of cheeky! Magnus Strömberg did, not suprisingly, move on to score music for film and TV.

Biscaya - Biscaya. 1983.
Produced by Peter "PJ" Jägerhult & Biscaya

1.Howl in the Sky
6.Singing in Harmony
9.Divine Lady of Warmth
10.Rockin' Vehicles
Bonus tracks on the CD:
11. Hit it Hard
12. Space Bop
13. Swinging To a Melody
14. Greg's Song (Japan release only)

I remember this causing quite a stir when we started to play songs from it. The opening track features a guitar-keyboard duel in the style of Rainbow. It was usually enough to play just that one song to get people hooked on the album. ;) In 1982 this was huge coming from Scandinavia. Shame they never took off. A fate they unfortunately shared with far too many bands. They split up, and moved on in different directions. Some to play in other Swedish bands, others has not been heard from since. Pär Edwardsson has released a few soloalbums recently worth listening to. He has also produced a number of albums the past 15-20 years.

As a side note, I can mention that the singer, Mads Clausen, was considered as one of the candidates when Norwegian rockers TNT were looking for a new singer to replace Dag Ingebrigtsen. He fell short in comparison to an American singer they introduced as Tony Hansen. This was of course Tony Harnell.



From Sweden we move on to Finland, and Zero Nine. Band started in Kuusamo in 1980 (they later moved to Oulu - for those of you interested in geography), and steadily released both singles and albums throughout the 80s gathering a huge group of followers. Zero Nine is still considered as the grandfather of hard rock in Finland. (Hanoi Rocks is more known, but this is better!) Zero Nine's second album, Blank Verse from 1982, was produced none other than Ian Gillan. Singer Kepa recalled in an interview with Rockunited that they were playing on a festival with Gillan, and that he introduced them onto the stage.
Zero Nine had a reputation for being a hard working band, who were touring extensively in the 80s. They played Monsters of Rock in Stockholm 1989, and toured with Iron Maiden, AC/DC and several other big league bands.

Band lineup:
Kepa Salmirinne, vocals
Mara Mäntyniemi, guitars, acoustic guitars and backing Vocals
Tim Käsmä, lead guitar and backing vocals
Elmo Harju, bass and backing vocals
Iro Murtola, keyboards
Borno Korpela - drums and backing vocals

Their 1986 release Intrigue, featured powerballad with the same name, and was a door-opener into Europe and USA. The album was remastered and re-released on CD in 2003.

Uncompromising hard rock, this release showcases the musical tightness that only years on the road can give you. We all know of them - hardworking bands with meager success to show for their effort. This is one such band, and it's worth checking out. Enjoy!

Zero Nine - Intrigue. 1986.
Produced by

1. Banging On Drums
2. Drag Me To The Moon
3. Angel Of Mercy
4. Dump Me
5. No Man´s Land
6. Cut
7. Intrigue
8. To The Crux
9. Na Na Naa
10. To The Mountain
11. Under The Freeway



What is this? For a start, it's from Norway, then it's rare as heck! And to top it off, it has some interesting names on the cover! A project by Knut Dahle, former member of some local old pop & rock bands (Rocky) in Trondheim - Norway (hometown of TNT & Stage Dolls), in the 70's & 80's.This album was released in '84, and produced by semi legendary Bjoern Nessjoe, who produced the classic TNT albums, here together with Erik Wangberg. And engineered by Rune Nordal (Nessjoe's partner at the then called Nidaros Studio, a place where some great classic music was made back in those good days). A good album though, but I guess what's most interesting here is the band line-up. An album filled with pop/rock/prog/beatles/Steely Dan inspired stuff, well played, well-produced, and the band do their stuff well. It never sold much. Now you got the chance to hear this long lost album. Enjoy :)

Knut J. Dahle - Vocals
Steinar Krokstad - Drums (Stage Dolls)
Morten Skaget - Bass (TNT)
Torstein Flakne - Guitars (Stage Dolls)
Bård Svendsen - Keyboards

Pioneers - In A State Of Rock. 1984.

1 - Hi' Energy
2 - Annie
3 - Walk In The Moonlight
4 - Pioneers *
5 - With A Girl Like You **
6 - Today **
7 - Pictures Of You **
8 - Number One **
9 - Good Night *

All melodies and lyrics by Knut J. Dahle.
Produced by Bjoern "Spector" Nessjoe
* Produced by Eirik Wangberg, remixed by Bjoern "Spector" Nessjoe
** Produced by Eirik Wangberg


Our musical journey around Scandinavia ends in Norway, with Solli. The singer of Sons Of Angels (2 albums, 'Sons Of Angels' & 'Slumber With Lions'), Psycho Motel ('State Of Mind' '96), 21 Guns, Greenhouze and even once Bad Habitz (TNT's Ronni Le Tekrø's Thin Lizzy tribute band) released a solo single in '98. From a coming album that never saw the light of day. A poppy funky feelgood song, not far from his previous band Sons of Angels hit single 'Cowgirl'. Stretching it way too far for the dancefloor in the mc² mix version, but surely a rare release not easy to find.

