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Meanwhile on the other side of the pond...

Greetings distinguished readers. It's a tall order to come in here and suprise anyone. It's pretty clear to me that there's always someone out there in cyberspace, who owns the most bizarre stuff - or even recorded it! So I'll throw myself into this blog with some more local music. Alocaloc has been concentrated on music on the other side of the pond, I'll try to share with you some of the music from Europe. I'll start the journey in my native Scandinavia.


First out is Swedish act Biscaya. From Gothenburg, south in Sweden, their selftitled album from 1982 is a gem that should be in anyone's collection. It was re-released on CD a few years back (with four bonus tracks) and isn't really hard to find, but you will have to know what look for. (Speaking as someone who has spent a considerable amount of time in the bargain bin over the years)
Prominent on this album is the guitarwork of Pär Edwardsson, in pair with the keyboards of Magnus Strömberg.
The band lineup on the album is:
Mads Clausen - Vocals
Pär Edwardsson - Guitars
Martin Hedström - Guitars
Magnus Strömberg - Keyboards
Birger Löfman - Drums
Hans Johansson - Bass

Produced by Peter "PJ" Jägerhult & Biscaya

A theme on this album is not easy to find. There are so many different styles and influences on it. Not many bands put an anthem on their album. But Biscaya put one as the opening track of side B on the album. Nothing short of cheeky! Magnus Strömberg did, not suprisingly, move on to score music for film and TV.

Biscaya - Biscaya. 1983.
Produced by Peter "PJ" Jägerhult & Biscaya

1.Howl in the Sky
6.Singing in Harmony
9.Divine Lady of Warmth
10.Rockin' Vehicles
Bonus tracks on the CD:
11. Hit it Hard
12. Space Bop
13. Swinging To a Melody
14. Greg's Song (Japan release only)

I remember this causing quite a stir when we started to play songs from it. The opening track features a guitar-keyboard duel in the style of Rainbow. It was usually enough to play just that one song to get people hooked on the album. ;) In 1982 this was huge coming from Scandinavia. Shame they never took off. A fate they unfortunately shared with far too many bands. They split up, and moved on in different directions. Some to play in other Swedish bands, others has not been heard from since. Pär Edwardsson has released a few soloalbums recently worth listening to. He has also produced a number of albums the past 15-20 years.

As a side note, I can mention that the singer, Mads Clausen, was considered as one of the candidates when Norwegian rockers TNT were looking for a new singer to replace Dag Ingebrigtsen. He fell short in comparison to an American singer they introduced as Tony Hansen. This was of course Tony Harnell.



From Sweden we move on to Finland, and Zero Nine. Band started in Kuusamo in 1980 (they later moved to Oulu - for those of you interested in geography), and steadily released both singles and albums throughout the 80s gathering a huge group of followers. Zero Nine is still considered as the grandfather of hard rock in Finland. (Hanoi Rocks is more known, but this is better!) Zero Nine's second album, Blank Verse from 1982, was produced none other than Ian Gillan. Singer Kepa recalled in an interview with Rockunited that they were playing on a festival with Gillan, and that he introduced them onto the stage.
Zero Nine had a reputation for being a hard working band, who were touring extensively in the 80s. They played Monsters of Rock in Stockholm 1989, and toured with Iron Maiden, AC/DC and several other big league bands.

Band lineup:
Kepa Salmirinne, vocals
Mara Mäntyniemi, guitars, acoustic guitars and backing Vocals
Tim Käsmä, lead guitar and backing vocals
Elmo Harju, bass and backing vocals
Iro Murtola, keyboards
Borno Korpela - drums and backing vocals

Their 1986 release Intrigue, featured powerballad with the same name, and was a door-opener into Europe and USA. The album was remastered and re-released on CD in 2003.

Uncompromising hard rock, this release showcases the musical tightness that only years on the road can give you. We all know of them - hardworking bands with meager success to show for their effort. This is one such band, and it's worth checking out. Enjoy!

Zero Nine - Intrigue. 1986.
Produced by

1. Banging On Drums
2. Drag Me To The Moon
3. Angel Of Mercy
4. Dump Me
5. No Man´s Land
6. Cut
7. Intrigue
8. To The Crux
9. Na Na Naa
10. To The Mountain
11. Under The Freeway



What is this? For a start, it's from Norway, then it's rare as heck! And to top it off, it has some interesting names on the cover! A project by Knut Dahle, former member of some local old pop & rock bands (Rocky) in Trondheim - Norway (hometown of TNT & Stage Dolls), in the 70's & 80's.This album was released in '84, and produced by semi legendary Bjoern Nessjoe, who produced the classic TNT albums, here together with Erik Wangberg. And engineered by Rune Nordal (Nessjoe's partner at the then called Nidaros Studio, a place where some great classic music was made back in those good days). A good album though, but I guess what's most interesting here is the band line-up. An album filled with pop/rock/prog/beatles/Steely Dan inspired stuff, well played, well-produced, and the band do their stuff well. It never sold much. Now you got the chance to hear this long lost album. Enjoy :)

Knut J. Dahle - Vocals
Steinar Krokstad - Drums (Stage Dolls)
Morten Skaget - Bass (TNT)
Torstein Flakne - Guitars (Stage Dolls)
Bård Svendsen - Keyboards

Pioneers - In A State Of Rock. 1984.

