Thursday, June 21, 2007

Walter Rossi

Walter Rossi

Superb quite hard guitar work on these albums by the canadian guitarist, later producer, Walter Rossi (The Buddy Miles Express, Influence, Charlee, Moonquake, Wilson Pickett).

Now for you all to appreciate in 320 bitrate, have fun!

Walter Rossi - Walter Rossi. 1976.

1. Goin Down
2. Little Miss Evil
3. Chasing Rainbows
4. Get Goin Fast
5. Ripdad
6. Woman Sweet Woman
7. Rock Me Baby
8. Dance With Me
9. Hey Serena


Walter Rossi - Six Strings Nine Lives. 1978.

1. Strada Del Sol
2. Soldiers In The Night
3. Proudest In The Land
4. You Got Me Believing
5. Malaguena (Revisited)
6. Sil O Whet
7. Slowdown Slowdown
8. Mediteranean Romance
9. Ride The Wind

Link part A:

Link part B:

Walter Rossi - Diamonds For The Kid. 1980.

1. Down By The Waterfront
2. High Stakes (For Your Love)
3. Sniffin The Breeze, Feelin The Freeze
4. Willie Johnson
5. So Susceptible
6. 13 Steps To Heaven
7. Dear Mum
8. Silent I Wait



Alocacoc said...

Thanks! I've tried that too, and yes, a tiny bit less hassle. It still kinda stinks, and the text part is the worst, line spacing etc. But, posting single albums or just a few makes it better... :))

Love the Wireless albums!

Residentevil2 said...

THANK YOU amazing thought I would never have these searched and asking everywhere. Excellent this blog rocks with hard to find gems!
Plus memoriessssss...... THANKS again

Alocacoc said...

Yes, I've noticed...
Thought you might like this, residentevil2 :)
Glad to help.

And, sorry 'bout the ending on the last track on the first album, 09 - Hey Serena. I don't have the original myself. Don't know how much are cut, haven't found the total time for that track on the het.
Besides that, it's pretty good :)))

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks for Walter,my Favorite is SIX STRINGS...Great

Dr.Progenstein Ph.P said...

I've been a huge fan of these three albums for many years. Charlee was fantastic too! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey here's a new idea. Why not pay for the music instead of stealing it?

Mike said...

I hope Walter kicks your ass. Ripoff scumbag

Anonymous said...

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c0AX said...

Thanks so much for helping turn people on to Walter Rossi.His genius on guitar is unknown by many & thanks to the greedy record companies & FM radio. Thanks!
Many of us had never heard this stuff until recent years..

I happen to have heard it a few yeas ago, & to the stupid assed self-riteous dipshits, I have paid $30 US for the Charlee CD & bought a couple others by Rossi. Who I never would've heard of had i not downloaded it on the internet first!!!

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Anonymous said...

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