Solli - The Fool
01 - The Fool (remix)
02 - The Fool (the mc² remix)
03 - The Fool (album version)
04 - The Fool (demo version)

And how 'bout a bonus. The never released solo album, here in what's called a 'rough mix'.

Solli - Under The Bluehearted Moon. 1998.
Rough Mixes, produced by Kee Marcello.

01 - The Fool
02 - Hard To Handle
03 - Slime
04 - Touch
05 - Bluehearted Moon
06 - Back In Track
07 - Fill Me In
08 - Here Comes The Rain
09 - Ain't Your Man
10 - You Kidnapped My Soul
11 - Under The Bluehearted Moon (Vers. II)
12 - Fool In You # 4 (Vers. II)
13 - Here Comes The Rain (Vers. II)

Took a while to prepare this blog, so we'll add a few more well known and requested albums. And how can we do a blog without any canadian pearls? And why should we? There's absolutely no good reason to.

Awesome classic stuff that needs no introduction. Love them!

Buzz Sherman - Vocals
Earl Johnson - Guitar
Terry Juric - Bass
Bill Wade - Drums

Moxy - Moxy. 1976.
Produced by Moxy & M. Smith.

1. Fantasy
2. Sail On Sail Away
3. Can't You See I'm A Star
4. Moon Rider
5. Time To Move On
6. Still I Wonder
7. Train
8. Out Of The Darkness


Moxy - II. 1977.

Produced by: Jack Douglas & Ed Leonetti

1. Cause There's Another
2. Take It Or Leave It
3. Through The Storm
4. One More Heartbreak
5. Slippin' Out
6. Midnight Flight
7. Change In My Life
8. Tryin' Just For You
9. Wet Suit



Carl Dixon - Vocals / guitar

Andy Curran - Vocals / bass

Steve Shelski - Guitar

Dave Ketchum - Drums

Coney Hatch - Coney Hatch. 1982.

Produced by Kim Mitchell.

1. Devil's Deck
2. You Ain't Got Me
3. Stand Up
4. No Sleep Tonight
5. Love Poison
6. We Got The Night
7. Hey Operator
8. I'll Do The Talkin'
9. Victim Of Rock
10. Monkey Bars


Coney Hatch - Outa Hand. 1983.

Produced by Max Norman.

1. Don't Say Make Me
2. Shake It
3. First Time For Everything
4. Some Like It Hot
5. To Feel The Feeling Again
6. Too Far Gone
7. Love Games
8. Fallen Angel
9. Music Of The Night



Another band I don't have much info about. I bought the album back then, in fact I bought most album released on the newly started Infinity records, and liked it quite well. Good enough to now own the cd released in Japan. They only released this one, and played support to Van Halen and Aerosmith. It's produced by Terry Luttrell, singer of Starcastle, and once in REO Speedwagon (1968!). I agree with wikipedias mentioning of Cheap Trick here, but this album is somehow darker. I love the track 'I Play For You'.

David Adams - Vocals

John Siegle - Guitar

Steven Jones - Bass

Brad Steakley - Drums

'Screams was a late 70s Power Pop band who produced one album titled Screams. Screams has been compared to Cheap Trick. The pop music album, Screams, was released in 1979 on the Infinity Records label.'

Screams - Screams. 1979.
Produced by Terry Luttrell, co-produced by Tom Flye.

1. Paper Dolls
2. Angeline's Toys
3. I Play For You
4. It's Just A Matter Of Time
5. Imagine Me Without You
6. Your Girl, My Girl
7. Pen Pal
8. Financial Disaster (It's Only Money)
9. Pop Art


Lots of hooks here to continue our blogging. Keep on making suggestions and requests. Skål!

Witschke Rudzevecuis WHO?


Before everything, there was nothing. Before light, there was dark. Before someone said 'Let There Be Rock!' Someone had Something To Say. And that someone included a future feared rock'n'roll outlaw WITH hair, and a soon to be member of a legendary never ending hard rock'n'roll monster engine!


Buster Brown were a hard rock group with undoubted potential but they had the bad luck to be signed to Mushroom Records just as Skyhooks began to take the label's attention and promotion budget. The band is now remembered for the future careers of its members - Angry Anderson with Rose Tattoo and Phil Rudd with AC/DC. Buster Brown promoted their working class roots and cited The Faces as a musical influence. Something To Say was their only album and features the up-front vocals of Angry Anderson and some good guitar work by John Moon and Paul Grant. Musically the band play energetic rock and boogie with Apprentice and Something To Say showing some depth and complexity that a limited recording budget prevented being developed further.