1 - Hi' Energy
2 - Annie
3 - Walk In The Moonlight
4 - Pioneers *
5 - With A Girl Like You **
6 - Today **
7 - Pictures Of You **
8 - Number One **
9 - Good Night *

All melodies and lyrics by Knut J. Dahle.
Produced by Bjoern "Spector" Nessjoe
* Produced by Eirik Wangberg, remixed by Bjoern "Spector" Nessjoe
** Produced by Eirik Wangberg


Our musical journey around Scandinavia ends in Norway, with Solli. The singer of Sons Of Angels (2 albums, 'Sons Of Angels' & 'Slumber With Lions'), Psycho Motel ('State Of Mind' '96), 21 Guns, Greenhouze and even once Bad Habitz (TNT's Ronni Le Tekrø's Thin Lizzy tribute band) released a solo single in '98. From a coming album that never saw the light of day. A poppy funky feelgood song, not far from his previous band Sons of Angels hit single 'Cowgirl'. Stretching it way too far for the dancefloor in the mc² mix version, but surely a rare release not easy to find.

Solli - The Fool
01 - The Fool (remix)
02 - The Fool (the mc² remix)
03 - The Fool (album version)
04 - The Fool (demo version)

And how 'bout a bonus. The never released solo album, here in what's called a 'rough mix'.

Solli - Under The Bluehearted Moon. 1998.
Rough Mixes, produced by Kee Marcello.

01 - The Fool
02 - Hard To Handle
03 - Slime
04 - Touch
05 - Bluehearted Moon
06 - Back In Track
07 - Fill Me In
08 - Here Comes The Rain
09 - Ain't Your Man
10 - You Kidnapped My Soul
11 - Under The Bluehearted Moon (Vers. II)
12 - Fool In You # 4 (Vers. II)
13 - Here Comes The Rain (Vers. II)

Took a while to prepare this blog, so we'll add a few more well known and requested albums. And how can we do a blog without any canadian pearls? And why should we? There's absolutely no good reason to.

Awesome classic stuff that needs no introduction. Love them!

Buzz Sherman - Vocals
Earl Johnson - Guitar
Terry Juric - Bass
Bill Wade - Drums

Moxy - Moxy. 1976.
Produced by Moxy & M. Smith.

1. Fantasy
2. Sail On Sail Away
3. Can't You See I'm A Star
4. Moon Rider
5. Time To Move On
6. Still I Wonder
7. Train
8. Out Of The Darkness


Moxy - II. 1977.

Produced by: Jack Douglas & Ed Leonetti

1. Cause There's Another
2. Take It Or Leave It
3. Through The Storm
4. One More Heartbreak
5. Slippin' Out
6. Midnight Flight
7. Change In My Life
8. Tryin' Just For You
9. Wet Suit



Carl Dixon - Vocals / guitar

Andy Curran - Vocals / bass

Steve Shelski - Guitar

Dave Ketchum - Drums

Coney Hatch - Coney Hatch. 1982.

Produced by Kim Mitchell.

1. Devil's Deck
2. You Ain't Got Me
3. Stand Up
4. No Sleep Tonight
5. Love Poison
6. We Got The Night
7. Hey Operator
8. I'll Do The Talkin'
9. Victim Of Rock
10. Monkey Bars


Coney Hatch - Outa Hand. 1983.

Produced by Max Norman.

1. Don't Say Make Me
2. Shake It
3. First Time For Everything
4. Some Like It Hot
5. To Feel The Feeling Again
6. Too Far Gone
7. Love Games
8. Fallen Angel
9. Music Of The Night



Another band I don't have much info about. I bought the album back then, in fact I bought most album released on the newly started Infinity records, and liked it quite well. Good enough to now own the cd released in Japan. They only released this one, and played support to Van Halen and Aerosmith. It's produced by Terry Luttrell, singer of Starcastle, and once in REO Speedwagon (1968!). I agree with wikipedias mentioning of Cheap Trick here, but this album is somehow darker. I love the track 'I Play For You'.

