Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A quick post of goodies...


Another AMAZING album from Dicken! He couldn't do anything wrong in terms of songs & music those years, but the record company failed in getting it promoted. Every person I know loved his work. And every person I've played his stuff to, love it. Every time. Can't say anything else, if you haven't heard this album, produced by Robert John Mutt Lange, just before he hit the big times with Foreigner 4, AC-DCs Back In Black, the Def Leppard albums, and later Bryan Adams and finally Shania Twain... get it now! A fine thing about this album, it's hardly recognizable as a Mutt Lange production. His fingerprints was all over his productions after this one. Dicken won! I love it. Listen to 'Stop Looking At Me', 'Death Of Gog', 'Shooting All The Lights Out', 'No Chance' and 'Shot Over Hill', and hear a one-in-10-million singer, player & songwriter. Awesome.

cut'n'paste from the net:
Broken Home was formed in 1979 by Dicken and Pete Crowther both formerly of Mr Big. Mr Big had broken up the year before when EMI decided not to release their third album 'Seppuku' (although it was finally released by Angel Air in 2001). With Rory Willson and Pete Barnacle they attracted the attention of one Robert John (Mutt) Lange who agreed to produce their upcoming debut album (his credits included Boomtown Rats, AC/DC and Graham Parker). They were ready to roll and by the end of 1979 Dicken had written about a dozen songs. During the early months of 1980 they started working on the album under Mutt Lange's guidance.
The resulting album was well received on the Continent (especially Norway and Germany) when it was released in June 1980. The band made numerous live appearances to support the album including an appearance (their last ever) at Reading Festival. Shortly afterward, Rory and then Pete Barnacle left and Broken Home were no more.

Broken Home - Broken Home. 1980.
Produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Own vinyl rip.

01 - Stop Looking At Me
02 - Shooting All The Lights Out
03 - No Chance
04 - Death Of Gog
05 - Mona Lisa
06 - Shot Over Hill
07 - Run Away From Home
08 - Jerusalem
09 - The Bird Has Flown
10 - China In Your Heart


Now, get this awesome album in mint condition, CD rip!

A big thanks to Nils Tibor! Great stuff!

Link: http://sharebee.com/b900250c


As the sucker for old canadian bands I am, there's no way of avoiding Chilliwack. Here's a start...

'Chilliwack, formed from the ashes of Vancouver's The Collectors in the late 60's, was BC's most succesful act from that period. Led by Bill Henderson, they would dominate the airwaves for the better part of a decade, cranking out some of Canadian radio's most-played tunes, including "There's Something I Like About That", "Fly At Night", "Arms Of Mary" and "Communicatin Breakdown". Tho guitar-great Brian MacLeod and bassist Ab Bryant would also spend time on their side project, The Headpins, Chilliwack's force would not dissipate, recording some of their most successful material during the '80's, including "My Girl" and "Whatcha Gonna Do When I'm Gone?". Henderson has also gone one to become one of Canada's most sought-after producers/engineers, working with some of the country's top acts (often with the late Brian MacLeod), including Shari Ulrich, The Headpins, Junior Gone Wild, Toronto and The Irish Rovers.'

Chilliwack - Segue - Greatest Hits. 1983.
Not my own rip.

1. Don't Stop
2. Getting Better
3. Whatcha Gonna Do
4. My Girl, Gone, Gone, Gone
5. I Believe
6. Communication Breakdown
7. Arms of Mary
8. Fly At Night
9. Baby Blue
10. California Girl
11. Crazy Talk
12. Lonesome Mary
13. Rain-O



It's fun, it's rockin', it's glam, it's the Sweet from down under!