Angry Anderson, born Gary Anderson on 5 August 1947 in Melbourne, he first came to notice as the singer with Buster Brown, a band he fronted between 1973 and 1975. Along with himself, the original line-up also featured drummer Phil Rudd, who would leave the group in 1974 to join AC/DC and also with Paul Grant as guitarist who still plays locally in Melbourne. Buster Brown released an album, Something to Say, in 1975 before disbanding the same year.

Phil Rudd, born Phillip Hugh Norman Witschke Rudzevecuis, on May 19, 1954 in Melbourne, Australia, is the drummer for Australian rock band AC/DC. He held the position from 1975 until 1983, and again from 1994 to present. After the 1977 departure of bassist Mark Evans, he became the only Australian-born member of the band.

This is NOT the re-release remastered cd with bonus tracks. It's the original vinyl. Rock on!

Buster Brown - Something To Say. 1975.

01. Rock And Roll Lady

02. Let Me In
03. Buster Brown
04. Roll over Beethoven
05. Young Spunk
06. Apprentice
07. Something To Say



Here's a good rare one. Sadly, I don't have this vinyl myself anymore, and this rip definately could've been better. But, as always, it's better to have it than NOT. His apperance on the classis double vinyl 'Music For Konnoisseurs', blogged here earlier (look in the archives) makes this an album that suits your collection. If anyone out there have this in a better condition, or even got his first solo album, please tell me where to find it!? Good one. Hope you'll like it!

The Reggie Knighton Band - ST. 1978.
Produced by Roy Thomas Baker

Reggie Knighton - guitar, vocals
Brian Ray - guitar
Glenn Symmonds - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Kurtis Teel - bass

1 Breakin' Up Inside
2 Rock 'N' Roll Alien
3 The Kind and I
4 Clone in Love
5 Lear Jet
6 Highway Patrol
8 Ooh Girl
9 Magnum Sally
10 Behind a Rock 'N' Roll Band



With the amount of canadian classics blogged here lately, I felt I couldn't do a new post without ANY. Always loved Teaze. So, here's their great live album, I guess most people in here already have it. Anyway, play it LOUD!!
'The group moved operations from Windsor to Montreal the next year and continued touring eastern & central Canada and in the US but still couldn't seem to get their 'big break' . This all changed for Teaze in the fall of 1978 when they travelled to Japan and were met with sold out stadiums and mobs at the airports. The jury is still out as to whether or not Teaze simply cashed in on rock and roll starved Japanese kids after the likes of KISS, BTO and Cheap Trick had already paved the way. Whatever the reason, the reception of Teaze in Japan was almost comparable to the reception the Beatles or Rolling Stones enjoyed in the United States. Their ten day tour of the Orient led to 1979's appropriately titled live album TOUR OF JAPAN.'

Brian Danter - vocals, bass
Mark Bradac - guitars
Chuck Price - guitars
Mike Kozak - drums

Teaze - Tour Of Japan. 1978.

1. Rocking With The Music
2. Lady Killer
3. Come On Hold Me
4. Baby Why Can't You Stay
5. On The Loose
6. Open My Eyes
7. Tonight It's Me
8. Boys' Night Out
9. Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight
10. Hot To Trot



A band I never listened much to. I once had the single 'Driver's Seat', and I still think that's a good & well performed song. So, this is a request of a band I don't have much knowledge of. Glad to help. And maybe more of you out there'll appreciate it. :)

Sniff'n'The Tears - Fickle Heart. 1978.

1. Driver's Seat
2. New Lines on Love
3. Carve Your Name on My Door
4. This Side of the Blue Horizon
5. Sing
6. Rock 'N' Roll Music
7. Fight for Love
8. Thrill of It All
9. Slide Away
10. Last Dance
11. Looking for You


That's it for now. More later. In fact, the next blog will introduce my new co-admin of this blog. A life long friend, a great collector of the uncollectable, a living encyclopedia, and generally a partner in crime through thick and thin... as I said, more later. Much more. Rock on!

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Hope Ya Like It!

Been preparing some blogging in some spare moments of time, for a few days now. And, inspired by the AWESOME work & blogs out there, mainly the Time Traveller/New & Improved Live & Otherwise dudes GREAT effort, and the rareness and often unbelievable stuff popping up at Robots For Ronni, I'll go for a BIG one today... Guess there's something here for most of you. More to come. Have fun!


Great and very rare album. Fun & rockin' Queen inspired hard rockin' album from a female fronted great L.A. band. The Queen link are based on the very Brian May'ish guitar sound. Not a very good production, but smokin' delivered tracks. Their later album, also named Storm (1983) are good too, just not as fun as this one. :)))

Jeanette Chase - Lead Vocals
Lear Stevens - Lead Guitar
Ronni Hansen - Bass
David Devon - Drums

All keyboards and vocal harmonies by Storm

Storm - Storm. 1979.
Produced by Storm.

