Thursday, June 21, 2007

Widowmaker UK

They don't make songs like that anymore. Love the first album!
If you haven't heard this, I recommend you do.
I think I might give them a few spins here, right now :))

Steve Ellis - Vocals
Ariel Bender - Guitar
Bob Daisley - Bass
Paul Nicolls - Drums
Huw Lloyd-Langton - Guitar
A late 70's supergroup fronted by erstwhile LOVE AFFAIR singer Steve Ellis. Guitarist Ariel Bender (real name Luther Grosvenor) is ex-MOTT THE HOOPLE and LOVE AFFAIR, bassist Bob Daisley was previously with KAHVAS JUTE, CHICKEN SHACK and BROKEN GLASS while drummer Paul Nichols was previously with SKIP BIFFERTY and LINDISFARNE.
WIDOWMAKER debuted live opening for THE WHO in their football stadium gigs of 1975 before recording the eponymous first album. Butler assumed vocal duties following Ellis's departure for the release of 'Too Late To Cry'. Sometime HAWKWIND guitarist HUW LLOYD LANGTON was added as second guitarist. WIDOWMAKER split in 1977 after achieving moderate success in America. Even before the closure of this tour Daisley had auditioned, and been accepted, into the ranks of Ritchie Blackmore's RAINBOW.

Line up: Paul Nicholls, Huw Lloyd-Langton,
Luthor Grosvenor, Bob Daisley and John Butler.

Widowmaker - Widowmaker. 1976.

1. Such A Shame
2. Pin A Rose On Me
3. On The Road
4. Straight Faced Fighter
5. Ain't Telling You Nothing
6. When I Met You
7. Leave The Kids Alone
8. Shine A Light On Me
9. Running Free
10. Got A Dream


Widowmaker - Too Late To Cry. 1977.

1. Too Late To Cry
2. The Hustler
3. What A Way To Fall
4. Here Comes The Queen
5. Mean What You Say
6. Something I Can Do Without
7. Sign The Papers
8. Pushin' And Pullin'
9. Sky Blues



Residentevil2 said...

Widowmaker is an excellent band one of the best to kick back to.

ALOCACOC here is one of the few Walter Rossi songs I got off of the web couple years ago the complete Hey Serena
to add to your post.

Anonymous said...

great band this Widowmaker I didn't know them thks

rusty said...

damn this is the shit!!! best track on "too late to cry" has got to be the hustler, like a kick ass lost led zeppelin track, and straight faced fighter from the 1st lp is an undiscovered classic!!
this track could be used in a tarantino movie and be a hit!!@!@!

Conspiracy theologian said...

Great site!

I owned Too Late to Cry in high school, and was excited to find it here.

Could you please repost it?


joeysup said...

hi. has the link for too late to cry gone bad? i tried and tried to use it and it refuses to work.

eric said...

I s aw the Band as a 15 year old, in 1976 at Parkhead, on the Put the Boot in Who Tour,they were R eally Good,i have since rebought the first album on cd, the vinyl wore out.


Thanks, but... link of secon album is dead.

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I have some favorites songs:What A Way To Fall,Here Comes The Quee,Mean What You Say,Something I Can Do Without,Sign The Pape, so the best is that everyone is in this Cd. said...

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