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Female AOR gem

Teri DeSario

'Following a dalliance with a Disco career in the late 70's working with KC from KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND (!), Teri De Sario, if the critics were to be believed, suddenly opted to record a Rock album. Released on Casablanca in 1980 the 'Caught' record featured Richie Zito, TOTO's STEVE LUKATHER and fellow session king MICHAEL LANDAU on guitars, Dennis Belfield on bass and ex-IRONHORSE man Mike Baird on drums, amongst other session players.
'I'm With You Now' comes from no less a source than DESMOND CHILD. The record came in for some heady acclaim but ultimately disappointed many Rock fans when the grooves revealed not the expected AOR but some rather uninspired and exceptionally lightweight semi-dance music. Only the title track hinted at Rock. The 'Caught' album was never bettered by the talented Teri De Sario whose sporadic releases since 1980 have, with the possible exception of 1985's Japanese issued 'Overnight Success', been extremely disappointing and hardly merit inclusion here, De Sario moving towards a more spiritual path. 'Overnight Success' renewed Teri's relationship with Richie Zito and although not as inspired as the seminal 'Caught' still found the woman
rocking out on occasion.'

If I were you, I wouldn't take RockDetectors words for granted on this one.

Her apparence on the recently posted Striktly For Konnoisseurs makes her inclusion here quite logical. And I like the album. The rest I've heard of her aren't that impressive, or, not my cup of tea. Actually I prefer coffee.
If you like female AOR, you can't go wrong with this one.

Teri DeSario - vocals
Steve Lukather - guitars (3) (4) (6) (8) (9)
Guitars - Richie Zito, Mike Landau, Mitch Holder
Bass - Dennis Belfield, John Pierce
Drums - Mike Baird, Carlos Vega
Keyboards - Bill Purse, James Newton Howard, Steve Porcaro, David Foster, Michael Boddicker
Background vocals - Joey Carbone, Bill Purse, Teri DeSario, John Joyce, Jim Haas, Bruce Hornsby
Percussion - Paulinho DaCosta

Teri De Sario - Caught. 1980.

1. Caught (Teri DeSario, Joey Carbone)
2. Time after time (Teri DeSario, Joey Carbone, Bill Purse, Ritchie Zito)
3. I'm with you now (Desmond Child)
4. Standin' on the edge (Ritchie Zito)
5. Hittin' below the belt (Mark Aguilar, Bill Purse)
6. I've got a secret (Bill Purse)
7. All I wanna do (Teri DeSario, Joey Carbone)
8. I hate you (Tom Keane, Mark Himelstein)
9. I should have known better (Lennon, McCartney)


Priceless mini gem!

Lisa Price

A small gem this morning... really. Found it on a vacation in Sweden, years ago, in bargain bins at a big 'everything' store/shopping center. Never seen it much elsewhere. Too bad she certainly didn't get the attention she deserved. Great songs on this mini album! The facts:

Lisa Price - Priceless. 1983.

A canadian singer, with a great mini album, with good help from known artists. If you like female fronted quality AOR/soft hard rock, in the Lee Aaron, Toronto, Lita Ford, Pat Benater, Vixen style. I haven't got much info on this, but love it! So, I'll stick to the cover info and drop some names:

Produced by Paul Gross (Lee Aaron producer, and lots more)
Arranged by: Paul Gross and Lisa Price
Recorded at: Phase One Studios, Toronto

Bernie LaBarge (Bond, Rain, Sweet Blindness, Zwol, Stem, Stingaree, George Olliver, Kim Mitchell, Bernie was the guitar player on TV shows shown worldwide such as Fraggle Rock (a Jim Henson production), Care Bears (with John Sebastian), Twilight Zone (with David Cassidy)
Derry Grehan (Honeymoon Suite)
John Albani (Wrabit, Lee Aaron)

Ron Garant (Dalbello, Rugrats, publishes a magazine for bass players called Bassics)

