Sunday, July 29, 2007

Some Rockin' and Rollin'...

Hi again. Here's a few classic Good Old Rocking albums (not my own rips) but something to DL while I'm preparing the next vinyls for blogging. More Good Rats, Nitzinger & Brownsville Station later.


Wild, weird & classic rockers. If you've heard them, you know it's hard to describe this outfits style & music. But it sure rocks! So, I won't try, but found this description on the net:

'Tasty is an album that's hard to describe as it veers from one extreme musical style to the next yet retains it's own very distinct personality. An amazingly full jazz, prog, rock outing with incredible songwriting and stellar dual guitar work of a sometimes incredible lyricism. Fans of AC DC, Zappa, Van Halen, Alex Harvey and John Hiatt should really dig this. Sound crazy? It is, but it's brilliant too. AC DC comparison for slabs of unapologetic guitar; Zappa for the twisted sense of humour and cleverness; Van Halen for the sizzling, melodic fretwork and amazing solo flourishes; Alex Harvey for this odd theatrical tone that peers out and John Hiatt for the gravel sounding lead singer that writes amazing songs and stories. No comparison does this recording justice though. It could be the Good Rats best album. Twenty plus years listening to this album and it hits all the notes and resonates in the best possible ways. The songs get better and reveal themselves with repeated listenings and the musicianship is quite accomplished. A hard to find album but worth getting. Don't be put off by the goofy artwork or band name. At points Tasty simply soars... Tasty indeed.'

Good Rats - Tasty. 1974.
Not my rip.

1. Back To My Music
2. Injun Joe
3. Tasty
4. 300 Boys
5. Papa Poppa
6. Fireball Express
7. Fred Upstairs And Ginger Snappers
8. Phil Fliesch
9. Klash-Ka-Bob
10. Songwriter


Once again I'm cheating with some net cut'n'paste for the info on these rocking 70's dudes. I only will add that: This Eddie Kramer produced album are AWESOME! My favorite tracks: 'Hot Spit', 'Lady (Put The Light On Me)'... and the rest. You can't anything but love the funny & awesome 'The Martian Boogie'!! PLAY LOUD!!!

Cub Koda - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica (R.I.P.)
Michael Lutz - Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Henry "H-Bomb" Weck - Drums
Bruce Nazarian - Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar

All Music Guide:
'Detroit-area rock & roll band formed in 1969 by guitarist Cub Koda. Original members also
included Mike Lutz (guitar), T.J. Cronley (drums), and Tony Driggins (bass). Initially influenced by Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and other '50s rockers, their early albums included inspired covers and genre-faithful originals, all presented in Marshall stack, double-bass-drum bigness. Far more effective as a live act (with Koda's onstage banter influencing everyone from J. Geils' Peter Wolf to Alice Cooper), the group finally hit paydirt in late 1973 with their number-three hit, the Koda-penned "Smokin' in the Boys' Room." After disbanding the group in 1979, Koda went on to a career as a solo recording artist (see separate entry) and as a journalist for several music magazines.' ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide'

