Saturday, July 7, 2007

Randle-Rosburg / Striker


Rick Randle - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar (Child)
Scott Rosburg - Vocals, Bass, Guitar (Shyanne, Randy Hansen)
Rick Ramirez - guitar (Boomerang, Bruzer, Pamela Moore Band, Ruffians)
Rick Taylor - Drums (Strypes)

Randle-Rosburg, Seattle, Washington (1971-1974), became Striker (1974-1980), and was amongst Seattle's leading hard rock bands in the late 70's. And they released only one album.

Is it any good? Yes it is. If you're into classic hard rock, like early Legs Diamond (Firepower), try this one. I think you'll like it. And yes, my copy of the album have been played quite some times these years, but it's a good rip, not worn out the vinyl like it's cover...


Striker - Striker. 1978.

1. Think About It
2. Midnight Flyer
3. Wish
4. More Than Enough
5. On My way
6. Hard On Me
7. Somebody Help Me
8. By Your Side
9. Running In The Wrong Lane
10. We Got The Power


Anonymous said...

"DANKE" from Germany / Berlin

Anonymous said...

It looked for for a long time
mega thanx!

Anonymous said...

Both Russia and Striker albums are excellent lp's, highly recommended for any AOR/Pomp fan.
Although I already own them, it's good to see such gems in this blog.

Anonymous said...

Striker were one of those Washington state banas from the 70's, that operated in the same time frame as Bighorn, Aviary, Dixon House, Sorcerers Apprentice (later to become Russia) and Jaugernaut. I'm sure there were many others.

Other associated bands include: Bruzer (Rick Ramirez) - Round One (not a good album at all), and Randy Hansen's 1980 s/t, featuring Scott Rosburg.

gdazegod (

Anonymous said...

How about TKO "Let It Roll" ? Now that a great record! Any chance of posting that? Thanks for all of your uploads..............TKO Fan

Anonymous said...

I played drums in a band with Ramirez 1978-79 in LA called Romeo that also featured Michael Corby of the Babys, later replaced by Brett Tuggle who went on to Rick Springfield, David Lee Roth and Fleetwood Mac. We cut the infamous $30,000 demo album that was a road to nowhere. We were right in the transition from Disco to Skinny Tie bands. Clive Davis who signed Striker to Arista held Rick in a virtual black list, he wouldn't release him from Arista and he wouldn't record him due to a drug bust. Unlike today record companies frowned on that behaviour then. By 1982 and Bruiser his Arista deal ran out and Clive no longer could keep Rick out of the buisness but the damage to Rick's career had already been done. Momentum was lost.

Scott said...

Randle/Rosburg was formed in 1976 and broke up July 9, 1979.

Scott Rosburg

Scott said...

Randle Rosburg / Striker, that is :-)

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IslandArtz said...

1990I can still taste this album..
Ballard: 1981, Kidskin and crew.
Spun this album many times...
Thanks for the memories!
Whidbey Island
Island Artz @ YouTube

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