Drums: Gary McCracken (Max Webster, Lee Aaron, Wrabit, Klaatu)

Gerald O'Brien (Max Webster, Wrabit, Surrender, Zappacosta, Klaatu, ZZTop cover band Tres Hombres )
Grant Slater (Zappacosta, Rugrats, The Grant Slater Band)

Side one
1. Can't Hold On Forever (Bernie La Barge)
2. Heartache (Derry Grehan)
3. Everywhere I go (Bernie LaBarge)

Side two
4. No One's Business (Bruce Allen, Lisa Price)
5. Empty Heart (Nils Lofgren)
6. Runaway (Marty Morin)


Enjoy it!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Widowmaker UK

They don't make songs like that anymore. Love the first album!
If you haven't heard this, I recommend you do.
I think I might give them a few spins here, right now :))

Steve Ellis - Vocals
Ariel Bender - Guitar
Bob Daisley - Bass
Paul Nicolls - Drums
Huw Lloyd-Langton - Guitar
A late 70's supergroup fronted by erstwhile LOVE AFFAIR singer Steve Ellis. Guitarist Ariel Bender (real name Luther Grosvenor) is ex-MOTT THE HOOPLE and LOVE AFFAIR, bassist Bob Daisley was previously with KAHVAS JUTE, CHICKEN SHACK and BROKEN GLASS while drummer Paul Nichols was previously with SKIP BIFFERTY and LINDISFARNE.
WIDOWMAKER debuted live opening for THE WHO in their football stadium gigs of 1975 before recording the eponymous first album. Butler assumed vocal duties following Ellis's departure for the release of 'Too Late To Cry'. Sometime HAWKWIND guitarist HUW LLOYD LANGTON was added as second guitarist. WIDOWMAKER split in 1977 after achieving moderate success in America. Even before the closure of this tour Daisley had auditioned, and been accepted, into the ranks of Ritchie Blackmore's RAINBOW.

Line up: Paul Nicholls, Huw Lloyd-Langton,
Luthor Grosvenor, Bob Daisley and John Butler.

Widowmaker - Widowmaker. 1976.

1. Such A Shame
2. Pin A Rose On Me
3. On The Road
4. Straight Faced Fighter
5. Ain't Telling You Nothing
6. When I Met You
7. Leave The Kids Alone
8. Shine A Light On Me
9. Running Free
10. Got A Dream


Widowmaker - Too Late To Cry. 1977.

1. Too Late To Cry
2. The Hustler
3. What A Way To Fall
4. Here Comes The Queen
5. Mean What You Say
6. Something I Can Do Without
7. Sign The Papers
8. Pushin' And Pullin'
9. Sky Blues


Walter Rossi

Walter Rossi

Superb quite hard guitar work on these albums by the canadian guitarist, later producer, Walter Rossi (The Buddy Miles Express, Influence, Charlee, Moonquake, Wilson Pickett).

Now for you all to appreciate in 320 bitrate, have fun!

Walter Rossi - Walter Rossi. 1976.

1. Goin Down
2. Little Miss Evil
3. Chasing Rainbows
4. Get Goin Fast
5. Ripdad
6. Woman Sweet Woman
7. Rock Me Baby
8. Dance With Me
9. Hey Serena


Walter Rossi - Six Strings Nine Lives. 1978.

1. Strada Del Sol
2. Soldiers In The Night
3. Proudest In The Land
4. You Got Me Believing
5. Malaguena (Revisited)
6. Sil O Whet
7. Slowdown Slowdown
8. Mediteranean Romance
9. Ride The Wind

Link part A:

Link part B:

Walter Rossi - Diamonds For The Kid. 1980.

