Monday, July 23, 2007

No Dice, Gambler? Gulliver, Taxxi!! Have fun...

A few recently ripped vinyls. One amazingly good album, 3 pure gems for the completionists.
I'd like to say Thank You! to all for some kind words'n'messages, I'll try to blog what you ask for, but I gotta say that some people out there are looking for real hard to find stuff. Most of what you're asking for, I sadly can't help, but at least I can have an eye open for it now... Well, and now the music...


Another band I know very little about. Other than I love this album!
It sometimes make me think of the UK band Widowmaker and their debut album, the mix of classic slow songs and solid rockers. There might have been a new-wave'ish promotion of this band, but I assure you, this album are good hard rock combined with a nose for great songs.
If you haven't heard it, what are you waiting for!? Two more to come by No Dice, I actually got no idea how many they released. Info, anyone!? :)

No Dice - 2 Faced. 1979.
Produced by Rupert Holmes

Roger Ferris - Vocals
David Martin - Guitar, Harmonica
Gary Strange - Bass Guitar
Chris Wyles - Percussion, Drums

1. Momma Do Stop Your Children Watchin' What Your Momma Do
2. Shooting In The Dark
3. I Keep It To Myself
4. Angel With A Dirty Face
5. No Stone Unturned
6. Come Dancing
7. If You Had Nothing
8. Bad Boys
9. Upt Up 'N' Left Me



Taxxi - State Of Emergency. 1982.
Produced by Phil Kaffel

David Cumming - Guitars, lead and background vocals
Colin Payne - Keyboards, background vocals
Jeffrey Nead - Drums
Tim Gorman - Keyboards, background vocals
Danny Chauncey - Guitars
Randy Jackson - Bass

1. Girl (New York City)
2. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
3. Cocktail Queen (Don't She Love To Rock & Roll)
4. I'm Leaving
5. Players
6. Gold Digger
7. Whipping Boy
8. I Remember



Talkin' about knowing nothing. I once bought this album, and although it didn't strike me as the album I hoped for, but I've given it quite some spins through the years. The reason I bought it was 'Produced By Richie Wise', short enough after ending their work with the the two first albums of KISS. No loud guitars on this one. Kind of Pop Pomp. If I do have to make a comparing... I might say REO Speedwagon from Hi In-fidelity and after. With a touch of Styx/Dennis De Young here and there... without touching the classic stuff made by those two mentioned bands. Quite enjoyable anyway, and to judge it yourself, give it a try.

Gulliver - Ridin' The Wind. 1979.
Produced by Richie Wise.

John Weider (Steve Marriott, Eric Burdon, Stud, Ro Ro)
Dana Buck
David Buck
David Carron

Info on David Carron (R.I.P.) here:

1. Miracle Tonight
2. Lovin' A Dream
3. The Wonder Of It All
4. Bright Lights
5. Ridin' The Wind
6. Danger In The Night
7. Heartaches And Heartaches
8. Wild Bells
9. No Livin' Without You
10. See It Comin'


As promised, the second album by Gambler. I kinda like both albums, but would've suited my ears better with another singer. Enjoy it anyway. I'll do my own rip of 'Teenage Magic', later this week.

Nathan Shaffer - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Warren Mays - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Del Breckenfeld - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Bruce Breckenfeild - Assorted Keyboards and Vocals
Chuck Schwartz - Drums and Percussion

(A bit more info in the 'Teenage Magic' posting, look in the archives, June.)

Gambler - Love And Other Crimes. 1980.
Produced by Phil Bonananno and Gambler.

1. Something Crazy
2. It Never Felt Like This
3. Even A Loser
4. Dirty Susie
5. Double Indemnity
6. Head Hunter
7. She's My Girl
8. Hotline
9. Life On The Line
10. I Put My Love



Anonymous said...

Your blog is absolutely amazing.
Gulliver is very enjoyable and very rare!
Do you have Shanghi (1982)(ex-Spider) or Zed (1981)?
Thanks once more!

Nyet said...

Once again you made me rediscover some albums I already had forgotten, lost somewhere in my vinyl collection (Taxxi and Gambler). Thanks for the Gulliver one, gotta give it a try.

Btw, could you get any of these?
Crowcuss - Crowcuss (77)
September - I've been thinking (78)
Fotomaker - Transfer station (79)
Couchois - Couchois (79)
Doucette - Coming up roses (81)
Snowmen - Snowmen (82)
Gideon's Army-R&R for your soul(82)
Sequel - Sequel (82)

Thanks !!!

madeiras said...

Tanks for the albuns Taxxi and the Gambler. Your Blog is excelent.

If is possible :

The Producers - You Make the Heat
( It´s a great albun but very expensive to me ) thanks

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the second Gambler posting! Made my day! Any chance of the last track from their first being corrected?

This site is great - Glad I've found it!!! Loads of lost goodies!!

Keep flying the flag for this music! Thanks again.

Alex said...

Wow, that Gulliver album is a lost gem!!

I'd say a mix of Firefall and Reo Speedwagon.

More stuff like that please...

Steamhammer said...

No Dice!!! Excellent and even better that you have more! They release three LP's but I only have two,so that extra one will be very well recieved here at Steamhammer Towers. I also have a 7" single from 1975 on DJM Records which is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Nice Job on the Taxxi.

Any chance you have Foreign Tongue?

Anonymous said...

Love the Gambler albums. Disagree on the singer though, he can wail!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the rips. Haven't heard Gulliver in years.

A word of advice from an old guy who started making mix tapes from LP's 35 years ago and moved on to ripping later.

When you near the end of an album side there is almost always static build up that you can hear over the vocals or guitar. You can eliminate it by breathing on the LP so that condensation forms on the surface where the stylus rides. You'll hear a difference.

They used to make a "Zero Stat" gun for this. I don't think they're out there anymore.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

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