Sunday, September 30, 2007

What can I say... a new blog.

Hi again. A mixed blog today. Starting with a couple of vinyls, two promised ones, and more of the rare japanese releases of both scandinavian and other acts. My guess is that no one already got ALL these albums. Am I right? Anyway, hope you like it. And once again; If you do happen to appreciate something here, please tell me. Leave a comment. That's the fuel doin' this blog stuff. Nearly 500 download's and 6 comments in the last post, frankly ain't that impressive. More later, when I find the time.


An often used songwriter & musician. Here's his solo album from 1985. Including some interesting names. And good songs. Not very hard rockin', but if you're into the Danny Spanos stuff, the softer side of rock with good songs, you'll like this one.

Randy Bishop - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Earl Slick - Guitar
Gerrard Mule - Guitar
Frankie Banali - Drums
Jim Johnson - Bass
Phil Kenzie - Saxophone
Pat Regan - Synthesizers

Spencer Proffer, the producer, a name from several album covers in your collection. I won't even try to tell which ones, but if you're interested, read more about his bio here:
and an old interview here:

Randy Bishop - Underdog. 1985.
Vinyl rip.
Produced by Spencer Proffer
Engineered by Duane Baron

01 - Underdog
02 - Two Hearts On The Loose
03 - If I Was A Fool
04 - Take The Love And Run
05 - Calm Becomes The Storm
06 - Two Shades Of Blue
07 - Dangerous
08 - Infatuation
09 - Desiree
10 - Kissed By The Wind


As promised way back, my third album by No Dice. Vinyl rip. I love this band. Great songs. Great performance, great classic old skool hard rock. Exactly what's the case here, I don't know, but this album share half the tracks of one of their other releases. Great anyway.

Roger Ferris - Singer
Dave Martin - Guitar
Gary Strange - Bass
Chris Wyles - Drums

No Dice - No Dice. 1977.
Vinyl rip.
Produced by *Steve Smith, **Robert Wace & Phill Brown, ***Steve Smith & Robert Wace

01 - Why Sugar*
02 - Happy In The Skoolyard*
03 - You Can't Help Yourself*
04 - People That Make The Music***
05 - Fooling**
06 - So Why I*
07 - Murder In The Rain*
08 - Silly Girl**
09 - Counting On A Good Sign*
10 - Down And Dry**
11 - Shadows*


Those Jap..inavians... part 3


More from the swedish melodic rockers. Their first album recently blogged here, and here's their second. You might like this.

Benny Söderberg - Sings
Henrik Bergqvist - Guitars
Janne Lund - Bass
Sebastian Sippola - Drums
Backing vocals - Benny Söderberg, Göran Edman and 'The Fortune Cookies'
Keyboards - Bruce Gowdy, Benny Söderberg, Janne Lund

Fortune - Calling Spirits. 1994.
Produced by Bruce Gowdy

1. Calling Spirits
2. Preacher Man
3. Freedom
4. Be My Lover
5. Not For An Answer
6. Stay
7. Desperado
8. Shakespeare's Nightmare
9. Trail Blazer
10. Shoot!

Some sleaze for ya, from Malmö, Sweden. Former punk outfit turned hairy & sleazy, and might
be your cup of tea. Not bad.

Andy Pierce - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Dick Qwarfort - Bassguitar, Backing Vocals
Peter Espinoza - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Stanley - Drums, Backing Vocals

Nasty Idols - Vicious. 1993.
Produced by Berno Paulson and Andy Pierce

1. Heads Down (Tinseltown)
2. Hellhouse
3. Dance Of The Wicked
4. Ain't Got Nothin'
5. R.I.P.
6. Pretty Cut Wild
7. Blackshot
8. No Time
9. Killing Stuff
10. Do Ya' Want Another
11. Hellout Shakeout
12. Electric Wonderland

From the hometown of the more known Ronnie James Dio, here's John West's (Badlands, Artension, Michael Lee Firkins Band, Royal Hunt) debut album, released on Shrapnel Records and produced by Mike Varney. And with help from members of Mogg/Way, Rage and Savatage.
Might be something for some of you.

