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Some Rockin' and Rollin'...

Hi again. Here's a few classic Good Old Rocking albums (not my own rips) but something to DL while I'm preparing the next vinyls for blogging. More Good Rats, Nitzinger & Brownsville Station later.


Wild, weird & classic rockers. If you've heard them, you know it's hard to describe this outfits style & music. But it sure rocks! So, I won't try, but found this description on the net:

'Tasty is an album that's hard to describe as it veers from one extreme musical style to the next yet retains it's own very distinct personality. An amazingly full jazz, prog, rock outing with incredible songwriting and stellar dual guitar work of a sometimes incredible lyricism. Fans of AC DC, Zappa, Van Halen, Alex Harvey and John Hiatt should really dig this. Sound crazy? It is, but it's brilliant too. AC DC comparison for slabs of unapologetic guitar; Zappa for the twisted sense of humour and cleverness; Van Halen for the sizzling, melodic fretwork and amazing solo flourishes; Alex Harvey for this odd theatrical tone that peers out and John Hiatt for the gravel sounding lead singer that writes amazing songs and stories. No comparison does this recording justice though. It could be the Good Rats best album. Twenty plus years listening to this album and it hits all the notes and resonates in the best possible ways. The songs get better and reveal themselves with repeated listenings and the musicianship is quite accomplished. A hard to find album but worth getting. Don't be put off by the goofy artwork or band name. At points Tasty simply soars... Tasty indeed.'

Good Rats - Tasty. 1974.
Not my rip.

1. Back To My Music
2. Injun Joe
3. Tasty
4. 300 Boys
5. Papa Poppa
6. Fireball Express
7. Fred Upstairs And Ginger Snappers
8. Phil Fliesch
9. Klash-Ka-Bob
10. Songwriter


Once again I'm cheating with some net cut'n'paste for the info on these rocking 70's dudes. I only will add that: This Eddie Kramer produced album are AWESOME! My favorite tracks: 'Hot Spit', 'Lady (Put The Light On Me)'... and the rest. You can't anything but love the funny & awesome 'The Martian Boogie'!! PLAY LOUD!!!

Cub Koda - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica (R.I.P.)
Michael Lutz - Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Henry "H-Bomb" Weck - Drums
Bruce Nazarian - Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar

All Music Guide:
'Detroit-area rock & roll band formed in 1969 by guitarist Cub Koda. Original members also
included Mike Lutz (guitar), T.J. Cronley (drums), and Tony Driggins (bass). Initially influenced by Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and other '50s rockers, their early albums included inspired covers and genre-faithful originals, all presented in Marshall stack, double-bass-drum bigness. Far more effective as a live act (with Koda's onstage banter influencing everyone from J. Geils' Peter Wolf to Alice Cooper), the group finally hit paydirt in late 1973 with their number-three hit, the Koda-penned "Smokin' in the Boys' Room." After disbanding the group in 1979, Koda went on to a career as a solo recording artist (see separate entry) and as a journalist for several music magazines.' ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide'

'Brownsville Station was a band from Michigan who were popular in the 1970s. Their most famous song, "Smokin' In the Boys Room" (from their 1973 album Yeah![1]) was recognized as one of rock's earliest teen anthems, featuring angst filled lyrics, blaring guitars and a harmonica solo. The track reached #3 on U.S. charts and #27 in the UK Singles Chart[1]"Smokin' In the Boys Room" was later covered by Mötley Crüe in 1985. In 1977, Brownsville Station recorded the novelty song "Martian Boogie", which is played on Dr. Demento's radio show on occasion. Another song, "You Put the Light on Me" also received modest airplay in the Detroit markets. Original members included band founder Cub Koda (guitarist/vocalist), Mike Lutz (guitarist/vocalist), T.J. Cronley (drummer), and Tony Driggins (bassist/vocals).
After T.J. Cronley left, he was replaced by Van Wert, Ohio native Henry "H-Bomb" Weck and in 1975 multi-instrumentalist and Detroit session musician Bruce Nazarian joined the band (it was Nazarian who sang lead on "Lady (Put the Light On Me)". "Smokin' In the Boys Room" reached #3 in the Billboard charts, eventually selling over two million copies, and was covered a decade later by eighties metal band Mötley Crüe. Their second-highest, Billboard-charting single was "Kings Of The Party" which topped out at #31 in 1974. Best known as a live act fired up by Koda's onstage antics, the band's name was chosen because it was so long that it took up most of the marquees that rock venues used in that era, thereby hogging the limelight from whoever Brownsville happened to be playing with.
Brownsville disbanded in 1979, with the individual members going their separate ways.
Cub Koda died of kidney disease on 1 July 2000 at the age of 51.
Though the band has been inactive for many years, bassist Lutz still resides in Ann Arbor. He works part time at a local music store called Oz's Music teaching guitar and bass lessons.'

Brownsville Station - Brownsville Station. 1977.
Produced by Eddie Kramer.
Not my own rip. Some hiss & scratches. I might do my own rip later, if wanted.

