Sunday, July 8, 2007

Earth Quake!

Earth Quake - Leveled. 1977.
Own vinyl rip. BitRate 192.

1. Lovin' Cup
2. Emma
3. Kicks
4. Trainride
5. Nothing Personal
6. Street Fever
7. Julie Anne
8. Upstairs

John Doukas - Vocals
Robbie Dunbar - Guitar
Gary Phillips - Guitar
Stan Miller - Bass
Steve Nelson - Drums
'Earth Quake started in 1976, under the leadership of singer/guitarist Greg Kihn. He started the group while working at Beserkley Records, the label which would sign the group soon after it started. Other members included Steve Wright (bass), Robbie Dunbar (lead guitar), and Larry Lunch (drums). They played the San Francisco area and often toured with other Beserkley bands due to the communal attitude the label took. The group eventually broke up in 1980, leaving Kign to go on with minor success three years later with "Jeopardy".'

This might be their best album, judging by what I've read & heard, but I've not heard them all. This isn't AOR, far from it, but more of the rockin' 70's kind, and often labeled new-wave'ish, which I don't find this at all. In my ears, an old Kiss fan, I hear a touch of early Kiss in here, maybe even as early as Wicked Lester, the singer sometimes sounds a bit Paul Stanley, and the background vocals too. In fact, Brownsville Station are another name that pops up in my head.
Anyway, don't let that stop you from having a try of this album :)


Residentevil2 said...

YES!!!!!! Been hunting for years THANKS much appreciated.

Residentevil2 said...

If interested here is
Earthquake - Earth Quake (1971) + Why Don't You Try Me (1972)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks.

What's up with the 2 "Street Fever" rips?

Alocacoc said...

Glad to help :)

scott, sorry, I have to check that one out. But, I'm taking some days off now, just finishing one last blog before going. I'll fix that when I'm back. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey no problem. The second rip is 1 second longer and the name was "Steet FeverXX.mp3". From the equalizer display in WinAmp, it looks like the XX copy is at a higher intensity.

Enjoy your time off.

Here's a request. "Driver - No Accident" from 1977. I have the 3 hardest rocking tunes ripped from a cassette. Not the best quality but OK. I'll add a link once they're uploaded. Found their info on allmusic but no bio or tune list. It was their only record.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Found it on another blog

Steamhamme said...

Earthquake formed in the 60's and where regulars around the Californian bar circuit. Listen to the lie LP and tell me Van Halen didn't see them a few times!!!!!!

micksguitar said...

great post.thanx mick

Anonymous said...

The initial comment from is completely wrong, yet it is spreading like an evil disease on the internet - stomp it out!

Greg Kihn did NOT start the band Earth Quake!

Earth Quake (aka Earthquake, aka 'Earache')began as 'The Purple Earthquake' with Robbie Dunbar, John Doukas, Stan Miller - before Greg Kihn ever left Baltimore, MD

Anonymous said...

gk is absolutely right. All music is totally wrong - Greg Kihn's only connection to Earth Quake was that they were both on Beserkeley Records and lived in the Berkeley area. Earth Quake was a great live band - I've got 8.5 on vinyl but am trying to find a downloadable version of it - and/or the import compilation listed in Amazon - if I had a turntable I'd rip it myself and if worse comes to worse I'll find somebody to do it... this (ie 8.5) is the hardest album to find on blogs/rapidshare it seems! Anyway, thanks very much for Leveled! keep on rocking in the free world.

Mick Flaire said...

Well, as you can tell by now from all the other comments, was way off base with their bio info on Earth Quake!

I intially was going to post the correct information on Earth Quake until I read the other comments.

What I did want to add though was that I have been a San Francisco Bay Area musician and M.C. since 1972, and remember seing Earth Quake for the first time in 1974 playing a Banana Records store grand opening in Fremont, CA.

What started this current info search for Earth Quake was that I had found a copy of their 1971 debut album on A&M records (SP 430)for 49 cents in a thrift store over the weekend.

I have a working turntable at work, so today I played the album and decided to go online to find out what ever happenned to their lead singer John Doukas, which led me here.

Earth Quake played at the Keystone Berkeley a lot during the 70's which led to them having a pretty good following.

Keep up the great work!


Mick Flaire

Anonymous said...

Doukas lives in Capetown, South Africa

Anonymous said...

Doukas and Dunbar backed Greg Kihn on Kihn's first lp.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am also a big Earthquake fan, remembering the days of the Longbranch, The Galaxy, and Winterland. To this day, I listen to Rockin The World every week. My 19 year old loves it too!

Lead singer John Doukas passed away in South Africa March 19, 2011at a young 62.

Their music still rocks on!! Johnny-The-Harpman