Wednesday, June 20, 2007

For Konnoisseurs

Striktly For Konnoisseurs. 1981
Music For Nations ( 2 LP)

In my eyes & ears, the almost perfect compiliation album, if there's such a thing. Not all the track choices, but the artists and bands (where are Teaze!?) are amazing to get on ONE double album.
I won't present any facts or pics by all these, too much work, and most of them I think you'll know, but I might post some of their albums later in here with more info. And some are already posted.

I won't say I got ALL albums by ALL artists involved here on this album, becuse then I KNOW the first request are among the few I don't have. But MOST of them I got complete, more or less.

Album 1:
01 - 1994 - Please Stand By
02 - Legs Diamond - It's Not The Music
03 - Desmond Child & Rouge - The Truth Came Out
04 - American Tears - Can't Keep
05 - 707 - Megaforce
06 - Marcus - Black Magic
07 - Reckless - Searching For A Dream
08 - Wrabit - Just Go Away
09 - Moxy - Another Time Another Place
10 - Tantrum - Applaud The Winner
11 - Zon - Circus
12 - Balance - Undercover Man


Album 2:
13 - Teri Desario - Caught
14 - Rex - Trouble
15 - Mayday - So Young So Bad
16 - Trigger - Gimme Your Love
17 - The Boyzz - Too Wild To Tame
18 - Ram Jam - Gone Wild
19 - Joe Perry - Let The Music Do The Talkin'
20 - Angel - The Tower
21 - Starz - Live Wire
22 - Reggie Knighton - The King
23 - Trillion - Give Me Your Money
24 - Max Webster - Oh War
25 - Starcastle - Wings Of White



Anonymous said...

I also own this compilation (I got a sealed copy from a bargain bin some years ago) and I agree with you, it's almost a perfect one, not because of the songs, but because of the bands. A must for all pomp-AOR lovers.

rusty said...

excellent, almost all rarities in the blog scene here!!! best ones are reggie knighton band track (elvis rules!!!), tantrums track(those female harmonies give me a hard on every listen), and 707(i seen their discography for download on another blog, but i cant remember which blog it is?!!!!) thank you for these crazy ass tunes, i totally dig em!!!

Anonymous said...

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