1. Hot Spit
2. Sleazy Louize
3. Lady (Put The Light On Me)
4. Lover
5. Mr. Johnson Sez
6. (Throw Me A) Lifeline
7. Rockers n' Rollers
8. My Friend Jack
9. Ain't That A Shame
10. The Martian Boogie



'A Texan born guitarist, JOHN NITZINGER was to have tenuous links with fellow Texans BLOODROCK (contributing material to their 'U.S.A.' album) before finding himself with a Capitol Records contract (a labelmate of BLOODROCK) and recording 1972's 'Nitzinger' and 1973's 'One Foot In History'.Having been an integral part of the 60's outfit THE BARONS, who had released four singles in 1965, Nitzinger worked with a rhythm section for the first brace of albums comprising of guitarist Bugs Henderson, bassist Curly Benton and drummer Linda Waring. Henderson later formed THE BUGS HENDERSON BAND. The ensuing 'Live Better Electrically', Nitzinger roped in guitarist Larry White, bassist Jerry Harris, keyboard player Whitey Thomas and drummer Paul Leim. Arguably Nitzinger's best album, 1976's 'Live Better Electrically' found John on 20th Century Records. However, despite touring with ZZ TOP and GRAND FUNK RAILROAD the guitarist would disappear for a few years. Nitzinger returned towards the end of the decade in ex EMERSON LAKE & PALMER drummer Carl Palmer's PM before being hired by ALICE COOPER for 'Special Forces' in 1981 for a three year stint...'

Nitzinger - One Foot In History. 1972.
Not my rip.

1. Take A Picture
2. Motherlode
3. God Bless The Pervert
4. Earth Eater
5. Driftwood
6. Let The Living Grow
7. The Cripple Gnat Bounce
8. One Foot In History
9. Uncle John
10. Texas Blues, Jelly Roll
11. Power Glide


NWOBHM Bonus single 3:

Bernie Tormé and the Electric Gypsies - Shoorah Shoorah. Double single. 1982.

Side A - 01 - Shoorah Shoorah (Alan Toussaint)
Side B - 02 - Star (Tormé)

Free Bonus Single. Recorded Live at the Lodge.
Side A - 03 - Search & Destroy (Pop/Williamson)
Side B - 04 - Possession (Tormé)


Have fun!

A fixed Gambler, Hilly, Randy & some Brits...

First off, my own rip of this Gambler album, my first blogging of it had an error on the last track, and was something I found on the net a long time ago. So I ripped the whole album. Hope you find this better. For more details bout this album & band, look in the archives.

Gambler - Teenage Magic. 1979
My own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.



I'm a sucker for topics & loose threads. So, having posted Striker here (look in the archives), brings me to this album by guitar virtuos Randy Hansen, as one third of this guitar based power trio from 1980, Striker's Scott Rosburg on Bass & Vocals.Seattle born Randy Hansen used to play in a Hendrix cover band, Machine Gun.
I never gave this album a very heavy rotation when I bought it, the cheap production makes it sound like something between an unfinished demo or a recorded loose jam session at the studio, not a finished product in my ears. Not bad, just not quite finished. As for the guitar part, mostly smokin', but there's no way to avoid a mentioning of Hendrix, but also Frank Marino, who've done this better for years and years, Stevie Salas and even Edgar Winter Group feat. Rick Derringer, to describe what you're in for if you choose to download this album. A rare one anyway, for your collection.

Randy Hansen - Guitars and vocals
Scott Rosburg - Bass and vocals
Charles Tapp - Drums and vocals

Randy Hansen - Randy Hansen. 1981.
Produced by David Rubinson.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

1. Champagne And Cocaine
2. Watch What You Say
3. Time Won't Stop
4. I Want To Take You Higher
5. Millionaire
6. Dancin' With Me
7. Don't Pretend

Hilly Michaels
New York session drummer Michaels (Michael Hilman, originally from New Haven, CT) who played on records by Ian Hunter, Sparks (drums on 'Big Beat') and Ellen Foley before becoming a singing, songwriting solo artist. Two albums of '80s over-produced new wave-era pop with hooks'. His second album 'Calling All Girls' was produced by Roy Thomas Baker, is concidered as his best (that one I don't have... anyone?), with Foley, Liza Minnelli, former bandmate G.E. Smith, Elton John guitarist Davey Johnstone, Greg Hawkes of the Cars, Dan Hartman (R.I.P.) and others.
Hilly Michaels Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Main Performer
Tom Mandel Keyboards
Larry Russell Bass
Morgan Walker Keyboards
Alan Merrill Guitar, Vocals
Elliott Randall Guitar
Jeff Bova Keyboards
Rick Derringer Guitar
Dan Hartman Bass, Guitar, Keyboards

Hilly Michaels - Lumia. 1981.
Produced by Jeffrey Lesser and Hilly Michaels.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.
1 Look at That Face
2 Our Love Will Last Forever
3 I've Got No Right to Love You
4 Assembly Line
5 In the City
6 Reach for the Vitamins
7 I Still Think About You
8 Russian Girls
9 Institutional Home
10 One

NWOBHM Bonus single 2:

Diamond Head - In The Heat Of The Night Single. 1982.
Side A - 01 - In The Heat Of The Night
Side B - 02 - Play It Loud (Live)
Free Bonus Single
Side A - 03 - Sweet & Innocent (Live)
Side B - 04 - Interview with Sean Harris & Colin Kimberley,by Tommy Vance, recorded June '82.


