Monday, July 9, 2007

Hellfield 2


Hellfield - Nightmusic. 1979.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

As promised, the second release from canadian group Hellfield. More info in the archives, where you can find their first album too.
'By the release of NIGHT MUSIC in '79, the band had Charlie Mitchell as the new drummer and Paul Rowes had replaced Hovey on guitars. Gosewich and Gallo returned as the production team and the new record again featured tight writing and a melodic metal approach, spawning another two singles, the title track and "Caroline". Other noteable tracks included "Sister Blue" and "Running Back To You".'

I totally disagree the use of the term 'a melodic metal approach' here. It's not a bad album, but much more soft and less prog & rock than their first album, which I like a lot better. No rockers here. Enjoy it anyway!

1. Caroline
2. Crazy
3. Sister Blue
4. Small World
5. Out Of The Night
6. Night Music
7. I Shoulda Seen It In Your Eyes
8. Man Teasing Woman
9. Know It From The Start
10.Runnin Back To You



Nyet said...

good for completionists (lime me) but not as good as their first effort.
Thanks for giving us the chance of listening to this one!

micksguitar said...

great post. like the 1st lp. never heard this. thanx mick

songcrafter514 said...

I agree ..Our first album rocked harder..2nd one was too soft & poppy & overproduced..Was fun playin them live tho
M Hellfield