1. I Want You
2. Tell Me That You Love Me
3. What Do You Like
4. Game's Over
5. You Pity Me
6. Ain't That The Way
7. Wake Up
8. Young Young
9. Shoot On Sight
10. Hyperdrive
11. Machine Gun
What a coincidinky... I had these prepared for blogging, and just got a request. And a link to some of the tracks. Here they are, the full albums. After I uploaded these, I listened through'em again, and be warned, good sound, but a few jumps. I had forgot that, but it's better than nothing. And the albums are great. Anyway, I got the vinyls and I'll try to do better ripping when I find the time. I threw in the singer, Karen Lawrence's, later solo album as a bonus. Great stuff too! If you're into Heart and stuff like that. Good classic AOR, with a great female singer.

Karen Lawrence - Vocals
Steve Schiff - Guitar
Bill Rhodes - Bass
John Desautels - Drums
Former lead vocalist with L.A. JETS and the more affectionately missed 1994, Karen Lawrence had dabbled with a New Wave direction in the early 80's, recording the 'Girl's Night Out' album for RCA in 1981 under the band name of KAREN LAWRENCE & THE PINZ.The recording of the album Karen roped in guitarist Fred Hostetler, bassist Leigh Foxx and drummer Mark Bourcet. Production duties were handled by Jack Douglas. In 1986 'Rip And Tear' found Karen returning to her Hard Rock roots. with an album very much in the mould created by 1994. Her former 1994 colleague Steve Schiff actually contributed guitar to 'Kiss From A Distance' on the album, which featured a band line up of guitarist / keyboardist Fred Hostetler, bassist Rick Wilson and drummer Gordon Gale. The album was produced by Eddie Leonetti

For more info:

It's great to see that she's still active, and you can even order some of her stuff from her myspace site:

1994 - 1994. 1978.
Produced by Jack Douglas.

1. Once Again
2. Shoot To Kill
3. Sing To Me
4. Heleana
5. Bring It Home
6. Radio Zone
7. Hit The Hard Way
8. Read Up
9. Anastasia

1994 - Please Stand By. 1979.
Produced by Eddie Leonetti & Jack Douglas.

1. Please Stand By...
2. Wait For Me
3. Don't Break It Up
4. Our Time Will Come
5. Wild In The Streets
6. Stop This Heartache
7. So Bad
8. Nerves Of Steel
9. Keep Ravin' On

Karen Lawrence - Rip And Tear. 1986.
Produced by Eddie Leonetti.

1. Shoot For The Heart
2. Never Enough
3. What A Lovely Way To Go
4. Get It Up, Get It Right
5. Rip And Tear
6. Is This Love
7. Wild Heart
8. Kiss From A Distance
9. Out Of The Blue


I guess this band & album don't need any more introduction. If needed, google it. Always loved it's rockin' rawness and da man Ross The Boss's axework in this french/american outfit from the late seventies/early eighties. I did a rip of this earlier, but turned out there was some errors on one track. So I did a new one, using my new equipment. I know it's out there anyway, but at least this is a better version than my previous one.

Fabienne Shine - Lead vocal
Ross 'The Boss' Funicello - Lead Guitar
Eric Lewy - Rhythm Guitar
Mike Winter - Bass
Jean-Lou Kalinowski - Drums

Shakin' Street - Shakin' Street. 1980.
Produced by Sandy Pearlman.

1. No Compromise
2. Solid As A Rock
3. No Time To Loose
4. Soul Dealer
5. Susie Wong
6. Every Man, Every Woman Is A Star
7. Generation X
8. So Fine
9. I Want To Box You

And as a BONUS, their very rare first album from 1978, 'Vampire Rock'. Searched for years and years after a copy of this album. I never found it, but I managed, with great help from a good friend and his contacts (thanks PeSt!), to get it, but one track is missing. Track 6 (Yesterday's Paper). Anyone out there with a complete rip?? Anyway, now you can hear it! The track 'No Time To Lose' from their later to come, great album 'Shakin' Street', are there too... No Ross The Boss on this one, but as a first hard to get album, I feared much worse. Not a great production, but quite likeable. You might never have heard Shakin' Street, and in that case, I recommend their 1980 album, or you might have looked for this album for years without any luck. Anyway, grab it now!
Shakin' Street - Vampire Rock. 1978.

01 - Vampire Rock
02 - Where Are You Babe
03 - Love Song
04 - Living With A Dealer
05 - No Time To Lose
07 - Celebration 2000
08 - Blues Is The Same
09 - Speedy Lady

UPDATE: A CD rip of the whole album, incl. track 6.
A BIG thank you to Nils Tibor!

Great stuff, a bit prog, but more than enough guitars to make it a minor classic swedish hard rock band of great importance for future swedish hard rock releases, my guess. A bit Zep, a bit Rush, a whole lotta good work. If you haven't heard'em, please do so, you might like'em. This is the first of three album that they released.

Neon Rose - A Dream Of Glory And Pride. 1974.