1. Down By The Waterfront
2. High Stakes (For Your Love)
3. Sniffin The Breeze, Feelin The Freeze
4. Willie Johnson
5. So Susceptible
6. 13 Steps To Heaven
7. Dear Mum
8. Silent I Wait


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

For Konnoisseurs

Striktly For Konnoisseurs. 1981
Music For Nations ( 2 LP)

In my eyes & ears, the almost perfect compiliation album, if there's such a thing. Not all the track choices, but the artists and bands (where are Teaze!?) are amazing to get on ONE double album.
I won't present any facts or pics by all these, too much work, and most of them I think you'll know, but I might post some of their albums later in here with more info. And some are already posted.

I won't say I got ALL albums by ALL artists involved here on this album, becuse then I KNOW the first request are among the few I don't have. But MOST of them I got complete, more or less.

Album 1:
01 - 1994 - Please Stand By
02 - Legs Diamond - It's Not The Music
03 - Desmond Child & Rouge - The Truth Came Out
04 - American Tears - Can't Keep
05 - 707 - Megaforce
06 - Marcus - Black Magic
07 - Reckless - Searching For A Dream
08 - Wrabit - Just Go Away
09 - Moxy - Another Time Another Place
10 - Tantrum - Applaud The Winner
11 - Zon - Circus
12 - Balance - Undercover Man


Album 2:
13 - Teri Desario - Caught
14 - Rex - Trouble
15 - Mayday - So Young So Bad
16 - Trigger - Gimme Your Love
17 - The Boyzz - Too Wild To Tame
18 - Ram Jam - Gone Wild
19 - Joe Perry - Let The Music Do The Talkin'
20 - Angel - The Tower
21 - Starz - Live Wire
22 - Reggie Knighton - The King
23 - Trillion - Give Me Your Money
24 - Max Webster - Oh War
25 - Starcastle - Wings Of White


Rare 'canadians'

'Australian band Autumn broke up during an ill-fated trip to the UK in early 1972, splitting within just six weeks of their arrival. McMurray, Beatson and Marshall formed Mecca, moved to Canada and went on to join Canadian band Wireless. That band issued three albums of bluesy hard rock, Wireless (1976), Positively Human, Relatively Sane (1979) and No Static (1980), on the Anthem

I first bought their second album, 'Positively Human', without knowing anything about this band, liked the look of the band and the cover. It wasn't as 'easy' as most albums I bought at that time, mostly more plain hard rock, but it grew fast on me. Since then I've loved it and played it a lot!Then, Geddy Lee produced their third, and that was an obvious investment, and a great album in any way. Awesome playing & twin guitars in a semi prog rock style, not exactly single hit material. Many years later, I eventually got a hold on their first vinyl, and believe me, it's NOT easy to find.
(Years later, I bought the '2 on 1' CD with the second & third album, but sadly it's a bad production, sounds like played on a player with bad batteries. Or a vinyl that's been lying in the sun. Unlistenable.)

But here you got'em all. Have fun! (These are not very high bitrate, but good sound. I might rip them later, with better bitrate. I'll see...)

Wireless - Wireless. 1976.
Produced By: Jack Richardson

1. Spend the Night With Me
2. Old Fashioned Feeling
3. Where We Ought to Be
4. Lady Anne
5. I Just Couldn't Believe It
6. Lovin' in Return
7. Chain of Fools
8. Go Now (Moody Blues)
9. Love the Way You Feel


Wireless - Positively Human, Relatively Sane. 1978.
Produced By: Michael Tilka

1. I Know You Know
2. No Way Out
3. Goodnight Ladies
4. Right to Beg
5. What You Make It
6. The Hard Way
7. Sign Right Here
8. The Rut
9. 461 Markham


Wireless - No Static. 1980.
Produced By: Geddy Lee

1. Pay to Ride
2. Timekeeper
3. Go Naked Through the World
4. One of a Kind
5. East of the Sun, West of the Moon
6. Deep Heat
7. Warm Night With a 3/4 Moon
8. Friends
9. Journey of a Possible Hero

I think the solution to this 'struggeling postings' are to post less albums each post. So, I might do single album postings in the future, or like here, when a band have 1-3 releases, that makes it much easier with less problems.
Stay cool & rock on!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A canadian band, formed by Mitchell Field, who began his career as a drummer for John Lee Hooker. Read more about their history at:

Great album. Pomp-rocking goodie. Have both their vinyls, and I liked this first one best, but I'll rip the other if there's any interest.

