Saturday, June 23, 2007

Priceless mini gem!

Lisa Price

A small gem this morning... really. Found it on a vacation in Sweden, years ago, in bargain bins at a big 'everything' store/shopping center. Never seen it much elsewhere. Too bad she certainly didn't get the attention she deserved. Great songs on this mini album! The facts:

Lisa Price - Priceless. 1983.

A canadian singer, with a great mini album, with good help from known artists. If you like female fronted quality AOR/soft hard rock, in the Lee Aaron, Toronto, Lita Ford, Pat Benater, Vixen style. I haven't got much info on this, but love it! So, I'll stick to the cover info and drop some names:

Produced by Paul Gross (Lee Aaron producer, and lots more)
Arranged by: Paul Gross and Lisa Price
Recorded at: Phase One Studios, Toronto

Bernie LaBarge (Bond, Rain, Sweet Blindness, Zwol, Stem, Stingaree, George Olliver, Kim Mitchell, Bernie was the guitar player on TV shows shown worldwide such as Fraggle Rock (a Jim Henson production), Care Bears (with John Sebastian), Twilight Zone (with David Cassidy)
Derry Grehan (Honeymoon Suite)
John Albani (Wrabit, Lee Aaron)

Ron Garant (Dalbello, Rugrats, publishes a magazine for bass players called Bassics)

Drums: Gary McCracken (Max Webster, Lee Aaron, Wrabit, Klaatu)

Gerald O'Brien (Max Webster, Wrabit, Surrender, Zappacosta, Klaatu, ZZTop cover band Tres Hombres )
Grant Slater (Zappacosta, Rugrats, The Grant Slater Band)

Side one
1. Can't Hold On Forever (Bernie La Barge)
2. Heartache (Derry Grehan)
3. Everywhere I go (Bernie LaBarge)

Side two
4. No One's Business (Bruce Allen, Lisa Price)
5. Empty Heart (Nils Lofgren)
6. Runaway (Marty Morin)


Enjoy it!!


Anonymous said...

Again ... thanks for letting us know about this great piece of ARO

Anonymous said...

Sadly she's no longer with us. According to 'Kerrang!' Magazine awhile back, she died of a brain tumor. I wish there was more from this lovely & gifted singer.


Bernie said...

Is that true about Lisa Price having passed away? If so, that's terrible news. Lisa was a great singer and a lovely, lovely person. I had the pleasure of recording that album with her. God love her.

bernie said...

I just ran into Marty Morin, who's a good friend of Lisa, and he spoke to her in April /08. Man, what a relief!!!

A Boetel said...

It was really interesting to read that this cd exists.
Years ago I bought the vinyl and I still love to listen to it!!!

And I hope Bernie is true and she is alive and well.

A. Boetel, Germany

Alocacoc said...

Thanks all, for the comments. And love of good music.

Hi Bernie!
Awesome to see you here. I presume you are THE Bernie LeBarge,guitars & songwriter on this mini album.

As the old sucker for canadian 70's and 80's aor/hard rock that I am, I've admired your work on this album. Some GREAT songs here! (Can't Hold On Forever, timeless classic up there with the best in the genre!) Is that recorded by anyone else, and in case why not!?
I hadn't read the mentioned Kerrang article either, but that post here sure made me sad. I played the album after reading it. And to see that you met Morin (another 'hero' of mine, I LOVE the Wireless albums! Some of my all time faves), and that she's fine, was just incredibly good 'news'.
Bernie, I'd by more than happy to do a update here & story about this mini album, how it came through, and the people involved. That could lift the purpose of blogging quite some levels. Some info direct from the source. Please contact me if you're interested. I would love it!

Boetel: It's not a cd, it's my own vinyl rip. And yes, it's a CLASSIC!

Since I'm alive and quite well myself, I'm slowly preparing a comeback here at my blog these days. Just not quite there yet. Too much things happened irl, but I'm on the case.
To all: Sorry for being M.I.A. for a long time.

Rock on!

Tony said...

I can verify that Lisa Price is very much alive -- she is my cousin. The rumor of her death may have originated when she was hospitalized with myeloencephalitis in 1983, but she made a complete recovery.

-Tony Perodeau

Anonymous said...

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AraPacis said...

This is good news, I used to hang around with Lisa in the early eighties and saw her perform many times at Derringer's With Derry Grehan and John Albani and such. I knew her through Vince Marino of Mahogany Rush. I remember when she went through her brain infection. Took her a while to get better. Cheers to her good health!

Anonymous said...

so.. there I am... in bed.. can't sleep.. at 5 am... been up half the night... going over old songs and stuff I haven't been able to find... remembering one or two.. doing the youtube / google thing... and thought on a whim.. try Lisa Price again. got a hit .. and landed here!!


bought this album on the east coast... in fact, it's still there.. (in storage) 6,000 km's away from where I am. have to plan a road trip to get it.. (along with the other 5 cases of vinyl)

good to hear things are ok..

.. and thanks for posting something about Lisa!!

Anonymous said...

I bought the album when it first came out. Loved It and still listen to it! Had the pleasure of seeing her play at the "Gas Works" in Toronto and at the old "Collins Hotel" in Dundas Ontario.Great shows I remember them like yesterday. She truly rocked it and she should have gottin alot more attention and air time. M.S. in Smithville ontario

PE_35 said...

i met her in '83 at the Mustache club in Montreal and she told me at that time about her operation ( she had very very short hair because of that ).

it was a Hendrix tribute called ''fire'' with Tony Springer on guitar ( later Wild T and the spirit).

we were together at the same table to see the show and we talked together and she was very gentle and cool.

i also met this same night Paul Harwood of Mahogany rush and we went backstage to smoke a joint with Tony (hope it's ok to tell that here) !

finally i can't remember why she was in Montreal at that time for sure she was not there to make some gigs, i think that she known Tony personnally and she was in Montreal for the trip like we usually tell here .

hope she's alive !

Anonymous said...

I went on a whirlwind tour as drummer with Lisa & Mike in 1980. Bruce Allen on guitar and madman Vic on bass. Glad to hear Lisa is still alive & well. I remember her as a talented performer and a wonderful person. Tell her John says hi if you see her.

rondoron said...

I would love to hear her again - she could rock me!