Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A canadian band, formed by Mitchell Field, who began his career as a drummer for John Lee Hooker. Read more about their history at:

Great album. Pomp-rocking goodie. Have both their vinyls, and I liked this first one best, but I'll rip the other if there's any interest.

Hellfield - Hellfield. 1978.

1 The Pact
2 Magic Mistress
3 No Son Of Mine
4 Too Long
5 City Boy
6 Fancy Nancy
7 Tell Me Are You Listening
8 Thinking 'bout Ladies
9 All Night Party
10 You Got To Admit
11 Feedback City
12 Feedback City (reprise)
The Boyzz

The Boyzz - Too Wild To Tame

The wild boyz in this biker bar band from Chicago, formed 1977, only released one album before braking up in 1979. Without selling an awesome amount of albums. Great rocking fun, though! Love it. The title track 'Too Wild To Tame' are a classic!! And the album are great. Tafoya, Halinkovitch and Angel later formed The B'ZZ.

Dirty Dan Buck - Vocals
Gil Pini - Guitar
Mike Tafoya - Guitar
David Angel - Bass
Anatole Halinkovitch - Keyboards
Kent Cooper - Drums

1. Too Wild To Tame
2. Hoochie Koochie
3. Wake It Up, Shake It Up
4. Shady Lady
5. Back To Kansas
6. Destined To Die
7. Lean n' Mean
8. Dianne Part II
9. Good Life Shuffle



Denton Young - Vocals

Brian Miller - Guitar

Howard Helm - Keyboards

Jim Samson - Bass

Kim Hunt - Drums

RockDetector: ZON keyboard player Howard Helm subsequently joined REFUGEE whilst drummer Kim Hunt became an in demand session player for the likes of HANNOVER FIST and URGENT. During 2003 the ZON rhythm section of bassist Jim Sampson and drummer Kim Hunt were to be found as the backbone of the reformed MOXY.

I really liked this band. Pomp rock not far from the more known band Saga.If you're into this kind of music, it's definately worth a try!I'll post the other two albums later. If there's any interest.

ZON - Astral Projection. 1978.


1. Put On The Show

2. Time For Your Love

3. Point Of View - Where To Spend My Dollar?

4. Man In The Mirror

5. Talkin' About

6. Melody

7. On The Road

8. Astral Projector

9. Hollywood




Nathan Shaffer - Vocals/Guitar
Warren Mays - GuitarDel
Breckenfeild - Bass
Bruce Breckenfeild - Keyboards
Chuck Schwartz - Drums

Not much info to find on this Atlanta band, or their EMI'79 debut LP.It's not a bad album at all, a bit in the style of Harlequin and other early eighties radio rock bands touching AOR without the most heavy guitars. But, it's definately worth a listen.Having this vinyl, that lived a long life in the cheap bins around in different record stores for years, the most strange thing is that my copy are
NOT a cutting, no hole or missing corner. Weird enough.I guess the fact that it's produced by Jeff Glixman made my buy it at the first place. Their second, Love And Other Crimes, released in 1980, I might rip later.

NB! This album is not my own rip, and there's some charming small 'vinylsounds' on it, which I haven't taken time to remove. Yet. The last track, sounds like the needle's not exactly in the groove, not very listenable, but I'll do my own rip later if there's any need for it. Good sound on the other tracks.

Gambler - Teenage Magic. 1979


1. This Time It's Love

2. Elevator

3. Follow Your Heart

4. I Will Remember You

5. Teenage Magic

6. Walkin' The Streets

7. Valerie

8. After All 9. On The Road



As for the last post, another from master Rick Derringer. Since this one not have been released properly, I couldn't find a cover on the net. I had to make my own. So, here it is, Derringer in Cleveland.

Kenny Aaronson Bass

Vinny Appice Drums

Danny Johnson Guitar

Rick Derringer Vocals, Guitar

About this recording, I can't say it better than a user review at amazon.com
(thanks, Ronan "Ronan" Connecticut!):

'Rick Derringer had been in the rock and roll game for nearly 15 years when this record was recorded. He had alot of expierience under is belt and when it was time to make a live record the record company made a promotion copy called "Live in Cleveland". The record never got released but got some air play of "let me in", "Teenage Love Affair" and the rock and roll anthem that is 15 minutes long "Rock and Roll Hoochie coo" The record was recorded in 1976 at a club date while on tour with Aerosmith. Hence the old marketing trick worked...people would go into the local record store back then and ask for the live derringer lp and they didn't have it.
The summer of 1977 when "Derringer Live" was released people were happy to pick up the different recording. Any body that picked up a guitair in the late seventies to learn how to play was influenced by this record simply because Rick Derringer is a great guitairist and he and his band are at their best here. The song "Beyond the Universe" is a song that musically has been
compared to Hendrix. The riffs are fast and sharp and the music is loud in a Zepplin way. Anybody who is interested in playing a guitair,bass, or drums, this should go down in history as a must. It is a loaded cd with a stellar line-up Danny Johnson on guitar, Kenny Arronson on bass, and a 19 year old Vinny Appice of Dio and Black Sabbath fame on drums. Don't deny yourself.'