More stuff later, I'll take a dive in my dusty vinyls, and some more NWOBHM double singles.
Thanks for all your comments, and take care!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A promise, a request, a surprise & a bonus.


As promised in my Russia blog, their next album, now as Force 10. Basically more of the same stuff, not quite as pompous theatrical as Russia yet it's all still there, more keyboards, add Supertramp to my last name droppings maybe even some old The Tubes, more 80's sounding, definately no bad album! Favorite tracks: Watanabe, Hypnotized, Mountains Of Love. For more info, check my Russia blog, and read the comments from Russia/Force 10 keyboardist Rick White!

Tom Brighton - guitar and vocals
Rick White - keyboards and vocals
Larry Tuttle - bass and vocals
Jeff Swisstack - drums
Griff Stevens - Singing, woodwinds, guitars and computer grunts.

Force 10 - Force 10. 1981.
Produced by John Stronach.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

1. Watanabe
2. Hypnotized
3. (I Feel So) Amused
4. Pictures (Of My Favourite Things)
5. Mountains Of Love
6. Show Me Your Love
7. Bastinado
8. My Future
9. I'll See You



Two albums by the name Spider, and before their third release, a change of name made them Shanghai. Good album, good well produced pop rock if you're into Heart, Fiona, Romeo's Daughter, Patty Smyth, Wendy and the Rockets... you get my point.

Amanda Blue - vocals
Keith Lentin - guitar
Beau Hill - keyboards (well known 80's & 90's hair band & AOR/rock producer)
Jimmy Lowell - bass
Anton Fig - drums (Ace Frehley, David Letterman's house band, session drummer, Kiss (Dynasty, Unmasked, Killers), Bob Dylan, and lots more)

Shanghai - Shanghai. 1982.
Produced by Bruce Fairbarn (R.I.P.)
My own rip. BitRate 192.

1. SOS
2. Always A Rebel
3. X-Ray Vision
4. I Need Your Love
5. Talk To Me
6. Born To Rock
7. Brand New Boy
8. All Of My Tears
9. On Video
10. Girl Who Likes To Cry



Another rare piece of vinyl: Session guitarist Alan Merrill's solo album from 1985. I once saw Alan Merrill live, paired with Bob Kulick, on a Meat Loaf Concert. Great memory... Good album, basic good hard rock album, if you like Eddie Money, Streetheart, Rick Derringer in the 80's, and such stuff, check this out!

Alan Merrill - Guitar, Bass, Organ, Synth, Lead and backing vocals (The Arrows, Cozy Powell, Runner, Hilly Micheals, Rick Derringer, Weird Al, Meat Loaf, DC Lacroix, Joan Jett)

Benjy King - Synth Jimmy Wilcox - Drums, backing vocals
Donnie Kisselbach - Backing vocals
Fiona Flanagan - Backing vocals
Eddie Tuduri - Drums
Rick Derringer - Guitar, backing vocals 'Love Express'
Alan Tarney - Guitar
Trevor Spencer - Drums
Terry Taylor - Guitar
Tom Strohlman - Alto Sax
Dallas Taylor - Drums, percussion
Steve Gould - Guitar, backing vocals
Dave Still - Percussion
Steve Winwood - Keyboards
Mike Driscoll - Drums
Damalza - Percussion
Oliver Tobias - Backing vocals

All music guide:
'Alan Merrill has had a long and varied career as a pop musician on three continents. Born Allan Sachs, the son of singer Helen Merrill and horn man Aaron Sachs, singer, guitarist, bassist and songwriter Merrill played in several bands in Greenwich Village as a teen before moving to Japan, where, as a member of the group the Lead, he signed a recording deal with RCA Victor Tokyo in 1968. The Lead had one big hit in Japan, "Aoi Bara," before breaking up, leaving Merrill as a solo act. He recorded two albums in 1970 and 1971, Merrill 1 and Alone in Tokyo, becoming a huge star in Japan's domestic market, working as a TV host and soap opera actor as well as recording music. Tired of being viewed as a "teen idol," Merrill formed the glam rock group Vodka Collins with drummer Horoshi Oguchi, recording the enduring TokyoNew York album for EMI Records, which spawned three hit singles, including a beautiful Merrill composition, "Sands of Time."
Merrill left Vodka Collins to form The Arrows in the U.K. in 1974. Among the groups' hits was the first version of "I Love Rock N Roll," later an even larger smash for Joan Jett. Merrill continued his television appearances in Britain, hosting a weekly series called The Arrows Show. When punk hit, The Arrows broke up, and Merrill formed the band Runner, recording the selftitled Runner for Island Records in 1978, before returning to the States, where he joined Rick Derringer's band. He released a solo album on Polydor in 1985, then joined Meat Loaf's band for a pair of albums. He had a reoccurring part in the HBO series Encyclopedia Brown, and began working with producer Jon Tiven in the Jon Tiven Group. Demand for a Vodka Collins reunion brought him back to Japan for three reunion albums by the band in the late 1990s. In 2002 Merrill released a 22song solo
project called Cupid Deranged, which was in essence a career retrospective. A holiday album, A Merrilly Christmas appeared that same year. A double album tribute to songwriters Arthur Alexander and Otis Blackwell, Double Shot Rocks, saw release in 2003, followed by another solo project, Aleecat, in 2004. Steve Leggett, All Music Guide'.

