Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vinyl! Desperately Seeking Susan

Well, whaddya know... figured out the vinyl rip thingy (Big thank you! to Castor). So, big fanfare... I proudly present my first rip using this turntable & my new pc! As promised, my first one would be Susan's '79 debut album.
As with most vinyls and ripping, there's a few obvious things that influence the result. That is, if the setup are right and the turntable are good enough for this kinda stuff. First, the original state and quality of the vinyl pressing, the production back then and finaly, and maybe most important, the physical condition of the piece of vinyl after maybe 30 years of usage and storage.
There's a lot that can be done when it's placed on the hard drive, running processes to remove clicks, hiss and noise. And manually removing. But that's time consuming, and my first attempts, I post here without trying to 'remaster' them. Due to the fact that my sound on this pc right now, aren't good enough to do that 'by the ear'. So, if you DL some of my own rip's, please leave a comment and tell me how you think it sounds. That'll make it easier for me to know if it's good enough, and what can be done better. Thank you!

Oops, sorry. Just found out, in my eager to share some rare vinyls with you, I forgot to tag the tracks so that the titles appear in your player. Well, always room for some improvements. That won't happen the next time. All files are properly named with album & titles, though... :)


Susan - Falling In Love Again. 1979.
Produced by Frank Aversa and Mike Ricciardella (Ex Network drummer).

1. Takin' It Over
2. I Was Wrong
3. Falling In Love Again (Intro)
4. Marlene
5. A Little Time
6. Power
7. Too Bad
8. Really Gonna Show
9. Don't Let Me Go
10. Love The Way
11. Tonight You're Mine

Charles Leland - vocals/bass
Ricky Byrd - guitar
Tom Dickie - guitar
Mick Leland - drums


Watch out for some more goodies here in the near future...


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Wonderful album!

Do you have Babyface (pre-Axe)?

cosmowombo said...

Well, what equipment do you use?

There's some new devices around that might make your job easier...
I read good things about this "PhonoPreAmp iVinyl" from Terratec
also USB turntables are quite hip now and convenient too


Anonymous said...

at last! and a good ripping, imo. It could certainly take some declicking here and there, but that's something I can do.
I really appreciate your work here, mate. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

Steamhammer said...

Some great stuff, but still nothing I don't have arghhhhhhhh!

Alocacoc said...

Yes, good album. No Babyface, sorry. Love AXE, got all their stuff... and some live recordings.

I was hoping to NOT use any money on this set up, or buy a new USB turntable. After ripping my vinyls, I don't need it any more. I think.
So, I got this turntable, a Technics SL-Q212 (thanks, Castor!)the best part of this setup, and my old JVC AX-R551X Amplifier, and a JVC TD-W777 Cassette deck (I'm recording the signals through the cassette deck, got better sound).
Right now, I'm satisfied with this. And, if needed, I'll clean up quite a lot using Adobe Audition. Thanks for the links, looks cool :)

anonymous: Glad to help. As I said, I didn't do afterwork on this one.

Steamhammer, thanks, sooner or later I guess I'll manage to blog some goodies that you even don't have... :) Hang around...

Anonymous said...

"DANKE" from Germany / Berlin

Ronnie (aka J) said...

Thanks for this excellent post! I've been seeking this one for quite some time. As always, your blog is fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. You do a great job of bringing overlooked material to your readers. Kudos to you and keep 'em coming :)

Todd said...

Thanks for posting this!

A note of trivia: Susan morphed into Joan Jett's Blackhearts pretty much right after this album.

Anonymous said...

I found this on vinyl for $1.00 the other day. I guess Susan also had a couple songs on the famous "Live At The Rat" album.


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Anonymous said...

Can you please please reup Susan - Falling In Love Again! I just discovered your blog minutes ago and wow I am impressed, thank you so much for all this rare music.

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