Thanks, Ronan!

The setlist are mostly the same as the later released official Live, but the two encores 'Roll With Me' (from 'Spring Fever' '75) & 'Rebel Rebel' (Bowie!) are different. Enjoy it!!

Derringer - Live In Cleveland. 1976.


01-02 - Let Me In / Teenage Love Affair

03 - Sailor

04 - Beyond the Universe

05 - Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

06 - Roll With Me

07 - Rebel Rebel



Another thing, I find this blog site making to be a real pain in the ass. Bad software solution on this page. It's great fun doing this kinda thing, but there's no way I can get it to look the way I want. And it's real bad adding pictures, ALL pix ends up on top, while at the same time the line spacing doubles all over when adding them, and other funny details. Takes a LONG time just to put stuff out, and that takes the fun away. I might drop it, or find another way of doing it. I don't know. Guess I'll post my decicion.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about how the blog looks! It's fine. It's the content that counts! The Boyzz. Damn I used to own that record. Thanks for the Rex and all the rest too.

Anonymous said...

Gambler! great album I used to own. I wonder where that one is now

Thanks for it and for the rest of the stuff too

alex said...

Track #9 "On The Road" from the Gambler album is seriously FLAWED...could you please re-upload it? Thanks.

Alocacoc said...

Yes, I know, and wrote:

NB! This album is not my own rip, and there's some charming small 'vinylsounds' on it, which I haven't taken time to remove. Yet. The last track, sounds like the needle's not exactly in the groove, not very listenable, but I'll do my own rip later if there's any need for it. Good sound on the other tracks.

Got all hardware & software for ripping set up, but not getting the sound quality I want yet. Need some help to do things right, I guess. But yes, I'll do a better rip when things are ready :)

harleytexas said...

the Hellfield album brings back memories

Anonymous said...

Helleo there ALOCACOC, for a long time I searched the net looking for some Hellfield music and finally I came across your Blogsite and saw the first album, great. Thankx a lot, and you would please me with an upload of the second album (are there anymore)"nightmusic". Keep on the good work.
Greetings from an "old rocker" from Holland.

Anonymous said...

Only just found your site! Great stuff indeed! Many thanks for your hard work! All the releases are great, from a fine era!

Any chance in upping your version of track 9 by GAMBLER, together with their second album?

You'd make my day!! Thanks again!

1980-F said...

Thanks again - this time for ZON!
And since nobody else asked for it: I'd like to hear the other two ZON releases!

Greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. This music is usually forgotten. Aor hard rock was the first I got into, before I got swept up in punk/new wave. Thanks for the memories.

Gambler was a Chicago band. Since radio wasn't playing punk, alot of local band were playing a more commercial rock for radio acceptance,i.e. Gambler, Tantrum, Trillion, Hounds, Scraps, Screams, M&R Rush, etc.
Again thanks and cheers,

Pope Leo

Anonymous said...

All music has 2 albums listed for "gulliver" one in 1969 and one in 1979. The first one from 1969 has daryl hall on it and is his first recordings. Says its obscure but has been released on cd.

chicago kid said...


I was doing some surfing looking around for info on Gambler and came
across your site . . . Cool!

Actually, my brother was the lead singer for Gambler for many years and joined right after the second album came out.

They were a great band live and in the studio and were very prolific writers. It's a shame that the bevy of songs that were recorded never made it out to the mainstream in a third or fourth album.

If you want any more info let me know and I can provide it. Keep up the great work.


Tildy said...

Gambler Teenage Magic post states Gambler as an Atlanta band. That's incorrect, the band is from the Chicagoland area, they recorded that first album in Atlanta with Jeff Glixman and the 2nd Album - Love and Other Crimes was produced by Phil Bonanno. Nathan Shaffer of Gambler also recorded an unreleased album with Roq Royale (Legs Diamond fame) in 1987 and is currently working on a solo called "The Resurrection."

Anonymous said...

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V ! said...

Hello there, Thank you for Zon! Astral projection caught my attention in Hard Rock Anthology (1968-1980) by Denis Meyer. Im gonna give a listen to 'm Worried About The Boys! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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