Sunday, September 9, 2007

More MEAT!

A quick but meatfull blog for you. I don't have much time for more details, but want to share some more before next major effort. Some requests, a re-up and some more rare & good stuff for ya! None of these are my own rippings, most stuff found out there on the net, and if there's anything 'below standard' quality, please tell me and I might be able to fix or clean it up. Enjoy it.

A great band from the past, their last album, not their greatest moment but all albums are worth hearing & having, a start anyway here in this blog. Expect more later. GREAT stuff.

Be Bop Deluxe was founded by Bill Nelson in 1972. They never played bebop music, but instead came out of the blues-based British rock scene of the late 1960s. At first they were compared to the more successful David Bowie, but Nelson never tried to copy Bowie, and appears to have disliked comparisons or being pigeon-holed. This artistic restlessness eventually led him to disband Be Bop Deluxe altogether and pursue less commercial paths of expression.
Influences on the band's music included David Bowie, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Van Der Graaf Generator and Frank Zappa. The band's sound emerged as a mixture of glam rock, synth rock, prog rock and straightforward rock and roll. Science fiction imagery (e.g. robots) was common in Nelson's lyrics, along with the more traditional themes of love and the human condition (albeit often hidden beneath Nelson's quirky lyrical and musical metaphors).
Nelson was acclaimed as one of the finest guitarists in British rock at the time, and the music showed that, with his distinctive tones adorning most tracks. Stylistically, the songs took elements from progressive rock, glam rock (the band had flirted with make-up in the early days) and hard guitar rock. Sunburst Finish contained the band's only UK hit single, Ships in the Night and was their most successful album in the UK and USA.
Drastic Plastic, recorded under the influence of punk, new wave and David Bowie's 'Berlin' albums was a substantial stylistic change from the progressive / guitar rock of the early Be-Bop Deluxe.

Be Bop Deluxe - Drastic Plastic. 1978.

01 Electrical Language
02 New Precision
03 New Mysteries
04 Surreal Estate
05 Love in Flames
06 Panic in the World
07 Dangerous Stranger
08 Superenigmatix (lethal appliances for the home with everything)
09 Visions of Endless Hopes
10 Possession
11 Islands of the Dead
12 Blimps (Bonus)
13 Lovers Are Mortal (Bonus)
14 Lights (Bonus)



A request & re-post of this great band, take a look in the archives for more info.

Nutz - Nutz. 1974.

1. Poor Man
2. Ain't No Thanks To You
3. Spoke In A Wheel
4. I Can't Unwind
5. Can't Tell Her Why
6. As Far As The Eye Can See
7. Love Will Last Forever
8. Light Of Day
9. Round And Round
10. Joke



An artist in need of no further info. A great song writer & producer, with a great past with his own outfit. A request, their second and most rocking album. Love it.

Desmond Child, Maria Vidal, Myriam Valle, Diana Grasselli
Guitar - G.E. Smith
Bass: John Siegler
Drums: Jerry Marotta
Keyboards: Randy Courts, Bette Sussman

Desmond Child & Rouge - Runners In The Night. 1979.
Produced by Richard Landis
Associate producer Desmond Child

1 Truth Comes Out
2 My Heart's on Fire
3 Night Was Not
4 Goodbye Baby
5 Runners in the Night
6 Tumble in the Night
7 Scared to Live
8 Feeling Like This
9 Imitation of Love
10 Rosa


On the net, I found this awesome rare stuff! Does this exist!? Anyone out there who got it? That would make my day, no - my YEAR!

Great album! I never liked the production much, but I've played this a lot through the years. Their later stuff without Jan singing, I never liked much.

Jan Melanson - Vocals
Steve Madden - Guitars
Gene Stout - Bass (Lee Aaron, Michael White)
Gil Roberts - Drums

Reckless - Reckless. 1981.
Produced by Paul Gross

01 Victim Of Time
02 Givin' It All Away
03 Ready For Action
04 Heartache Rock And Roll
05 Too Much To Bear
06 Reckless
07 Child Of The Night
08 All Night Woman
09 Could This Be Love?
10 Yesterday's News
11 Passion & Pain
12 Searching For A Dream


The second album of legendary swedes. A bit more info in the archives.