1. Sensation
2. A Picture Of Me
3. Love Rock
4. Primo
5. Let's Go And Get That Boy
6. Julia's Dream
7. A Dream Of Glory And Pride


And now for something completely different. Way old. Talking the 60's. Musically NOT a band I normally would've blogged here. (This is NOT the Hip-Hop group!) It's not exactly hard rock or AOR either, in fact FAR from it. But a more punk'ish/garage thing, leaning more towards New York Dolls (they even had an album (cd?) called 'Too Much Too Soon', guess it was released way before the
N.Y.Dolls?) and a David Johansen/Jagger'ish vocal. But that's my lack of references to this kinda music talkin', I'm more into clean'n'classic hard rock/AOR stuff. The reason I blog it here are what so ever obvious; it's canadian, it's very rare and it's a request. I like makin' ppl happy :)) And ever since Angel covered 'Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore', I've liked that
track. It's here too... Try it if you want, but you're warned.

Ugly Ducklings - Ugly Ducklings.

01 - Just In Case You Wonder
02 - I Wish You Would
03 - Eat Out My Heart
04 - Gaslight
05 - My Little Read Book
06 - Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
07 - Nothin'
08 - 10 Thirty Train
09 - I Need Your Love
10 - She Ain't Used To Me
11 - Rimb Nugget
12 - I Can Tell
13 - Epilogue
14 - I Know What To Say

Puh! Now I need a rest. Hope ya like it... if you do, please tell me. ;)

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Blame Canada!

Hi! A quick blog again this time, based on some cut'n'paste info, more own vinyl rips later. Been a hard, long & wet weekend, still recovering. Those parties are killing me...
Some canadian goodies, not of the most rare kind, but certainly some stuff that most of you should've heard. I guess you have. Enjoy.

Now without a deal, Teaze continued to do club dates in and around the Toronto area but disbanded in 1981. A 'best of' package titled A TASTE OF TEAZE was released in '84 and the compilation OVER SIXTY MINUTES WITH TEAZE, the definitive collection with 17 tracks, in 1990.
Though Teaze in no way enjoyed the same success of many other Canadian groups, it should be noted that they had a unique sound for a Canadian group at that time. Except for Triumph or Rush, few homegrown bands relied on heavy guitar riffs and searing vocals to gain an audience. And the aforementioned two pretty much had that niche covered already. It is noteworthy however that Teaze did enjoy more success with a virtually-virgin audience in Japan than either Triumph or Rush during that time.

Brian Danter bass, lead vocals
Marc Bradac guitar
Chuck Price guitar
Mike Kozak drums

Teaze - The Best Of - Over 60 Minutes With...

1. Sure Thing
2. Young and Reckless
3. Boy's Night Out
4. Heartless World
5. Living on the Edge
6. Good Time Tonight
7. Roses and Chrome
8. Loose Change
9. Calling All Nurses
10. Reach Out
11. What Happened
12. Baby Why Can't You
13. On the Loose
14. Back in Action
15. Stay Here
16. Nobodys Fool
17. Sweet Misery


Originally formed by Brian MacLeod and Ab Bryant as a sort of 'side project' from Chilliwack in 1980, the group's earliest beginnings included drummer Matt Frennette, ex of Streetheart and Randy Bachman's wife Denise McCann, who had enjoyed a moderately successful disco career a few years earlier on vocals. Frennette soon left to devote his time to his other band Loverboy and was replaced by Bernie Aubin, who incidentally co-wrote Loverboy's "The Kid Is Hot Tonite". Before the end of the year however, it was decided that McCann wasn't right for the job of translating MacLeod's musical vision and was replaced by Darby Mills, already a seasoned session worker and singer of Streetback, a group closer to what MacLeod had in mind than McCann's disco background.

Darby Mills - vocals
Brian MacLeod - guitar, drums and keyboards
Ab Bryant - bass
Bernie Aubin - drums

Headpins - Line Of Fire. 1983.
Produced by Brian MacLeod.

01. Mine All Mine
02. Feel It
03. I Know What Your're Thinking
04. Just One More Time
05. Don't Stand In The Line Of Fire
06. Celebration
07. Double Trouble
08. I've Heard It All Before



Bill Henderson: guitar, vocals
Ed Henderson: guitar, vocals
Doug Edwards: bass, vocals
Jerry Adolphe: drums

Chilliwack - There And Back Live.
Produced by Bill Henderson.

1. Fly At Night

2. Lonesome Mary
3. I Believe
4. Crazy Talk
5. Communication Breakdown
6. Trial By Fire
7. Ground Hog
8. Whatcha Gonna Do
9. Arms of Mary
10. Baby Blue
11. California Girl
12. There is Something I Like About That
13. 17th Summer
14. Rain-O
15. My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)



If you don't know who he is, you'll find a great biography here:

Zappacosta - Quick... Don't Ask Any Questions!1990.

1. Letter Back
2. Nothing To Do With Love
3. Simple Words To Say
4. Good Intentions
5. Place On The Beach
6. The Only One
7. Mannu’s Dilemma
8. All Night
9. Keep It Up
10. I’ll Be The One
11. Worries Away
12. Don’t Ask Me


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A quick post of goodies...