Alan Merrill - Alan Merril. 1985.
Produced by Alan Merrill.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

01 - She Rocks Me
02 - Hard Hearted Woman
03 - Keep On Comin
04 - Love Express
05 - Cold Cold September
06 - Rock Me In Rhythm
07 - N.Y. City
08 - Rain Chasing Dreams
09 - Freewheeler
10 - Always Another Train


My next posts will have 1 NWOBHM double single added as a bonus. None of the artists need more info, and here's the first one out:

NWOBHM Bonus single 1:

Tygers Of Pan Tang - Hellbound Single. 1981.
Produced by Chris Tsangarides
Side A: 01 - Hellbound
Side B: 02 - Don't Give A Damn

Free Bonus Single - The Audition Tapes
Side A: 03 - Bad Times
Side B: 04 - Don't Take Nothin'


Hope you'll like this stuff, and if you do, please leave a comment :) Rock on!

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No Dice, Gambler? Gulliver, Taxxi!! Have fun...

A few recently ripped vinyls. One amazingly good album, 3 pure gems for the completionists.
I'd like to say Thank You! to all for some kind words'n'messages, I'll try to blog what you ask for, but I gotta say that some people out there are looking for real hard to find stuff. Most of what you're asking for, I sadly can't help, but at least I can have an eye open for it now... Well, and now the music...


Another band I know very little about. Other than I love this album!
It sometimes make me think of the UK band Widowmaker and their debut album, the mix of classic slow songs and solid rockers. There might have been a new-wave'ish promotion of this band, but I assure you, this album are good hard rock combined with a nose for great songs.
If you haven't heard it, what are you waiting for!? Two more to come by No Dice, I actually got no idea how many they released. Info, anyone!? :)

No Dice - 2 Faced. 1979.
Produced by Rupert Holmes

Roger Ferris - Vocals
David Martin - Guitar, Harmonica
Gary Strange - Bass Guitar
Chris Wyles - Percussion, Drums

1. Momma Do Stop Your Children Watchin' What Your Momma Do
2. Shooting In The Dark
3. I Keep It To Myself
4. Angel With A Dirty Face
5. No Stone Unturned
6. Come Dancing
7. If You Had Nothing
8. Bad Boys
9. Upt Up 'N' Left Me



Taxxi - State Of Emergency. 1982.
Produced by Phil Kaffel

David Cumming - Guitars, lead and background vocals
Colin Payne - Keyboards, background vocals
Jeffrey Nead - Drums
Tim Gorman - Keyboards, background vocals
Danny Chauncey - Guitars
Randy Jackson - Bass

1. Girl (New York City)
2. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
3. Cocktail Queen (Don't She Love To Rock & Roll)
4. I'm Leaving
5. Players
6. Gold Digger
7. Whipping Boy
8. I Remember



Talkin' about knowing nothing. I once bought this album, and although it didn't strike me as the album I hoped for, but I've given it quite some spins through the years. The reason I bought it was 'Produced By Richie Wise', short enough after ending their work with the the two first albums of KISS. No loud guitars on this one. Kind of Pop Pomp. If I do have to make a comparing... I might say REO Speedwagon from Hi In-fidelity and after. With a touch of Styx/Dennis De Young here and there... without touching the classic stuff made by those two mentioned bands. Quite enjoyable anyway, and to judge it yourself, give it a try.

Gulliver - Ridin' The Wind. 1979.
Produced by Richie Wise.

John Weider (Steve Marriott, Eric Burdon, Stud, Ro Ro)
Dana Buck
David Buck
David Carron

Info on David Carron (R.I.P.) here:

1. Miracle Tonight
2. Lovin' A Dream
3. The Wonder Of It All
4. Bright Lights
5. Ridin' The Wind
6. Danger In The Night
7. Heartaches And Heartaches
8. Wild Bells
9. No Livin' Without You
10. See It Comin'


As promised, the second album by Gambler. I kinda like both albums, but would've suited my ears better with another singer. Enjoy it anyway. I'll do my own rip of 'Teenage Magic', later this week.

Nathan Shaffer - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Warren Mays - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Del Breckenfeld - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Bruce Breckenfeild - Assorted Keyboards and Vocals
Chuck Schwartz - Drums and Percussion

(A bit more info in the 'Teenage Magic' posting, look in the archives, June.)

Gambler - Love And Other Crimes. 1980.
Produced by Phil Bonananno and Gambler.

1. Something Crazy
2. It Never Felt Like This
3. Even A Loser
4. Dirty Susie
5. Double Indemnity
6. Head Hunter
7. She's My Girl
8. Hotline
9. Life On The Line
10. I Put My Love


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A request...