John West - All Vocals, Lead Guitar on 'Hands In The Fire'
George Bellas - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
Barry Sparks - 6 strings Bass
Mike Terrana - Drums & Percussion
Matt Guillory - Keyboards
Special guests:
Lonnie Park - Keyboards, Hammond B3, All backing vocals on 'Hands In The Fire'
James Murphy - Final Guitar Solo on 'Lady Ice'

John West's - Mind Journey. 1997.
Produced by Mike Varney & John West.

1. Eastern Horizon
2. Lady Ice
3. Fair Trade
4. One Way
5. Mind Journey
6. The Castle Is Haunted
7. Veil Of The Blind
8. Dragon's Eye
9. Hands In The Fire
10. Lost In Time

A compilation cd, with some of the bands recently blogged here, and others on the same
labels. Got more of these, if anyone's interested.

MVP - Compilation Series Vol. 1. 1993.

01 - Masquerade - Gimme All Your Love
02 - Yeah Bop Station - Blue Moon
03 - Baltimore - My Kind Of Woman
04 - Sheer Greed - Hollywood Tease
05 - John Hahn - Deadly Spell
06 - Renegade - Hold Back The Night
07 - Talisman - Brake Your Chains
08 - Talisman - Comin' Home
09 - Jackal - Vague Visions
10 - China Rain - Last Forever
11 - Fortune - Renegade
12 - Reactor - MTI's
13 - Nasty Idols - Head's Down (In Tinseltown)


Talkin' bout a rare one. A hard to get shining pearl here. I guess the norwegian pop rock duo brought in Mick Ronson to benefit from his involvement and success with Dalbello. This album might be described as close to Dalbello, but also a bit Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, good pop rock songs. Mr. Ronson didn't just produce, but are highly involved on most tracks here, on guitar, organ, backing vocals, synth, even tambourine. Definately one for the fans of his work, and the collectors. Enjoy!

Kjersti Bergesen - Vocal & Backing Vocals
Kåre Kalvenes - Synth, Percussion, Bass, Guitar

All songs by Kåre Kalvenes, all lyrics by Kjersti Bergesen.
('Call Out Her Name' Music by Kalvenes/Ronson)

Drums - Ole Hamre, Stein Inge Brækhus
Guitar - Mick Ronson, Kato Ådland, Svein Hovland
Bass - Kjetil Torgersen, Frank Hovland, Ole Amund Gjersvik
Organ/Synth - Mick Ronson, Jon Terje Rovedal, Harald Dahlstrøm
Backing Vocals - Yngve Sætre, Mick Ronson, Frank Hovland
Add. fills: String arr. Harald Dahlstrøm (01), Mute Trumpet - Per Jørgensen (03), Percussion
- Arne Moe Vindedal (04), Megafon Vocal - Svein Hovland (04), Percussion - Erling Lund (08),
Citar - Per Jørgensen (09).

Secret Mission - Strange Afternoon. 1991.
Produced by Mick Ronson, Kåre Kalvenes, Svein Hovland, Yngve Sætre.

01 - Strange Afternoon
02 - You Can Run
03 - Walking On Glass
04 - Silent Spring
05 - Stay On
06 - Call Out Her Name
07 - Glasshouse
08 - Runaway Machine
09 - Follow Me
10 - Stay By My Side

Norwegian multi talented musician & songwriter. Formerly of Tindrum, Diezel and more. A great melodic, pop rockin' & funky album that never saw another release than this japanese one. Too bad. I really think this album deserved a lot more. But, it's a cruel world out there, and now you can make up your own mind. Is it great or what!? Any album with the backing singer services from Jorn Lande & Solli, is worth a listen, if you ask me.