Another AMAZING album from Dicken! He couldn't do anything wrong in terms of songs & music those years, but the record company failed in getting it promoted. Every person I know loved his work. And every person I've played his stuff to, love it. Every time. Can't say anything else, if you haven't heard this album, produced by Robert John Mutt Lange, just before he hit the big times with Foreigner 4, AC-DCs Back In Black, the Def Leppard albums, and later Bryan Adams and finally Shania Twain... get it now! A fine thing about this album, it's hardly recognizable as a Mutt Lange production. His fingerprints was all over his productions after this one. Dicken won! I love it. Listen to 'Stop Looking At Me', 'Death Of Gog', 'Shooting All The Lights Out', 'No Chance' and 'Shot Over Hill', and hear a one-in-10-million singer, player & songwriter. Awesome.

cut'n'paste from the net:
Broken Home was formed in 1979 by Dicken and Pete Crowther both formerly of Mr Big. Mr Big had broken up the year before when EMI decided not to release their third album 'Seppuku' (although it was finally released by Angel Air in 2001). With Rory Willson and Pete Barnacle they attracted the attention of one Robert John (Mutt) Lange who agreed to produce their upcoming debut album (his credits included Boomtown Rats, AC/DC and Graham Parker). They were ready to roll and by the end of 1979 Dicken had written about a dozen songs. During the early months of 1980 they started working on the album under Mutt Lange's guidance.
The resulting album was well received on the Continent (especially Norway and Germany) when it was released in June 1980. The band made numerous live appearances to support the album including an appearance (their last ever) at Reading Festival. Shortly afterward, Rory and then Pete Barnacle left and Broken Home were no more.

Broken Home - Broken Home. 1980.
Produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Own vinyl rip.

01 - Stop Looking At Me
02 - Shooting All The Lights Out
03 - No Chance
04 - Death Of Gog
05 - Mona Lisa
06 - Shot Over Hill
07 - Run Away From Home
08 - Jerusalem
09 - The Bird Has Flown
10 - China In Your Heart


Now, get this awesome album in mint condition, CD rip!

A big thanks to Nils Tibor! Great stuff!



As the sucker for old canadian bands I am, there's no way of avoiding Chilliwack. Here's a start...
'Chilliwack, formed from the ashes of Vancouver's The Collectors in the late 60's, was BC's most succesful act from that period. Led by Bill Henderson, they would dominate the airwaves for the better part of a decade, cranking out some of Canadian radio's most-played tunes, including "There's Something I Like About That", "Fly At Night", "Arms Of Mary" and "Communicatin Breakdown". Tho guitar-great Brian MacLeod and bassist Ab Bryant would also spend time on their side project, The Headpins, Chilliwack's force would not dissipate, recording some of their most successful material during the '80's, including "My Girl" and "Whatcha Gonna Do When I'm Gone?". Henderson has also gone one to become one of Canada's most sought-after producers/engineers, working with some of the country's top acts (often with the late Brian MacLeod), including Shari Ulrich, The Headpins, Junior Gone Wild, Toronto and The Irish Rovers.'

Chilliwack - Segue - Greatest Hits. 1983.
Not my own rip.

1. Don't Stop
2. Getting Better
3. Whatcha Gonna Do
4. My Girl, Gone, Gone, Gone
5. I Believe
6. Communication Breakdown
7. Arms of Mary
8. Fly At Night
9. Baby Blue
10. California Girl
11. Crazy Talk
12. Lonesome Mary
13. Rain-O



It's fun, it's rockin', it's glam, it's the Sweet from down under!

AC/DC formed in late 1973 in Sydney, Australia. They played their first gig on New Years Eve at Sydney's Chequers nightclub. The band consisted of Malcolm Young, Angus Young, drummer Colin Burgess, bassist Larry Van Kriedt, and vocalist Dave Evans. Malcolm decided to form the band after spending a couple of years in the Newcastle band Velvet Underground (not the US band). AC/DC released one single with Evans as singer "Rockin' In The Parlour/Can I Sit Next To You Girl".AC/DC went through several lineup changes during their formative period, the most important was when Bon Scott went from being the bands driver, to their singer, in 1974. He replaced Dave Evans, who apparently was a bit too "glam" for the Youngs. Dave Evans moved to join the exciting up and coming band "Rabbit"which established itself as the leading rock band in Newcastle and Surrounding areas and a few months later signed with CBS Records releasing their first album, self titled "Rabbit". Their second album "Too Much Rock and Roll" was released internationally in Japan, Germany, Luxemboug, Holland, France and Scandinavia where it met with considerable success. Rabbitestablished itself as a wild almost frenzied rock act described by one rock journalist as savagely heterosexual.