Hellfield - Hellfield. 1978.

1 The Pact
2 Magic Mistress
3 No Son Of Mine
4 Too Long
5 City Boy
6 Fancy Nancy
7 Tell Me Are You Listening
8 Thinking 'bout Ladies
9 All Night Party
10 You Got To Admit
11 Feedback City
12 Feedback City (reprise)
The Boyzz

The Boyzz - Too Wild To Tame

The wild boyz in this biker bar band from Chicago, formed 1977, only released one album before braking up in 1979. Without selling an awesome amount of albums. Great rocking fun, though! Love it. The title track 'Too Wild To Tame' are a classic!! And the album are great. Tafoya, Halinkovitch and Angel later formed The B'ZZ.

Dirty Dan Buck - Vocals
Gil Pini - Guitar
Mike Tafoya - Guitar
David Angel - Bass
Anatole Halinkovitch - Keyboards
Kent Cooper - Drums

1. Too Wild To Tame
2. Hoochie Koochie
3. Wake It Up, Shake It Up
4. Shady Lady
5. Back To Kansas
6. Destined To Die
7. Lean n' Mean
8. Dianne Part II
9. Good Life Shuffle



Denton Young - Vocals

Brian Miller - Guitar

Howard Helm - Keyboards

Jim Samson - Bass

Kim Hunt - Drums

RockDetector: ZON keyboard player Howard Helm subsequently joined REFUGEE whilst drummer Kim Hunt became an in demand session player for the likes of HANNOVER FIST and URGENT. During 2003 the ZON rhythm section of bassist Jim Sampson and drummer Kim Hunt were to be found as the backbone of the reformed MOXY.

I really liked this band. Pomp rock not far from the more known band Saga.If you're into this kind of music, it's definately worth a try!I'll post the other two albums later. If there's any interest.

ZON - Astral Projection. 1978.


1. Put On The Show

2. Time For Your Love

3. Point Of View - Where To Spend My Dollar?

4. Man In The Mirror

5. Talkin' About

6. Melody

7. On The Road

8. Astral Projector

9. Hollywood



Nathan Shaffer - Vocals/Guitar
Warren Mays - GuitarDel
Breckenfeild - Bass
Bruce Breckenfeild - Keyboards
Chuck Schwartz - Drums

Not much info to find on this Atlanta band, or their EMI'79 debut LP.It's not a bad album at all, a bit in the style of Harlequin and other early eighties radio rock bands touching AOR without the most heavy guitars. But, it's definately worth a listen.Having this vinyl, that lived a long life in the cheap bins around in different record stores for years, the most strange thing is that my copy are
NOT a cutting, no hole or missing corner. Weird enough.I guess the fact that it's produced by Jeff Glixman made my buy it at the first place. Their second, Love And Other Crimes, released in 1980, I might rip later.

NB! This album is not my own rip, and there's some charming small 'vinylsounds' on it, which I haven't taken time to remove. Yet. The last track, sounds like the needle's not exactly in the groove, not very listenable, but I'll do my own rip later if there's any need for it. Good sound on the other tracks.

Gambler - Teenage Magic. 1979


1. This Time It's Love

2. Elevator

3. Follow Your Heart

4. I Will Remember You

5. Teenage Magic

6. Walkin' The Streets

7. Valerie

8. After All 9. On The Road


As for the last post, another from master Rick Derringer. Since this one not have been released properly, I couldn't find a cover on the net. I had to make my own. So, here it is, Derringer in Cleveland.