Trond Ôien - Lead Vocals, Electric & acoustic Guitars, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Additional musicians:
Ronny Wikmark - Keyboards
Aslak Johnsen - Bass (11)
Sigbjørn Holmslett - Guitar solo (12)
Jan Ivar Andresen - Guitar (9), additional guitars (3, 4 & 5)
Knut Solvang - Additional guitar (7)
Mikkel Eriksen - Vocoder (3)
Backing Vocals - Jörn Lande, Hans Olav Solli, Tina & Merete Brandal, Jorunn Erdahl
Additional backing vocals - Frode Henriksen, Frank Hellum, Kenneth Lyng

Produced & Mixed by Hallgeir RustanProgramming by Ronni WikmarkRecorded & mixed at Stargate StudiosAdditional recordings, Nidaros StudioMastered at Polar Studios, Sweden

Öien - Better Than The Real Thing. 1997.
Produced & Mixed by Hallgeir Rustan

01 - Better Than The Real Thing
02 - If I Could I Would Give U Heaven
03 - Slide
04 - Be My Religion
05 - Push
06 - Around The World
07 - I Wanna Be Your President
08 - Time & Devotion
09 - Somebody's Angel
10 - It's A Ritual
11 - Love Is Ice
12 - Opportunity Rocks

That's all for now. Hope you find anything of interest. Once again: IF you do, please leave a comment. Without any comments, there's no need spending lots of time blogging rare stuff.
See ya around - ROCK ON!


Tim C said...

Great stuff as always. Thanks.

I think the story with No Dice is two releases in the US/UK, and the best of the two (or the best of one and more of something else) for the other country. I know I've got three No Dice LPs buried somewhere in this mess, and two are from one country and the other LP is from the other country.

I want to say the one uploaded here is British, but being that it was almost 30 years ago, I could be making that up too.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I couldn´t agree. IMO is No Dice no Hard Rock.
Nevertheless thanks because you give me the opportunity to hear it after 30 years.


Anonymous said...

thank you for files! Appreciated!!!

Jose Manuel said...


Randy Bishop is a great album.

Big Thanks

thelegendthatis said...


Can't thank you enough...nice one fella...

The Legend

esh said...

I'm sure that I've seen the "Randy Bishop" lp in the bins over many, many years and I own the John West "mind journey" CD.

Everything else is new to me.
Thanks for excavating them for us!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the No Dice post - looking forward to listening to it.

eltiodeltambor said...

thanks for Randy Bishop's. Looking for it since long time ago. Keep on posting rare stuff. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Secret Mission. Haven't heard this record since it was released!

Nils Tibor said...

Thank you very much for the second Fortune album.


camelblue said...

Hi mate, shotgun here.
Fantastic new ups.
OIEN! Was lookin' this looong time, no luck, 'till now, thanx to you.
I think this kind of stuff is the real target of your blog, look, alot people happy.
And yes. I want more MASTER VOLUME PROJECT's if you can.
Great job my friend. Thank You

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this stuff! Thank you so much for all your hard work. Naty Idols is far better than I thought it would be. It's fantastic!

Alocacoc said...

Thanks all!!

tim c:
Yes, guess that's the case 'bout tht No Dice albums.

I kinda agree. I thought I had removed the 'hard' in that text. But then again, the first music I heard by No Dice, was the single Come Dancin' / Bad Boys. And boy, was that rockin'. To say that Bad Boys ain't hard rock, I find strange. Thinkin' bout it, if I have to say one band they reminded me of, it would've been Widowmaker (UK), and those guys I wouldn't hesitate calling Hard Rock, although it's very similar music, strong songs based rock. Small margins. I think what rocks, rocks! Anyway, great band!!

Glad some of you found the time to comment, and that you found anything you like. Looks like No Dice & Bishop got most 'votes'.

Yes, the Öien album's a gem.

Once again, thanks all.
Preparing my next blog now, in a few days it should be more goodies to apprecieted in here.
Take care & rock on!

Jose Manuel said...


A request , Please

Splitcrow - Rockstorm (1904)

X said...

Oh, my...
Thank You VERY Much for this album!!!

Anonymous said...

Ubercool place u got here :)
Thanks for the great work u put into the blog!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!! Thanks for putting No Dice on. Now I van help my self!!!

Greetz from Skullfucker

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hey man thanks for putting the self titled album by no dice. I had bought this album back then on cassette tape but lost it and now i was able to download it.
Thaks again

t-shirt said...

Yeah great new blog !

Dean said...

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Gak bosen deh saya sempatkan untuk Datang ke Sini lagi..!!

Sob saya punya Blog baru nih,
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Salam Blogger, Sukses Menjalin Silaturahmi....


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