Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A request...

Hi all. Back from some days at a rock festival. The recovery takes more time each year, but I'll soon be rippin' vinyls like there's no tomorrow, so drop by once in a while. And please leave a message if there's anything you appreciate.First a quick request. I have this vinyl somewhere, and I'd be happy to rip it in a better condition if I can, when I find it. But this might do in the meantime.

Trooper - Trooper. 1975.
BitRate 128. Not my rip.

1. I'm In Trouble Again
2. General Hand Grenade
3. All Of The Time
4. Eddy Takes It Easy
5. Roller Rink
6. Baby Woncha Please Come Home
7. Love Of My Life
8. Don't Stop Now




Anonymous said...


Your rip is far better than mine. The LP has too many scratches.

Roller Rink, Love Of My Live and All Of The Time is music I can die for.

My wishes:

Chilliwack - Rockerbox
Joe Jammer - Bad News
Marmelade - Our House Is Rocking
Message - Using The Head

Many Greetings

Anonymous said...

wooohoo. you da man!

Anonymous said...


Just a quick word to say how I appreciate your blog and tastes.
I collect rare aor and if you have any of these you could post, it would be great !


MARK VIGIL PROJECT – same Private ????
TRADEMARK – Fatal Bleus Unisound 1992
BROKEN SILENCE – same Private 199?
KNIGHTS REIGN – same Pherisphere 1994
SIERRA – Karma Private ????
DIVORCE – Triangle/Divorce Unisound 1991/1993
NUTRON – Just Visiting ?????
NATION – Terre ! Dakota 1993
RENDEZ VOUS – Get a move on Private 1992
WHY ON EARTH – Action New World 1985
ZARAGORN – No Return Symphilis 1984
SAM SEALE – same Private ????
PROTEUS – We come in peace Private 199?
CURRENT – same CP 198?
ECLIPSE – 7th Floor Private 198?
DON BIANCHI – Real Love … Private 1993
BAD AXE – same Hexamon 1976
ACTS – Fear of Swimming Deck It 1984
FLIGHT – same Private 1983
SCANDAL – Really worth waiting for Pacific Rose 1978
FOOT LUCY – Heartbeep Dash 1983
PEARL – same Denitoland 1981
PENNY KNIGHT – Title Slut Blotto 1984
SUNFIELD – Cosmic Rock Hot Fudge 197?
FBC – Worth a Fortune Private 197?
PROUD – Fire breaks the dawn EMI Sweden 1984
FREEWAY – Off the streets Big Girl 1979
RELAYER – No turn on Red Private 1987
FOURTY FIVE – 4 song EP Private 1979
HIGH STREET – Down to the Brown JSR Records 1981
The CHEETERS – Sign of Fire Boat 1988
MANNA – Calling You Tunesmith 198?
The HANK LAAKE BAND – Life and Death Tunesmith 198?
ARDEN HOUSE – Coming Back Dellwood 1977
CHAPTER – Open the Book Actone 1987
RELEASE – same Finyl Vinyl 1989
GEOFF MOORE & the DISTANCE – A place to stand Sparrow 1988
STEAMER (Can) – same Private 1983
FIRST BORN – same Long Hare Rec 1984
HARD KNOX – Rough Cut Roughcut 1981
WORLDS – Space Age Hero Nova 1988
EYES – Charlene Procan 1983
THIRD DAY – same Tunesmith 197?
MARSHALL LAW – same Heartland 1984
SEPTEMBER – Dreams & Lessons Sugar Rec 1987
FOX – Take it all Madison Ave 1986
FRENCH LICK – Glider Private 197?
The SESSION – the New Progressive Order Private 1988
LUCKSINGER – same Private 1986
FREEZE – same Titanium 1979
DENNIS WELCH – Man of Steel Dark Rec 1987
The SMILE – same Private 1983
SPACECOACH – same Trona Rec 1983
CHRIS PAGE – Head Private 1984
MADD HATTER – Strangers in the Street Mark Rec 1983
BROKEN SILENCE – same Alliance Rec 1986
DARK HORSE – same Mad Hatter 1981
HUSH – same Gnome Rec 1977
LOVE CHAPTER BAND – City of Refuge Tunesmith 1980
SHELTER – Prophets and Clowns Roof Top Rec 1983
The EVIDENCE – same Midnight rec 1986
ALTER EGO – same Realtime 1985
ECLIPSE – same Solar Records 1985
AMARAY – Reach for the stars Private 1986
TRACER – Traces of Humanity Private 1987
DAMASCUS – Caught in the Middle Ascension 1984
HERESY – At the door Toll House 1985
TOM FOOLERY – same Black Sheep 1981
LIGHTNING ROSE – same Private 1985
PANDORA – same Private 1984
WINGS OF LIGHT – Alien Emerald Rec 1985
GTR – Great Train Robbery GTR 1986
UTOPIA – Adventures in…. Bearsville 1980
CROWCUSS – same Stony Plain Rec 1979
CROWCUSS – Starting to show Stony Plain Rec 1980
VOYAGER - …Sound Barries Camwood Rec 1981
NETHERWORLD – In the following half-light Rem rec. 1981
NEW DYNASTY – Caught in the Act D.H. Prod 1988
VISITOR – same Arabellum 1980
CROSSWIND BAND – same Private 1987
The LOVERS – Live Raintree 198?
MINDLESS – Missin’ Pieces Delta 198?
LABYRINTH – So wild Minotaur 1985
MIZZOURI FOXX – Trapped Live Private 1979
FOLLOWEZR – Into the son Quicksilver 1985
NORTHBOUND – same Myrrh 1983
The AWAKENING – Sanctified Reunion Rec 1987
The AWAKENING – Two Worlds Slipp Discs 1986
The AWAKENING – Into thy hands Reunino Rec 1988
FIREWORKS – Shatter the darkness Myrrh 1979
FOX & COMPA NY – same EAB Rec 1977
TAKIT – same Takitunes 1982
KEYSTONE – same Private 1980

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Trooper coming by. Thanx for the rip'n'share.
My Canadian colletion is going very well, thank to you. Thanks very much for the two Hellfields.
Iám still looking for the Hunt (back on the Hunt again) and Reggie Knighton (not to find on the net) perhaps........................?
Thanx in advance greetings from Holland. Rock on.

madeiras said...


It´s possible :

TAXXI - Day for Night
TAXXI - Sate of Emergency

Ronnie (aka J) said...

Oooh, I love this album. I'm looking forward to hearing your rip at a higher bitrate! Excellent blog btw! :)

kyle kyte said...

FOURTY FIVE – 4 song EP Private 1979

available at amoeba hollywood.

phaota said...

Definitely up "French Lick - Glider" from 1976, if you can get your hands on it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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