Kenny Aaronson Bass

Vinny Appice Drums

Danny Johnson Guitar

Rick Derringer Vocals, Guitar

About this recording, I can't say it better than a user review at
(thanks, Ronan "Ronan" Connecticut!):

'Rick Derringer had been in the rock and roll game for nearly 15 years when this record was recorded. He had alot of expierience under is belt and when it was time to make a live record the record company made a promotion copy called "Live in Cleveland". The record never got released but got some air play of "let me in", "Teenage Love Affair" and the rock and roll anthem that is 15 minutes long "Rock and Roll Hoochie coo" The record was recorded in 1976 at a club date while on tour with Aerosmith. Hence the old marketing trick worked...people would go into the local record store back then and ask for the live derringer lp and they didn't have it.
The summer of 1977 when "Derringer Live" was released people were happy to pick up the different recording. Any body that picked up a guitair in the late seventies to learn how to play was influenced by this record simply because Rick Derringer is a great guitairist and he and his band are at their best here. The song "Beyond the Universe" is a song that musically has been
compared to Hendrix. The riffs are fast and sharp and the music is loud in a Zepplin way. Anybody who is interested in playing a guitair,bass, or drums, this should go down in history as a must. It is a loaded cd with a stellar line-up Danny Johnson on guitar, Kenny Arronson on bass, and a 19 year old Vinny Appice of Dio and Black Sabbath fame on drums. Don't deny yourself.'

Thanks, Ronan!

The setlist are mostly the same as the later released official Live, but the two encores 'Roll With Me' (from 'Spring Fever' '75) & 'Rebel Rebel' (Bowie!) are different. Enjoy it!!

Derringer - Live In Cleveland. 1976.


01-02 - Let Me In / Teenage Love Affair

03 - Sailor

04 - Beyond the Universe

05 - Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

06 - Roll With Me

07 - Rebel Rebel


Another thing, I find this blog site making to be a real pain in the ass. Bad software solution on this page. It's great fun doing this kinda thing, but there's no way I can get it to look the way I want. And it's real bad adding pictures, ALL pix ends up on top, while at the same time the line spacing doubles all over when adding them, and other funny details. Takes a LONG time just to put stuff out, and that takes the fun away. I might drop it, or find another way of doing it. I don't know. Guess I'll post my decicion.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Back with some stuff...

In a world of Angel, Kiss, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, B.Ö.C and a older brother fronting Starz, Rex Smith released 2 albums with his band REX.

Once again, a quote from RockDetector:
Having quit the Hard Rock outfit REX, Mr Smith - the brother of STARZ vocalist Michael Lee Smith - turned solo, albeit with a far more Pop oriented direction.

And here it is, as promised, REX's debut album!
(Their second album are posted here earlier, look in the archives.)

Rex - Rex. 1976.

Produced by Eddie Leonetti

1. Feeling Better
2. Violent
3. Ten Seconds Of Love
4. Rock & Roll Dream
5. Dead End Kids
6. Trouble
7. Call Her "Easy"
8. Stay With Me
9. I Can't Explain


Hotel - Hotel. 1979.

Marc Phillips - Vocals/Keyboards

Tommy Calton - Guitar
Michael Reid - Guitar
George Creasman - Bass
Lee Bargeron - Keyboards
Michael Cadenhead - Drums
By 1977, Hotel signed their first recording contract with Mercury Records for a 45 single called "You'll Love Again". Thanks mostly to Dain Eric's efforts, the song charted. Even though the band showed promise, Mercury was noncommittal when it came a possible LP release. Hotel asked out of their contract and Mercury accepted.Once again the band was free to shop for a record company. In 1978, Dain Eric secured a deal for Hotel with the Scotti Brothers in Los Angeles. The Scotti Brothers were best known for their promotions of records within the industry. They could also secure a record deal for Hotel with a major label - which they did - with MCA. Hotel's debut album "Hotel" was released in the summer of 1979 with the first single "You've Got Another Thing Coming" followed by the Marc Phillips/Barry Mann song "Hold on to the Night."

RockReport says:
'An extremely smooth AOR band, HOTEL came across as an extremely laid back,
toothless unit with the self-titled debut album of 1979 vintage.'