Rabbit was an Australian hard rock band from Newcastle, Australia. The band was formed in 1973 by Mark Tinson (guitar), Phil Screen (drums) and Jim Porteus (bass). Original vocalist Greg Douglas was replaced in 1974 by Dave Evans, formerly of AC/DC. The band played a mixture of originals and covers by artists such as Alice Cooper, The Who and The Sweet. Two early singles were followed up by a self-titled album in January, 1976. The band was described as frenetic and violently hedonistic, and their second album Too Much Rock n Roll was released in October, 1976 after the release of another two singles. A third single from the album, "Let Me" appeared in early 1977, but Rabbit had already split up by then. Tinson and Screen later featured in Swanee and Evans went on to a string of other bands.

Rabbit - Too Much Rock'n'Roll. 1976.
Not my own rip.

01 - Too Much Rock'n'Roll (Introduction)
02 - Higher Than A Kite
03 - Go Down Screamin'
04 - Bad Girls
05 - Shakin' All Over
06 - Too Much Rock'n'Roll
07 - Heartbeat
08 - I Like To Hear My Music
09 - Shake That Thing
10 - Wildlife
11 - Keep On


NWOBHM Bonus single 5:

Terraplane - I Can't Live Without Your Love.
Double Single. 1985.

Side A: 01 - I Can't Live Without Your Love
Side B: 02 - Beginning Of The End

Free Bonus Single. Recorded 'live' at the Marquee, London, Nov. 1984.
Side A: 03 - All Night & Day (Live)
Side B: 04 - I'm The One (Live)


Have fun... more stuff later.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ynysbwl Rock City & Tit Alert!

I really don't know where to start these days. So I kinda randomly picks my albums by topics such as members, producers, what I play just now, how I stumble over them in backups or the vinyls stacked in the closet. A way to help my desicions are requests or feedback on what you like or are interested in more of. There's a lot I don't have, ofcourse, but then again... I really have a lot. But I must repeat, some of the long lists in the comments here, have stuff I've never heard about. Now I can help look for those, so it's a good thing anyway. And things asked for, that's not suited or fits this blog in music style or taste, I'll answer in the comments with a link where to DL it. So, please drop by once in a while, you never know...


A quick cut'n'paste from the mighty net 'bout this rare gem:

'A Welsh Melodic Rock act from Ynysbwl, KOOGA formed in 1981 (originally as PREACHER) who impressed many in 1986 with their sole vinyl offering on the French independent record label Black Dragon's Melodic Rock arm.'

'Wales’ Kooga was formed in 1982 as Preacher before changing monicker and signing to a French label across the water. The hard rock band could not obtain another deal however and would again change its name, this time to Cougar.The band would release an EP on its own and play at The Reading Festival in 1987, but with Howells and Garland following each other out of the door things would soon crumble to disintegration.'

Kooga - Across The Water. 1986.
Not my own rip. Good Quality.

1. Across The Water
2. Lifeline
3. Fall From Grace
4. Lay Down Your Love
5. Lockjaw
6. She Walks In Beauty
7. Gabrielle
8. Like I've Never Known

Neville MacDonald - Vocals, Guitar
Neil Garland - Keyboards
David Howells - Bass
Martin Williams - Drums
Gerwyn Howley - Guitar



Since the moment I got their single 'Wonderful Creation' in '75, Dicken & his band have amazed me. And still do. Since my native tounge aren't english, my tiny vocabulary prevents me using the words I'd like to describe how much I love this album and all of Jeff Dicken's work & music. Let's just say it's simply amazing. It got everything. Awesome songs, a range of styles & performence hardly matched by none, two drummers and a perfectly fit band, a singer/songwriter of another world, it's creative, it's performed from the heart and soul, it's hard rockin' when needed, it never stop delivering never heard musical enlightment the way many performers could die for. Definately one of my top 10 best albums ever! I remember reading some reviews back then, and they often mentioned 'too much Queen', which could'nt be more far from the case. Not a second of his work ever reminds me of Queen, but I can see how critics desperately needs to place the band, and Queen was a real happening phenomenon at that time. And in fact, Mr. Big even played support for Queen in '75. I got a recording of that Queen gig (stunning!), at Hammersmith Odeon (I think, not sure), but sadly no recording of the supporting band. Mr. Big only released 2 albums (before becomingBroken Home, in the early eighties), and both are among the world's best kept secrets of stunning releases. It makes me just sad. And what do I do when I'm sad? I put on Mr. Big!!! LOUD! Now you can do the same, if you're not one of those who already got this. Maybe you even never have heard Dicken's work or voice, for your own best, do something about it! More Dicken later.