Hi all. Back from some days at a rock festival. The recovery takes more time each year, but I'll soon be rippin' vinyls like there's no tomorrow, so drop by once in a while. And please leave a message if there's anything you appreciate.First a quick request. I have this vinyl somewhere, and I'd be happy to rip it in a better condition if I can, when I find it. But this might do in the meantime.

Trooper - Trooper. 1975.
BitRate 128. Not my rip.

1. I'm In Trouble Again
2. General Hand Grenade
3. All Of The Time
4. Eddy Takes It Easy
5. Roller Rink
6. Baby Woncha Please Come Home
7. Love Of My Life
8. Don't Stop Now


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Triple treat & some days off... see ya.

Small Talk
'Founded from the ashes of the Columbia signed Pop Rock outfit ROCK ROSE, SMALL TALK basically featured the same line-up with the exception of drummer Jack D'Amore, who had been replaced by frontman Frank Demme's brother Lou. ROCK ROSE had only recorded one album, released in 1979. SMALL TALK could also only manage a single, self-titled album through MCA Records in 1981 that meandered in the same general direction as ROCK ROSE with a similar lack of success.'
I really like the Rock Rose album a lot (posted here, look in the archives), and this is the same band with a new drummer, but also softer all over. There's no 'Diary of Fools', 'Daddy's Car' or 'Matinee Mood' here. Sadly enough. I like the album, but there should've been some uptempo or rockin' tracks here. Which there aren't at all. As they states on the album cover, 'Thanks to hard pop lovers everywhere'. It's just isn't hard. More like a randomly picked Toto album without the sparkling highlights. And without the surgical precision approch to the studio, playing and production that Toto have.

Small Talk - Small Talk. 1981.
Produced by Joe Falsia.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

1. When I Get You Alone
2. Stop In The Name Of Love
3. Survive
4. I Like The Fire
5. I Want Your Love
6. She Said Stay
7. That's Rock n' Roll
8. What's Your Name
9. Say Goodbye
10. Ten Minutes



Is this a terrible cheesy cover or what? Yes it is. Is the album any good? Yes, indeed it is!! I don't exactly know why I bought this back then, but I've never regreted. Filled with good quality hard rock, and I'm sure a lot of you'll like it. Forget the cover, give it a try, you'll be surprised. I never knew much about this album/band/project, but if you're interested in some input, ckeck out

Ozz - No Prisoners. 1980.
Produced by Andy Johns, Gregg Parker and Alexis T. Angel.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192. Some clicks.

1. Sail On
2. Ain't No Money
3. Givin' Up On Love
4. Sister Madness
5. Checkin' It Out
6. Baby Don't You Cry
7. Hungry Love
8. Dreams
9. Lonely Rider
10. Just Got Back

Alexis T. Angel - Lead & backing vocals
Gregg Parker - All guitars & backing vocals
Donnell Hagen - Drums
Craig Gruber - Bass
Willie Bass - Bass (!)
Michael Cavanaugh - Keyboards & synthesizers
Ollie Brown - Percussion


Well, what can I say. Why not post this one too, as I've recently posted 2 albums by Danny Spanos. Another one with a Streetheart track and connection, and Spencer Proffer, Randy Bishop contributing... and enough guitars to be an album worth hearing & having. More like if Eddie Money were into The Small Faces kinda rock'n'roll. Actually sometimes a bit like Quireboys. Just a thought... it says on the cover 'To all of you beautiful blondes out for Trouble... see ya!' And I think he actually DID see a lot of them. I may be wrong, but my guess is that the one with the most trouble would be Spanos himself. 3 albums with songtitles as Lorraine, Molly, Hot Cherie, Anita, I'd Lie To You For Your Love, Excuse Me... says it all.

Danny Spanos - Looks Like Trouble. 1984.
Produced by Spencer Proffer.
Engineered by Duane Baron.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

1. I'd Lie To You For Your Love(Frankie Miller, Jeff Barry)
2. Change Of Heart (Spencer Proffer, David Payne)
3. Wherever There's Smoke (There's Fire)(Randy Bishop)
4. Lorraine (Jeff Neill)
5. Excuse Me(Spencer Proffer, David Payne)
6. Comin' True(Jeff Neill, Spider Sinnaeve, Kenny Shields, Daryl Gutheil, Randy Bishop)
7. Are You Ready Now (Spencer Proffer, David Payne)
8. Molly (Randy Bishop)
9. Looks Like Trouble(Danny Spanos, Dana Strum, Ron Mancuso)
10. Good Girl (Danny Spanos, Dana Strum, Ron Mancuso)

Danny Spanos - Lead and backing vocals.
Dana Strum - Bass and backing vocals.
Joey DePompeis - Drums, percussion and backing vocals.
Jawn Bertzer - Guitar.

Ron Marcuso, guitars all tracks.
Ross Bolton, keyboards all tracks.
Frankie Banali, drums 'Excuse Me'.
Rick Derringer, guitar 'Excuse Me'.
Duane Hitchings, keyboards 'Excuse Me'.
Jimmy Johnson, bass 'Excuse Me'.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First Spanos

Danny Spanos
For a bit more info, see last blog. For my mentioning of Eddie Money/Rod Stewart, definately forget Rod Stewart on this one, no associations what so ever in that direction. More like basic hard rock. Earl Slick, as always, don't deliver bad stuff. Recommended.