Neon Rose - Two. 1975.

1. I'm An Entertainer
2. False Star
3. Thoughts
4. My Lady
5. Waiting For The Train
6. Bloody Welfare
7. Is There An Eden



Another request, glad to help :)

Sniff'n'The Tears - The Game's Up. 1980.

1. The Game's Up

2. Moment Of Weakness
3. What Can Daddy Do
4. Night Life
5. If I Knew Then
6. One Love
7. 5 & Zero
8. Poison Pen Mail
9. Rodeo Drive


A group never heard much of on my side of the world, but they're canadian (So I'm not totally out of topic here), and over there they definately made history. Browsing the net for info & tracklists, I noticed that the re-release of this have another list of songs & order. Exactly what's the case here, I don't know. And maybe you don't care, either, what do I know? Anyone out there want more Lighthouse?

One of Canada's most original pop groups ever, Lighthouse was formed in Toronto early in 1969 when drummer Skip Prokop (ex of The Paupers, Janis Joplin, Al Kooper and Carlos Santana) had a vision of incorporating horns and strings with modern rock, sort of a heavy-hitting 'big band' sound. The 'full orchestra sound' which would become the band's trademark was at first rounded out by an additional 10 members including singer Pinky Dauvin. Their sound was as diverse as their listening audience, and contained cellos, violas, an array of horns and a full percussion section.

LIGHTHOUSE LIVE, Canada's first platinum-selling record, was taped at Carnegie Hall in February of '72 and hit the shelves later that year while the band took some time off. Lighthouse was undeniably one of the driving forces of the Canadian pop machine of the '70's. With a total of nine gold records, three platinum and 4 Junos, no other band of the day could touch them.

Lighthouse - Live. 1972.
Recorded at Carnegie Hall on Feb.6th 1972

01 Take It Slow

02 One Fine Morning
03 Insane
04 Just Wanna Be Your Friend
05 Old Man
06 Rockin' Chair
07 Sweet Lullaby
08 Eight Miles High
09 1849
10 You And Me


A request. I won't pretend knowing much of these guys. Not a bad album, though. Rockin' power pop! And it's produced by Tom Werman!


The Producers were a new wave and power pop band from Atlanta, Georgia in the 1980s.
Original members included Van Temple on guitar and vocals, former Whiteface member Kyle Henderson on bass and vocals, former Billy Joe Royal sideman Wayne Famous on keyboards, and Brian Holmes on Drums. Originally formed as a Beatles cover band named Cartoon, they changed musical directions and began performing their own material in nightclubs around the Atlanta area. The response to their music was so good that they were quickly signed to CBS subsidiary Portrait Records by Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon and Mother's Finest producer Tom Werman. They released two albums for the Portrait label, The Producers (1981) and You Make the Heat (1982). The Producers quickly became a regional favorite in the southeastern United States, propelling "What She Does to Me" onto the national Billboard Magazine singles charts. They toured extensivly opening for Cheap Trick, and The Motels. "She Sheila" from their second album was a popular MTV video. They headlined MTV's New Year's Rockin Eve in 1982.

Van Temple - Vocals, Guitar
Kyle Henderson - Vocals, Bass
Wayne Famous - Keyboards, Vocals
Bryan Holmes - Drums, Vocals

The Producers - The Producers. 1981.
Produced by Tom Werman.

01 What's He Got?
02 I Love Lucy
03 Who Do You Think You Are?
04 Life Of Crime
05 Certain Kinda Girl
06 You Go Your Way
07 What She Does To Me
08 Body Language
09 Sensations
10 Here's To You
11 Boys Say When/Girls Say Why
12 The End


Something here for everyone, I think. Hope you'll like some of it. More later, more rare goodies to come. And please leave a comment if you happen to appreciate something here. That makes it easier to know what y'all out there like & want more of. Have fun!


lumpensammler said...

Huge thanx for Sniff 'n, eller som vi säger här i old Svedala, TACK 'SA HAN HA!!!

Scottibrother said...

