Thursday, June 7, 2007


Ye-ey! PC up'n'running. Been quite some problems for a while now.
From next week, I'll start ripping vinyls.

As asked for, here's a new upload of my most rare vinyl. Sean Delaney's only solo-album, from 1979. More info & pics at the original posting, archived in March.

Casablanca NBLP-7130 (USA, Jan. 1979)

A1. Welcome To The Circus (4:00) - Delaney
A2. High On The Liquor Of Love (3:07) - Delaney
A3. Somebody Love Me (4:10) - Delaney
A4. Baton Rouge (3:47) - Delaney
A5. Old Man (4:08) - Delaney
B1. You Beat Me To The Punch (3:18) - Robinson, Smokey
B2. Spotlights (3:50) - Delaney
B3. It's Over (3:20) - Delaney
B4. Walk On The Water (5:36) - Delaney/Swevel
B5. Dreams (5:17) - Delaney

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Steamhammer said...

Thanks for reposting this, I ony discovered your blog after it had been deleted and have been after this for years! Looking forward to seeing what vinyl you rip.....

Anonymous said...

First REX album PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!!!!!!! said...

Hey, there's a great deal of helpful information above!