Danny Spanos - Danny Spanos. 1980.
Produced by John Alcock and Andy Johns.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

1. One Night Stands
2. Going For The One
3. Rastaman
4. Livewire Express
5. In The Morning
6. Queen Of The Boulevard
7. Under My Skin
8. She Is Butter
9. Come See Me Live
10. Rock Me Shock Me

Keyboards - Duane Hitchings
Guitars - Earl Slick
Bass - Sam Pate, Kim Gardner, Pat Vegas
Drums - A. J. Maday, Ross Salamon
Harmonica - Curly Smith
Saxophone - Tom Scott
Background vocals - Danny Spanos, John Joyce


Monday, July 9, 2007

Spanos Passion

'Danny Spanos is best know for his 1983 Rock and Roll Album "Passion In The Dark" which produced the top 40 hit single "Hot Cherie" and received big airplay on radio stations nationwide in the summer of 1983. He had a video for the song "Excuse Me" which made it into the MTV video rotation in early 1983. Born and Raised in South Lyon, Michigan, he was know as George Spannos, and went on to play drums under his given name with several groups, including Redbone, known best for their hit song "come and get your love" in the 1970s. He also played drums on the theme music for the 1970s TV series Starsky and Hutch.'

Really not an 'album' as it contains only 5 tracks, more like an EP. It's the best Spanos 'album' I've heard, and the reason might be that his albums tends to be a bit boring in my ears. NOT like Van Stephenson as I've seen mentioned some places, think Eddie Money, think Rod Stewart, and you're pretty close to what style this is. Some highly experienced and respected musicians on this EP. Recommended listening, and your girlfriend might love it.

Danny Spanos - Passion In The Dark. 1983.
Produced by Spencer Proffer. Engineered by Duane Baron.

1. One Track Heart (Passion In The Dark)(Randy Bishop, Carmine Appice, Duane Hitchings)
2. Hot Cherie(Randy Bishop, Jeff Neill, Kenny Shields, Spider Sinnaeve, Darryl Gutheil)(The opening track on Streethearts '84 album 'Buried Treasures', and later on
Hardline's 'Double Eclipse' 1992.)
3. Excuse Me (Spencer Proffer, Devin Payne)
4. Slice Of Life(Kerryn Tolhurst)
5. Anita(Randy Bishop, Carmine Appice, Duane Hitchings)

Danny Spanos - Vocals
Carmaine Appice - Drums
Frankie Banali - Drums
Rick Derringer - Guitars
Richard Bennett - Acoustic guitars 'Excuse Me'
Jimmy Johnson - Bass
Duane Hitchings - Keyboards
Randy Kerber - Keyboards 'Excuse Me'
Backing vocals - Randy Bishop, Tommy Faragher, Danny Spanos


Hellfield 2


Hellfield - Nightmusic. 1979.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

As promised, the second release from canadian group Hellfield. More info in the archives, where you can find their first album too.
'By the release of NIGHT MUSIC in '79, the band had Charlie Mitchell as the new drummer and Paul Rowes had replaced Hovey on guitars. Gosewich and Gallo returned as the production team and the new record again featured tight writing and a melodic metal approach, spawning another two singles, the title track and "Caroline". Other noteable tracks included "Sister Blue" and "Running Back To You".'

I totally disagree the use of the term 'a melodic metal approach' here. It's not a bad album, but much more soft and less prog & rock than their first album, which I like a lot better. No rockers here. Enjoy it anyway!

1. Caroline
2. Crazy
3. Sister Blue
4. Small World
5. Out Of The Night
6. Night Music
7. I Shoulda Seen It In Your Eyes
8. Man Teasing Woman
9. Know It From The Start
10.Runnin Back To You


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Earth Quake!

Earth Quake - Leveled. 1977.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

1. Lovin' Cup
2. Emma
3. Kicks
4. Trainride
5. Nothing Personal
6. Street Fever
7. Julie Anne
8. Upstairs

John Doukas - Vocals
Robbie Dunbar - Guitar
Gary Phillips - Guitar
Stan Miller - Bass
Steve Nelson - Drums
'Earth Quake started in 1976, under the leadership of singer/guitarist Greg Kihn. He started the group while working at Beserkley Records, the label which would sign the group soon after it started. Other members included Steve Wright (bass), Robbie Dunbar (lead guitar), and Larry Lunch (drums). They played the San Francisco area and often toured with other Beserkley bands due to the communal attitude the label took. The group eventually broke up in 1980, leaving Kign to go on with minor success three years later with "Jeopardy".'