I remember I first saw this album & band mentioned in the english paper Sounds, way back in the early 80's. Took quite some years to find it. I'm not disagreeng totally with RockDetectors statement, but not a bad album, just not a very rockin' one. But, as it's not an easy album to find, I'll share it with you anyway.

Hotel - Hotel. 1979

1. You've Got Another Thing Coming
2. You'll Love Again
3. Right On Time
4. One Time Too Many
5. Old Silver
6. Not Wise To Say
7. Losing My Mind
8. City Lights
9. Hold On To The Night
10. Your Green Eyes


Trigger - Trigger. 1978.
Casablanca Records
Produced by Corky Stasiak & Dennis Ferrante

Jimmy Duggan - Vocals/Guitar
Richie House - Vocals/Guitar
Tom Nigra - Vocals/Bass
Derek Remington - Vocals/Drums

1. Somebody Like You
2. Gimme Your Love
3. Baby Don't Cry
4. Shake It Up
5. Rockin' 'Cross The U.S.A.
6. Deadly Weapon
7. I've Heard That Line Before
8. Beware Of Strangers
9. I Think I'm Ready
10. Don't Stop Your Love
11. We're Gonna Make It


Silver Condor

Silver Condor "Trouble At Home" originally released on Columbia Records in 1983 is truly the first solo album of lead singer, songwriter, producer, Joe Cerisano. This album features a host of great session players including Rick Derringer, Clarence Clemons (Springsteen), Neil Schon (Journey) and Waddy Wachtel (Stevie Nicks).

And what a line-up!

Joe Cerisano - Lead Vocals
Steve Plunkett - Guitar & Vocals
Nick Brown - Guitar
Steve Goldstein - Keyboards
Kenny Aaronson - Bass
Craig Krampf - Drums

Additional musicians:
Rick Derringer - Guitar on 'Thank God For Rock'n'Roll'
Neal Schon - Guitar on 'Holdin' On (Barely)'
Waddy Wachtel - Guitar on 'Goin' Out On The Town' and 'I Stand Accused'
Clarence Clemons - Saxophone

Silver Condor - Trouble At Home. 1983.

1. Trouble At Home
2. Dear Abby
3. Goin' Out On The Town
4. Good Lovin' Don't Come Easy
5. I Stand Accused
6. Thank God For Rock n' Roll
7. When A Man Loves A Woman
8. Turn Back The Big Machine
9. Holdin' On (Barely) (Later on Lee Aarons 1985 album 'Call Of The Wild'1985, renamed 'Barely Holdin' On')


Derringer - Derringer. 1976.

And as a bonus, an old 'hero' of mine, Rick Derringer's band Derringer and their 1976 release simply named Derringer. Drop by for more of his early stuff in here later.

1. Let Me In
2. You Can Have It
3. Loosen Up Your Grip
4. Envy
5. Comes A Woman
6. Sailor
7. Beyond The Universe
8. Goodbye Again


Thursday, June 7, 2007


Ye-ey! PC up'n'running. Been quite some problems for a while now.
From next week, I'll start ripping vinyls.

As asked for, here's a new upload of my most rare vinyl. Sean Delaney's only solo-album, from 1979. More info & pics at the original posting, archived in March.

Casablanca NBLP-7130 (USA, Jan. 1979)

A1. Welcome To The Circus (4:00) - Delaney
A2. High On The Liquor Of Love (3:07) - Delaney
A3. Somebody Love Me (4:10) - Delaney
A4. Baton Rouge (3:47) - Delaney
A5. Old Man (4:08) - Delaney
B1. You Beat Me To The Punch (3:18) - Robinson, Smokey
B2. Spotlights (3:50) - Delaney
B3. It's Over (3:20) - Delaney
B4. Walk On The Water (5:36) - Delaney/Swevel
B5. Dreams (5:17) - Delaney

RapidShare link: