Friday, July 16, 2010

...well, I'll be damned...

Seems like, contrary to what I recently had to post in last comments here, I was actually able to get into this blogspot after all. It wasn't easy, but it could be done.

So... having that cleared, another logical question pops up. What do I use this blog for now?
As I can see, there's NOT a lot to contribute with - most rare stuff are definately 'flying around' out there, in one way or another.
And there's some REALLY good and devoted bloggers out there with an unbelievable vault of historical rock access and an impressive stamina and service beyond belief. A big salute to you all! You kept it coming. And coming.

For a start, I think I'll use this new access to enter the comments and give all participators a big thank, and some answers where that's possible and needed.

Again, all my old visitors - a BIG thank you for makin' blogging such great fun to do. You made this site.

I can't promise much from here. I've tried that before. So I'll just keep my eyes and ears open and we'll see where that brings us... ok!?