"Kerrang" (issue 2, August 1981)

If you remember Mr.Big at all it'll probably be because of their 1977 wimp-out chart hit 'Romeo'. "I am the morning, you are the light. You make the morning such a beautiful thing" crooned vocal leader Dicken with sickening sentimentallity, as if he was singing the verse of a Valentines day card. It's icredible to think that two years earlier, in the context of their debut album 'Sweet Silence', Mr.Big produced a track that even today can stand up proudly alongside the likes of 'Paranoid', 'Smoke on The Water' and 'Whole Lotta Love' as an all time heavy metal classic. You think I'm kidding? No way, Jose. If an HM DJ with an eye for the bargain bins picked up this LP, he would discover a real Soundhouse showstopper at the end of side one. It's the title track and goes like this; 'Aaaagh you look so sweet - Gotta move into rock 'n' roll beat - Such a crazy honey blowin'' my mind - Sweet Silence all MIIIINE!' Dicken, far from being the tender romantic balladeer, spitsout the lyrics like a mouthful of broken teeth and the band, spurred on by two drummers (Glitter Band style) create a racket so frantic, so crazed, so thunderous behind him that they sound like the modern day Plasmatics. And after he's sung the essential vocal lines, Dicken just spits, slurps and farts into the microphone like some noisome, ill-mannered spikey-hair. 'Sweet Silence' is a glorious momentin what is, truthfully, overall an erratic and prettylacklustre LP. Songs like 'I Aint Bin A Man' hint at the disappointingly soft-hearted standpoint that was to come. Such a shame, because Dicken had (still has in fact, even with his current band Broken Home) one helluva rock 'n' roll voice, a real Noddy Holder holler that'd be perfectly suited to metallic material. So if you're reading this Dick, stuff the soppiness and just SCREAM! That's my valueless advice.

Dicken - Lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, harmonica, cow bell
Pete Crowther - Bass & acoustic guitar
Vince Chaulk - Drums, percussion & backing vocals
John Burnip - Drums, percussion

Ian Blunsdon - Keyboards
John Punter - Synthesizer, additional percussion
Robert Hirschman - Trombone & double bass
Dave Pain (Dicken's brother) - Backing vocals
All songs written & arranged by Dicken.

Mr. Big - Sweet Silence. 1975.
Produced by John Punter.
My own rip. BitRate 192.

01 - Time Base
02 - Wonderful Creation
03 - Golden Lights
04 - Uncle John 'B'
05 - I Ain't Been A Man
06 - Sweet Silence
07 - Zambia
08 - Enjoy It
09 - Violet May
10 - For The Fun To Find
11 - Appeared A Shining Throne
12 - Throne Second Amendment



I said more Nitzinger, and here it is. Good rocking stuff. With Bonus tracks. More info about Nitzinger in a recent blog here. Have fun!

Here's John Nitzinger, still rockin', 27 years after this album,
at Texas Music Nation Celebration 3, June 5-7, 2003.

Nitzinger - Live Better Electrically. 1976.
(The bonus tracks were recorded in 1999)
Not my own rip.

01 - Control
02 - Are You With Me
03 - Live Better Electrically
04 - Around
05 - Gimme A Wink
06 - Yellow Dog
07 - Tell Texas
08 - Vagabond
09 - No Way Around You
10 - The Writing On The Wall
11 - Ticklelick (Bonus)
12 - Fingers In The Fan (Bonus)
13 - Rap Is Crap (Bonus)
14 - Louisiana Cok Fight (Bonus)
15 - Jellyroll Blues (Bonus)
16 - Control (Bonus)
17 - L.A. Texas Boy (Bonus)
18 - Little Bitty Girl (Bonus)



Here's the second of my three No Dice albums. Again, a great album by a great band, with great songs, that I really don't know a lot about. But I love it!

No Dice - No Dice. 1978.
Produced by Robert Wace and Phill Brown.
My own rip. BitRate 192.

01 - Why Sugar
02 - Crystal Clear
03 - Foolin'
04 - Silly Girl
05 - Down N'Dry
06 - Happy In The Skoolyard
07 - Spacey Romance
08 - Salt In The Wound
09 - Someone Else's Gold


Peaches: Singer
Deezal: Guitar
Gary Strange: Bass
Kitty Wyles: Drums

Backing vocals: The Dice Section!
All keyboards: Dave Moore
Harmonica 'Silly Girl': S.T.E.V.I.E. Smith

All songs written by Gary Strange


This great funk rock band don't need any more presentation. But if you've never heard this hard rockin' album produced by Jeff Glixman, I really think you should do something about that.

Mother's Finest - Iron Age. 1981.
Produced by Jeff Glixman.
Not my own rip.

1. Movin' On
2. Luv Drug
3. Rock N Roll 2 Nite
4. U Turn Me On
5. All The Way
6. Evolution
7. Illusion
8. Time
9. Gone With Th' Rain
10. Earthling


NWOBHM Bonus single 4:

Praying Mantis - Cheated.
Double Single. 1981.

Side A: 01 - Cheated
Side B: 02 - Thirty Pieces of Silver
Free Bonus Single. Recorded at the Marquee.
Side A: 03 - Flirting With Suicide
Side B: 04 - Panic In The Streets


(I know I forgot to tag the previously posted EPs, but now I remembered it!)
That's all this time. More goodies when I get the time. Keep on listening to good music, and if you like something, please leave a comment. Thanks. :)