Saturday, June 23, 2007

Female AOR gem

Teri DeSario

'Following a dalliance with a Disco career in the late 70's working with KC from KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND (!), Teri De Sario, if the critics were to be believed, suddenly opted to record a Rock album. Released on Casablanca in 1980 the 'Caught' record featured Richie Zito, TOTO's STEVE LUKATHER and fellow session king MICHAEL LANDAU on guitars, Dennis Belfield on bass and ex-IRONHORSE man Mike Baird on drums, amongst other session players.
'I'm With You Now' comes from no less a source than DESMOND CHILD. The record came in for some heady acclaim but ultimately disappointed many Rock fans when the grooves revealed not the expected AOR but some rather uninspired and exceptionally lightweight semi-dance music. Only the title track hinted at Rock. The 'Caught' album was never bettered by the talented Teri De Sario whose sporadic releases since 1980 have, with the possible exception of 1985's Japanese issued 'Overnight Success', been extremely disappointing and hardly merit inclusion here, De Sario moving towards a more spiritual path. 'Overnight Success' renewed Teri's relationship with Richie Zito and although not as inspired as the seminal 'Caught' still found the woman
rocking out on occasion.'

If I were you, I wouldn't take RockDetectors words for granted on this one.

Her apparence on the recently posted Striktly For Konnoisseurs makes her inclusion here quite logical. And I like the album. The rest I've heard of her aren't that impressive, or, not my cup of tea. Actually I prefer coffee.
If you like female AOR, you can't go wrong with this one.

Teri DeSario - vocals
Steve Lukather - guitars (3) (4) (6) (8) (9)
Guitars - Richie Zito, Mike Landau, Mitch Holder
Bass - Dennis Belfield, John Pierce
Drums - Mike Baird, Carlos Vega
Keyboards - Bill Purse, James Newton Howard, Steve Porcaro, David Foster, Michael Boddicker
Background vocals - Joey Carbone, Bill Purse, Teri DeSario, John Joyce, Jim Haas, Bruce Hornsby
Percussion - Paulinho DaCosta

Teri De Sario - Caught. 1980.

1. Caught (Teri DeSario, Joey Carbone)
2. Time after time (Teri DeSario, Joey Carbone, Bill Purse, Ritchie Zito)
3. I'm with you now (Desmond Child)
4. Standin' on the edge (Ritchie Zito)
5. Hittin' below the belt (Mark Aguilar, Bill Purse)
6. I've got a secret (Bill Purse)
7. All I wanna do (Teri DeSario, Joey Carbone)
8. I hate you (Tom Keane, Mark Himelstein)
9. I should have known better (Lennon, McCartney)



Anonymous said...

I'll trust you more than Rockdetector and give it a listen. If you also like Lisa Price you must have a good taste for Female AORsters.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alocacoc,

Great job & famous work...

many thanks for all my memories

greetz from " Berlin " Germany

ps: is the group ROADMASTER Canadian Rock ???

Anonymous said...

Any chance you have any Earthquake albums? Levelled and 8.5 would be nice.

Alocacoc said...

Hi & thanks! :))

No, Roadmaster are a Indianapolis, IN, USA band... or, was.

Yes, I've got the Earthquake - Leveled album. Not rip'ed yet...

Got a lot to do when my setup for that are good enough.

thelegendthatis said...

Can't thank you enough...Always wanted to listen to this and at last here it is...
Some nice stuff you're posting thanks...

The Legend

Residentevil2 said...

Gave this a try and not bad thanks. I will second request for Earthquke and also ask if you have DILLINGER - Don't Lie To The Band (1976)

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much

Anonymous said...

Yep Teri DeSario is great. In keeping with female AOR, would you happen to have Sandy Stewart - Cat Dance (1982) and also from that same year: Marcy Levy - Marcella. I think these might be worth a listen.


Jerry K

Anonymous said...

That Sandy Stewart LP is from 1984 I think Jerry. I'm certain there are some other rare female fronted goodies out there too. Talking of Marcy Levy, I think she's changed her name now.. just to Marcella Detroit. What the heck's up with that?

gdazegod (

Anonymous said...

Hey Alocacoc,

Great great work!!!
Thanks for this great album!!

The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic album!!! track 5 is absolutely burning!!! fantastic fantastic...keep going!!!thanks so much

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Been searching for this since I bought "Striktly for Konnoisseurs" years ago. many thanks.

Anonymous said...

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alexander mcqueen heels said...

I like very much the writings and pictures and explanations in your adress so I look forward to see your next writings. I congratulate you.

Teri DeSario said...

Thank you for posting my work. My personal favorite on the album is our version of "I Should Have Known Better." We broke light bulbs, recorded various every day sounds, including our Sheltie barking and made a loop to which we recorded the song. It was great fun and since I have always loved performing John Cage songs, it was a sort of homage to him. Blessings!