This might be their best album, judging by what I've read & heard, but I've not heard them all. This isn't AOR, far from it, but more of the rockin' 70's kind, and often labeled new-wave'ish, which I don't find this at all. In my ears, an old Kiss fan, I hear a touch of early Kiss in here, maybe even as early as Wicked Lester, the singer sometimes sounds a bit Paul Stanley, and the background vocals too. In fact, Brownsville Station are another name that pops up in my head.
Anyway, don't let that stop you from having a try of this album :)

Toto Sisters

Cherie & Marie Currie
Not an essential gotta-have in any way, but with most of Toto contributing (Marie later married Steve Lukather, Cherie had a thing goin' on with one of the other Toto's, but she later married actor Robert Hays, from 'Airplane'), it certainly got it's moments. Featuring the over-covered Russ Ballard song 'Since You've Been Gone' and Free's 'Wishing Well', among other tracks written by Bobby Kimball, Eric Carmen, David Paich and Jai Winding.
Are you ready? Mike Baird, Mike Porcaro, Steve Lukather, Joey Brasler, Jai Winding, Trevor Veitch, Bobby Kimball, Michael Botticker, Tom Werman, Bill Champlin, Keith Landry, Tom Funderburk, Billy Bizeau, Waddy Wachtel, Jon Pierce, Mike Landau and Tom Kelly... that's the amazing team responsible for this piece of music. Although the signature marks of all these magicians clearly shines through, it's light weight productionwise compared to what those people later gained of quality. And let's face it, the nice sisters aren't exactly the top notch of female rock singers. Anyway, a fun album, worth having.

Cherie and Marie Currie - Messin' With The Boys. 1979.
Produced by Jai Winding. Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

1. Messin' With The Boys
2. Since You've Been Gone
3. I Just Love The Feeling
4. All I Want
5. Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)
6. Elaine
7. This Time
8. Wishing Well
9. Secrets
10. We're Through

Messin' with the sisters, two hiding Toto's...


Blind Date, anyone?

Blind Date

I remember seeing this album and it's weird and colorful cover, a long time ago. 'Produced by Jeff Glixman' got my attention, and the band looked cool enough. Looking back at it now, playing it, I guess there's people that would call it powerpop, a genre that at that time didn't exist, but it certainly is heavy on the guitars. And that bass sound! I've never since heard a Glixman production with this much focus on the bass. Glixman played in a number of bands, including the pre-Kansas band, Cocky Fox. His first production was the 1974 Kansas release Song for America (and three more releases by that band in the '70s), and later a wide range of bands, Clapton, Gary Moore, Magnum, Yngwie 'unleashed-the-fury-raving-maniac' Malmsteen, Allman Brothers, E.L.O, Mother's Finest, Black Sabbath, Illusion, Heart, Saxon, Georgia Satellites, Cinderella, waaay too many to mention them all. But at that moment, it was his work on the Paul Stanley solo album one year earlier, that impressed me most, the huge Kiss fan I was back then. I must have bought every release by every involved name on those early Kiss releases. But strangely enough, in most cases I rarely got disappointed.

I like this album a lot. I guess it can be described as rock with a pop touch. From the opener 'Boys Will Be Boys' which make me think about Cheap Trick & New England's first album (produced by Paul Stanley, an obviously yet thin link there), and the instrumental hard rocking 'Twin Engine', that gives me associations both of Starz 'Colliseum Rock', and Michael Schenker Group's 'Into The Arena'. But as I said, mostly good rockin' pop songs with enough guitars to satisfy most of you, I think. And the band? Don't know much 'bout them. Released this album only, of sweet catchy
heavy-on-the-4-and-6-strings pop rock. Enjoy it!

Dane Bramage - Vocals, bass, keyboards
Arnie Badde - Vocals, guitars
Brad Billion - Vocals, guitars
Pinky Chablis - Drums

Blind Date - Blind Date. 1979.
Produced by Jeff Glixman.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

1. Boys Will Be Boys
2. Baby Goodbye
3. Do You Love Me
4. All of You
5. Twin Engines
6. I'll Take You Anywhere
7. Hollywood Girl
8. Trouble Maker
9. Midnight Imagination


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Randle-Rosburg / Striker


Rick Randle - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar (Child)
Scott Rosburg - Vocals, Bass, Guitar (Shyanne, Randy Hansen)
Rick Ramirez - guitar (Boomerang, Bruzer, Pamela Moore Band, Ruffians)
Rick Taylor - Drums (Strypes)

Randle-Rosburg, Seattle, Washington (1971-1974), became Striker (1974-1980), and was amongst Seattle's leading hard rock bands in the late 70's. And they released only one album.

Is it any good? Yes it is. If you're into classic hard rock, like early Legs Diamond (Firepower), try this one. I think you'll like it. And yes, my copy of the album have been played quite some times these years, but it's a good rip, not worn out the vinyl like it's cover...


Striker - Striker. 1978.

1. Think About It
2. Midnight Flyer
3. Wish
4. More Than Enough
5. On My way
6. Hard On Me
7. Somebody Help Me
8. By Your Side
9. Running In The Wrong Lane
10. We Got The Power

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Russians are coming...