David Adams - Vocals

John Siegle - Guitar

Steven Jones - Bass

Brad Steakley - Drums

'Screams was a late 70s Power Pop band who produced one album titled Screams. Screams has been compared to Cheap Trick. The pop music album, Screams, was released in 1979 on the Infinity Records label.'

Screams - Screams. 1979.
Produced by Terry Luttrell, co-produced by Tom Flye.

1. Paper Dolls
2. Angeline's Toys
3. I Play For You
4. It's Just A Matter Of Time
5. Imagine Me Without You
6. Your Girl, My Girl
7. Pen Pal
8. Financial Disaster (It's Only Money)
9. Pop Art


Lots of hooks here to continue our blogging. Keep on making suggestions and requests. Skål!


lumpensammler said...

Skål på dig själv!!!

Anonymous said...

Moxy is awesome. Thanks

Do you have the original Robin trower - Victims of the Fury? The newer release has 2 new track.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this beautiful package of awesome music!

Nils Tibor said...

Many thanks for Biscaya and Screams.
Great stuff.


matt said...

I saw Screams as the 1st act on a 3 band bill (maybe Sabbath & Van Halen). The guitar player would do this little trick where he would flip the guitar off and hang on to the strap and drag his foot across the the guitar then flip it right back on in like a second and keep playing like nothing happened. I can't remember 1 song they played, but I don't think I'll ever forget that.
The first Moxy is in the top 10 hard rock albums ever made.
nice post!

moxnix said...

thanks for screams, any chance for a re-post of the self titled nutz lp???

Scottibrother said...

Hi,Do you have the Desmond Child & Rouge - Runners In The Night(1979) album? Thanks scottibrother

Clarence said...

I saw the Screams album listed & it hit me - you & I used to trade on Audiognome a couple of years ago. I used the handles "orcprobe1", orcprobe" or "misc. one" at the time. Got a great site dude - you still making the rounds of the concerts?

Alocacoc said...

Thanks all!

Sorry, I don't have that one. I think...

Cool story! Thanks. Seen a lot bands myself, some I remember a lot, others not much at all, just some details that's hard to forget. I might post a list of my concerts (the ones I remember), but it'll be a long list...
Would've been great fun to hear what obscure bands some of the users have seen.

Hi there orcprobe! Yes, years in search of goodies a lot of places. From Napster & WinMX, torrents and eventually the awesome blogs out there. And decided to make one myself, and share some of the more or less lost goodies to fellow classic rock releases nerds :D
Thanks. Concerts, not that often, but yes. When there's something I just CAN'T let go... glad to see you here :))

Anonymous said...

It`s amazing how the Solli album it was never released. Fantastic songs, great vocal....
I love to the Moxy albums, specially the first.
But Screams it dosen`t make me anything, maybe i should listen it again.
Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

It`s amazing how the Solli album it was never released. Fantastic songs, great vocal....
I love to the Moxy albums, specially the first.
But Screams it dosen`t make me anything, maybe i should listen it again.
Thanks for this post.

bil said...

Coney Hatch! Yes, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Screams was an central Illinois band. They played my high school in 1978.
Brad the drummer became Brad Elvis in the Elvis Brothers for 2 albums.
John the guitarist started the Insiders for 2 albums in early 80's.

Pope Leo

Anonymous said...

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DELTA - S/T - 1985

Thanks for the attention and congratulations for the great work."
Eddie5150 from Brazil

trickcat6 said...

They're from Champaign, IL. I saw them all the time in Champ. Brad Steakly-drums now plays with the Romantics and has his own band "the Handcuffs" out of Chicago. He goes by Brad Elvis of my all time favorite albums

ally said...
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ally said...
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Pretty effective piece of writing, thanks for the post.

Bob Ratushny said...

Super site! I once saw Moxy in the fall of '76 in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. They were the opening act for Styx (actually playing 75 minutes as compared to the usual 45 minutes alotted to the support act). I remember Through The Storm as one of the night's highlights. Styx were promoting Crystal Ball. I can still recall a projected image of Chicago on the curtains before they opened while Gerswhin's Rhapsody In Blue played before they broke into a wild intro to Put Me On. Sadly I think a couple years on the lead singer Buzz died in a MVA. And I believe a young Jack Douglas who went on to produce Yoko Ono and the late John Lennon had produced their latest at the time ... the red Roxy album.

Anonymous said...

Hi..I met up with Brad Steakley (now Brad Elvis) on a recent Romantics concert in El Cajon, CA on 10-11-13. He had informed me of this Screams LP from 1979. I wrote him via Facebook two nights ago and he does not have the MP3's of this recording. Is there any chance of a re-upload? If so I would be most grateful. I can be reached at this email if you care to drop me a note here: revup67 at yahoo dot calm - thanks very much