Thanks for the Desmond Child & Rouge album.Love Desmond Child but never got this one!!

thelegendthatis said...

Awesome post...The Producers is pure 'Trick type genius...been playing it most of the day...

couple of oddities you may have that I wouldn't mind hearing...

Runner S/T
Private Eye S/T
Randy Bishop/Underdog

The Legend

Nils Tibor said...

Many thanks for the Reckless album.

I have Nutz - Nutz (1974 , Nutz - Nutz Too (1975) and Nutz - Hard Nutz (1976) on CD with Bonus Tracks.
Shall I do an upload ?


Alocacoc said...

Thanks all :))

Yes, the Desmond Child album are great! Most his stuff are. And repetetive, but usually great.
He sticks to his formular, and why shouldn't he...

yes, The Producers was a good one. It grew on me for sure.
I'll see what I can do, got some of those.

That would've been AWESOME!
Always loved the Nutz albums. NEVER heard the bonus tracks!!

Dutchboy said...

Here is some more BeBopDeluxe:


Dutchboy said...

And here you will find Radio 1 in concert 1975 by BeBopDeluxe:

moxnix said...

thanks for the re-up on the nutz lp .tell nils to post hard nutz from cd with bonus tracks , sounds great. listen to vinyl often. here is my link to maria vidal lp i ripped and posted recently to forums, feel free to post on your site if you wish.remember alocac & winmx.

moxnix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
moxnix said...

end of file is 1987_.rar , sorry

Alocacoc said...

Thanks, got most their stuff, but I'll have a look :))) GREAT band!

Thanks! Worked fine :)

Rob said...

it would be awesome if someone could turn up a live Desmond Child & Rouge
tape..I think their sound guy made a few just for the people in the band.
There is a track on utube of DC+R from the saturday night live show ..Maria Vidal in some very stylish legwarmers makes it worth a watch alone ;-)

Nils Tibor said...

Here are the three Nutz CD's.

Nutz - Nutz (1974)

Nutz - Nutz Too (1975)

Nutz - Hard Nutz (1976)


Britinvdon said...

Thank you for Lighthouse Live! I've had the vinyl for years and have always considered them on par with Chicago and Blood, Swear & Tears.

Anonymous said...


****** Victim Of Time ******
**** Child Of The Night ****

I have the "LP" but no player.

many thanks from GERMANY / BERLIN

" Child Of The Night " great memory

a song for my cover - rock project...


Alocacoc said...

Thanks, all!

yeah! That would've been something! And thanks for the link. I think. Never seen them 'move' before. Maybe I shouldn't have seen it, LOL! Great stuff anyway!

nils tibor:
Absolutely fantastic! Just had the vinyls, and DL'ed them several times, all not very good quality, some really bad! A BIG thank you!

Glad to help! Got more by Lighthouse. Drop by once in a while... :)

Anonymous said...

heya - thanx a lot for posting all of "no dice" i bought the vinyls way back in the 70´s and ripped em myself some time ago - but your rips sound a lot better than mine do :-) --- ref. the double release of tracks between "no dice 1977" & "no dice 1978": to my ears it sounds like the "double" tracks are kind of re-mixed, at least some of em ... great band ... i really wonder why they didnt make it big at the time ... havent got much info about them too ...

burma said...

Thanks for the Producers link! Been searching for that one for a while - the album's been long out of print...

Frank said...

What's the pass for the producers? Thanks, Frank.

Tim said...

Good Job! :)

Tim said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

Been looking for the Producers record since hearing it in college...Huge Thanks!

LuGerWolf said...

Thanks a lot for sharing RECKLESS first album.I only had "Child of the Night" on a Mexican EMI compilation.Now I know they deserved better luck,but as I say.better late than never.Greetings from Puebla,Pue.,Mexico.I'm LuGer Wolf.

Atlanta Attractions said...

"BE BOP DELUXEA great band from the past" ... i just love them

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

On the Desmond Child at Erics Backroom, let me know where you found that info and picture and I will look into seeing if its out there, I know some bootleg traders that might help..

just email me... ica6943 at yahoo dot com

p.s. your blog is great..

bobbysu said...

thank you so much