AC/DC formed in late 1973 in Sydney, Australia. They played their first gig on New Years Eve at Sydney's Chequers nightclub. The band consisted of Malcolm Young, Angus Young, drummer Colin Burgess, bassist Larry Van Kriedt, and vocalist Dave Evans. Malcolm decided to form the band after spending a couple of years in the Newcastle band Velvet Underground (not the US band). AC/DC released one single with Evans as singer "Rockin' In The Parlour/Can I Sit Next To You Girl".AC/DC went through several lineup changes during their formative period, the most important was when Bon Scott went from being the bands driver, to their singer, in 1974. He replaced Dave Evans, who apparently was a bit too "glam" for the Youngs. Dave Evans moved to join the exciting up and coming band "Rabbit"which established itself as the leading rock band in Newcastle and Surrounding areas and a few months later signed with CBS Records releasing their first album, self titled "Rabbit". Their second album "Too Much Rock and Roll" was released internationally in Japan, Germany, Luxemboug, Holland, France and Scandinavia where it met with considerable success. Rabbitestablished itself as a wild almost frenzied rock act described by one rock journalist as savagely heterosexual.

Rabbit was an Australian hard rock band from Newcastle, Australia. The band was formed in 1973 by Mark Tinson (guitar), Phil Screen (drums) and Jim Porteus (bass). Original vocalist Greg Douglas was replaced in 1974 by Dave Evans, formerly of AC/DC. The band played a mixture of originals and covers by artists such as Alice Cooper, The Who and The Sweet. Two early singles were followed up by a self-titled album in January, 1976. The band was described as frenetic and violently hedonistic, and their second album Too Much Rock n Roll was released in October, 1976 after the release of another two singles. A third single from the album, "Let Me" appeared in early 1977, but Rabbit had already split up by then. Tinson and Screen later featured in Swanee and Evans went on to a string of other bands.

Rabbit - Too Much Rock'n'Roll. 1976.
Not my own rip.

01 - Too Much Rock'n'Roll (Introduction)
02 - Higher Than A Kite
03 - Go Down Screamin'
04 - Bad Girls
05 - Shakin' All Over
06 - Too Much Rock'n'Roll
07 - Heartbeat
08 - I Like To Hear My Music
09 - Shake That Thing
10 - Wildlife
11 - Keep On



NWOBHM Bonus single 5:

Terraplane - I Can't Live Without Your Love.
Double Single. 1985.

Side A: 01 - I Can't Live Without Your Love
Side B: 02 - Beginning Of The End

Free Bonus Single. Recorded 'live' at the Marquee, London, Nov. 1984.
Side A: 03 - All Night & Day (Live)
Side B: 04 - I'm The One (Live)


Have fun... more stuff later.


lumpensammler said...

SUPER !!!!

I can't thank you enough for posting Broken Home, tonight i'm a very happy man and tomorrow and the next day and the next....

Alocacoc said...

Glad to help. Awesome album!

But, I just played this rip, and it's NOT good. Good sound, but small error/jump on almost every track. I'm really sorry. A friend of me ripped my vinyl, when my pc was down. I'll do a new rip today.
Too bad...

Anonymous said...

Just a question: Any chance for Coney Hatch - Coney Hatch ('82) and Outta Hand ('83)?
Thanks for the great posts!

Nils Tibor said...

Thanks for a great blog.

I have Broken Home - Broken Home (1980)
on CD, also I have Broken Home - Life (1981) on CD.

Shall I do an upload ?


Alocacoc said...

Coney Hatch? Yeah, why not... great band.

nils tibor:
Thanks. I got the 'Life' CD myself. And mp3 rip of 'Life' with bonus tracks. I've done a new rip of the vinyl, without any jumps, but a CD rip of their first are very welcome and appreciated!! Thanks a lot!

Nils Tibor said...

Here is the link for Broken Home - Broken Home (1980) CD


micksguitar said...

great ep. thanx mick.

Alocacoc said...

nils tibor:

Great posting!


Anonymous said...

Crikey! Trousers don't come much tighter than on that Rabbit cover! LOL

Anonymous said...

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struck said...

thanks so much i love that u put RABBIT - TOO MUCH ROCK N ROLL up ive been trying to get that for years the only thing from dave evans im missing is the first rabbit the self titled 1 do u have it by any chance thanks

Dean said...

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knownote said...

Would love to have a cd rip of broken home's "life" cd if anyone out there has it and would like to upload!

niz said...

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