Well, where do I start? I LOVE THIS ALBUM!
An essensial listen to all people that appreciate well played, creative, playful theatrical-prog-pomp-pop rock. I could say Saga as a reference, or even Queen, without coming near to describe this album/band. If I add City Boy, Be Bop Deluxe, Aviary, Zon, or even The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, I may be closing in a bit. But there's no need for comparing, this album stands perfectly on it's own secure set of big feets. It's frankly amazing, and this sort of theatrical prog might never been touched by any other band, until... maybe swedish The Act, or even lately My Chemical Romance. But don't let that scare you. You gotta listen to this, if you haven't already. Why they didn't sell, I won't even guess, but their name have been mentioned. How stupid. A masterpiece everyone should have.

'Touring America on the 'Rock n' Roll Marathon' tour on a bill that also featured MAHOGANY RUSH, MOTHER'S FINEST, ANGEL and HUMBLE PIE following the album's release. (WHY!!? Why wasn't I there!? I could've died a happy man right there. Well, a happy boy at least...)
Frustrated by their lack of progress and at the constant claims by mentally challenged members of the American public who were convinced they were Communists, RUSSIA took the decision to change their name to FORCE 10. They consequently changed their musical direction and losing whatever fan base they had as a result.'

So, DL this album, play it LOUD, and prepare to love it. And guess what, the mentioned Force 10 are among my next postings! :)


Russia - Russia. 1980.
Own Vinylrip. Good sound. 192bitrate.
Produced and Engineered by Paul Ratajczak

1. Fight Back (Time After Time)
2. Who Do You Think You Are?
3. Gotta Get Away
4. Nothing To Say
5. Laughing (In The Face Of Fire)
6. If I Were You
7. Out Of My Mind
8. Poignant Claims
9. Piece Of Ice
10. Outer Space Seeds

Griff Stevens - Lead vocals, Woodwinds, Railroad Springs
Thomas Richard Brighton - Guitars & vocals
Richard Allyn White - Keyboards & vocals
Larry Tuttle - Bass & vocals
Jeff Swisstack - Drums

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vinyl! Desperately Seeking Susan

Well, whaddya know... figured out the vinyl rip thingy (Big thank you! to Castor). So, big fanfare... I proudly present my first rip using this turntable & my new pc! As promised, my first one would be Susan's '79 debut album.
As with most vinyls and ripping, there's a few obvious things that influence the result. That is, if the setup are right and the turntable are good enough for this kinda stuff. First, the original state and quality of the vinyl pressing, the production back then and finaly, and maybe most important, the physical condition of the piece of vinyl after maybe 30 years of usage and storage.
There's a lot that can be done when it's placed on the hard drive, running processes to remove clicks, hiss and noise. And manually removing. But that's time consuming, and my first attempts, I post here without trying to 'remaster' them. Due to the fact that my sound on this pc right now, aren't good enough to do that 'by the ear'. So, if you DL some of my own rip's, please leave a comment and tell me how you think it sounds. That'll make it easier for me to know if it's good enough, and what can be done better. Thank you!

Oops, sorry. Just found out, in my eager to share some rare vinyls with you, I forgot to tag the tracks so that the titles appear in your player. Well, always room for some improvements. That won't happen the next time. All files are properly named with album & titles, though... :)


Susan - Falling In Love Again. 1979.
Produced by Frank Aversa and Mike Ricciardella (Ex Network drummer).

1. Takin' It Over
2. I Was Wrong
3. Falling In Love Again (Intro)
4. Marlene
5. A Little Time
6. Power
7. Too Bad
8. Really Gonna Show
9. Don't Let Me Go
10. Love The Way
11. Tonight You're Mine

Charles Leland - vocals/bass
Ricky Byrd - guitar
Tom Dickie - guitar
Mick Leland - drums


Watch out for some more goodies here in the near future...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

More Konnoisseurs...


Hi again. Just a short post this time. Pathetic enough, my setup for vinyl ripping are still not satisfying soundwise. Still looking forward to get started. But I have to wait until it's good enough. It'll take quite some time to rip & prepare good stuff anyway, so the result might as well be as good as it gets.
Still in the Konnoisseurs topic. Here's the two album released by the Chicago based 70-80's band Tantrum. Not quite as ABBA as their look, I recommend both albums. Good stuff.
I read about some rerelease of this stuff, or plans, including material from a never released third album, but that's something I sadly never seen/heard/found/got my hands on...

Sorry for the bad quality of the pics, used a bad digicam, my scanner are not operative right now. So, this'll do for now. See, both my vinyls pictured here are still sealed :))

Pam Bradley - vocals
Sandy Caulfield - vocals
Barb Erber - vocals
Ray Sapko - guitar
Phil Balsano - keyboards
Bill Syniar - bass
Vern Wennerstrom - drums

Tantrum - Tantrum. 1978.

1. Listen
2. You Came To Me
3. You Are My Everything
4. Happy Yesterdays
5. Kidnapped
6. Flash Commander
7. Night On Main Street
8. Livin' My Life Without You
9. Kid Brother
10. No More


Tantrum - Rather Be Rockin'. 1980.

1. Rather Be Rockin'
2. Don't Turn Me Off
3. You Are My World
4. Sammy And Suzie
5. Runnin'
6. How Long
7. You Need Me
8. Take A Long
9. Applaud The Winner
10. Search For A Reason


Have a great rockin' summer all of you...