'Brownsville Station was a band from Michigan who were popular in the 1970s. Their most famous song, "Smokin' In the Boys Room" (from their 1973 album Yeah![1]) was recognized as one of rock's earliest teen anthems, featuring angst filled lyrics, blaring guitars and a harmonica solo. The track reached #3 on U.S. charts and #27 in the UK Singles Chart[1]"Smokin' In the Boys Room" was later covered by Mötley Crüe in 1985. In 1977, Brownsville Station recorded the novelty song "Martian Boogie", which is played on Dr. Demento's radio show on occasion. Another song, "You Put the Light on Me" also received modest airplay in the Detroit markets. Original members included band founder Cub Koda (guitarist/vocalist), Mike Lutz (guitarist/vocalist), T.J. Cronley (drummer), and Tony Driggins (bassist/vocals).
After T.J. Cronley left, he was replaced by Van Wert, Ohio native Henry "H-Bomb" Weck and in 1975 multi-instrumentalist and Detroit session musician Bruce Nazarian joined the band (it was Nazarian who sang lead on "Lady (Put the Light On Me)". "Smokin' In the Boys Room" reached #3 in the Billboard charts, eventually selling over two million copies, and was covered a decade later by eighties metal band Mötley Crüe. Their second-highest, Billboard-charting single was "Kings Of The Party" which topped out at #31 in 1974. Best known as a live act fired up by Koda's onstage antics, the band's name was chosen because it was so long that it took up most of the marquees that rock venues used in that era, thereby hogging the limelight from whoever Brownsville happened to be playing with.
Brownsville disbanded in 1979, with the individual members going their separate ways.
Cub Koda died of kidney disease on 1 July 2000 at the age of 51.
Though the band has been inactive for many years, bassist Lutz still resides in Ann Arbor. He works part time at a local music store called Oz's Music teaching guitar and bass lessons.'

Brownsville Station - Brownsville Station. 1977.
Produced by Eddie Kramer.
Not my own rip. Some hiss & scratches. I might do my own rip later, if wanted.

1. Hot Spit
2. Sleazy Louize
3. Lady (Put The Light On Me)
4. Lover
5. Mr. Johnson Sez
6. (Throw Me A) Lifeline
7. Rockers n' Rollers
8. My Friend Jack
9. Ain't That A Shame
10. The Martian Boogie



'A Texan born guitarist, JOHN NITZINGER was to have tenuous links with fellow Texans BLOODROCK (contributing material to their 'U.S.A.' album) before finding himself with a Capitol Records contract (a labelmate of BLOODROCK) and recording 1972's 'Nitzinger' and 1973's 'One Foot In History'.Having been an integral part of the 60's outfit THE BARONS, who had released four singles in 1965, Nitzinger worked with a rhythm section for the first brace of albums comprising of guitarist Bugs Henderson, bassist Curly Benton and drummer Linda Waring. Henderson later formed THE BUGS HENDERSON BAND. The ensuing 'Live Better Electrically', Nitzinger roped in guitarist Larry White, bassist Jerry Harris, keyboard player Whitey Thomas and drummer Paul Leim. Arguably Nitzinger's best album, 1976's 'Live Better Electrically' found John on 20th Century Records. However, despite touring with ZZ TOP and GRAND FUNK RAILROAD the guitarist would disappear for a few years. Nitzinger returned towards the end of the decade in ex EMERSON LAKE & PALMER drummer Carl Palmer's PM before being hired by ALICE COOPER for 'Special Forces' in 1981 for a three year stint...'

Nitzinger - One Foot In History. 1972.
Not my rip.

1. Take A Picture
2. Motherlode
3. God Bless The Pervert
4. Earth Eater
5. Driftwood
6. Let The Living Grow
7. The Cripple Gnat Bounce
8. One Foot In History
9. Uncle John
10. Texas Blues, Jelly Roll
11. Power Glide


NWOBHM Bonus single 3:

Bernie Tormé and the Electric Gypsies - Shoorah Shoorah. Double single. 1982.

Side A - 01 - Shoorah Shoorah (Alan Toussaint)
Side B - 02 - Star (Tormé)

Free Bonus Single. Recorded Live at the Lodge.
Side A - 03 - Search & Destroy (Pop/Williamson)
Side B - 04 - Possession (Tormé)


Have fun!


Dwight Fry said...

Thanks for the Torme' The bonus versions of these songs on the cd are different than the original 7". Nice to have it digitized.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

More Good Rats, please. Hard to categorise but no less rockin' for that! A real find, thanks!

micksguitar said...

this is a general comment on thev kooga and randy hansen lps. thay are both great as iour blog. please keep on keepin. on for us old rockers in the world. thank you very much. mick.

bobbysu said...

thank you so much

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