Sunday, September 16, 2007

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Great album by a great band. It's always something special for me to read the cover info on this one. As most of you may have noticed, how could you NOT, I'm a sucker for canadian hard rock from the 70's & 80's, and to see the familiar & local names of the norwegian producer, engineer & studio where I've been several times, and at the same time see the classic Attic Records logo on the same product are really cool. I'm a big admirer of the mighty Bjoern Nessjoe & Rune Nordal's work through the years, and their incredible work on stuff like the early TNT albums & Stage Dolls have impressed a lot of people around the world. I've heard that this production didn't go without some minor disagreement between band/producer, though. Anyway it's a great album, filled with great sounding & rocking tracks! You can't miss this.

Marvin Birt - Guitars/Vocals
David Rashed - Keyboards/Vocals
Paul MacAusland - Vocals
Sean Kilbride - Drums
Ron Switzer - Bass

Haywire - Nuthouse. 1990.
Produced by Bjoern Nessjoe and Haywire.
1. Operator Central
2. Short End Of A Wishbone
3. Livin' It Up
4. Gettin' The Groove
5. Wild, Wild
6. Strange One
7. She Drives
8. Well Oiled Machine
9. Tremble In Line
10. Push n' Shove (That's The Way)
11. Taken The Pain


If you, just like me, loved their 70's albums, here's a treat for you. A LIVE release from 1989.
I guess more info aren't needed here. Enjoy!
Rick Benick - Guitars, Vocals
Bobby Johns - Drums and such
Steve McNally - Lead Vocals
Toby Myers - Bass, Vocals
Michael Read - Keyboards, Vocals
Roadmaster - Live + 5. 1989.
Produced by Michael Read.
1. Doesn't Mean A Thing
2. Higher, Higher
3. Ride The Wind Away
4. Circle Of Love
5. Say You Wanna Be With Me
6. Hey World
7. Sweet Music
8. Cry Just A Little
9. Here I Am
10. Indecision
11. The Girl Most Likely
12. Let Your Love Go
Tracks 1-7 recorded live at The Vogue, July 28, 1989.
Tracks 8-12 recorded live at TRC Studios, September 3, 1989.


A pearl!! I'll never get tired of this great album. A product of love & the awesome work of all people involved. NOT hard rock in any way, but a floating musical experience of stunning quality. The very talented Gjøvik (Norway) born singer, songwriter May Britt Normann invites us in her world of thoughts and colors. Sit back in your most comfy chair and close your eyes and just fly... Too bad it didn't sell much. An album that's as good as impossible to find, even in Norway. More than half of the band TNT are deeply involved here, and so are Jørn Lande in a duet & backing vocals. And that's definately not a bad thing in my book.

Embee Normann - Vocals, backup vocals, guitar

Dag Stokke - All keyboards, programming, backup vocals
Ronni Le Tekro - Electric Fender guitars, 6 & 12 strings acoustic, add. bass guitar and
backup vocals & add. vocal on 'Stormy Weather'

Morty Black - Bass guitar
Kim Ofstad - Drums & cymbalwork
Jørn Fodnestøl - Electric guitar & fretless bass
Jan Øvland - Acoustic guitar
Sigurd Køhn - Saxophone (R.I.P.)
Jørn Lande - Backup vocals & add. vocal on 'Dead Country'
Widar Karlsen - Blues guitar
Guro Moe - Violin
Isak T. Andersen - Cello

Embee Normann's Wonderland. 1993.
Produced by Ronni Le Tekro & Dag Stokke.

1. Fight For Your Country
2. As A Child
3. Wild Horses
4. Easy To Love
5. Night Is Gold
6. Stormy Weather
7. Three Birds
8. Lost Sapphire
9. Dead Country
10. One Minute Prayer
11. Amongst These Old Trees

And 'Those Jap..inavians... part 2' continues here.


Apparently 1 of the 2 melodic rock bands named Fortune from Sweden. Some info might be found
on the net, I'm blank. I think they've released 3 albums, this was their first.
Henrik Bergqvist - Guitars
Benny Söderberg - Lead & Backing Vocals, Keyboard, Jew's Harp
Janne Lund - Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Thomas Hauk - Drums


Fortune - Making Gold.1992.
Produced by Benny Söderberg and Janne Lund.
1. Eyes Of Ice

2. Anonymous Lover
3. Lucky Star
4. Renegade
5. Life Goes On
6. Stormy Roads
7. Trouble In Paradise
8. Mindreader
9. Sundowner
10. Make A Move
11. Fools Gold


Don't know much 'bout these, either. Not bad, not top notch. A bit pomp, a bit prog, a bit
Saga/Zon sounding, but more hard rockin' all over. Judging by the info read in the cover, I think they're canadian. Again, not sure.

Paul Beresford - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
T.J. Knight - Vocals, Guitars
Pat Bray - Bass, Vocals
Rick Styles - Drums, Vocals

Jester - It's Time. 1994.
Produced by Steve Szajna and Rich Walker.
1. Silent Tears
2. Falling Faster
3. I Want To Believe
4. Stranger In Your Eyes
5. It's Time
6. Lonely
7. Breakaway
8. The Truth


The last blog had their first release from '86, here's their second, released in 1988. If you liked the first, you'll like this.
Marco Hietala - Vocals & Bass
Zachery Hietala - Lead Guitar
Mako H - Guitar
Pecu Cinnari - Drums


Tarot - Follow Me Into Madness. 1988.
Produced by Tarot.
1. Descendants Of Power
2. Rose On The Grave
3. Lady Deceiver
4. Follow Me Into Madness
5. Blood Runs Cold - Happy End
6. No Return
7. I Don't Care Anymore
8. Breathing Fire
9. I Spit Venom
10. Shadow In My Heart
I know, I know... I promised a vinyl blog this time. But that takes a lot of time preparing, so I came up with this in the meantime. A quick & good one. I think you'll find interesting things here. I know you will. Rock on!


Anonymous said...

thanks for all !!!

but: Roadmaster is the big thing.

"Sweet Music"



micksguitar said...

thanx 4 part two. a great selection of fine lps. i appreciate it very much. thanx mick.

camelblue said...

Great shares mate.
ROADMASTER & FORTUNE are great. Recommended.

But the real gem here is the NORMANN's one, as you said, hard to find.
Grabbin' this one for sure.
Thanx alot.
We miss you at PM coke...

Btw, are you planning change the blog's adress?

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks so much!

Alocacoc said...

Thanks all 4... glad to see you liked it.

Haha! Uff...!?
Yes, very hard to find.
And no, I'm not planning a change of address. Why?
And yes, PM is a great place. May it never stop! I might be able to be more active there now.

But, I'm planning/taking a time off.
More than 300 DL's of this last blog, and 4 comments ain't much food...
Back when I find the time & interest.

Thanks for your comments so far in the other bloggings.
Rock on!

Nils Tibor said...

Thank you very much for Roadmaster, Haywire and Jester.
Great stuff.


Dex said...

I've got to give an extra thanks for that Rouge album. I had a lukewarm opinion about Desmond Child's songwriting, but those two first tracks blew me off my feet! I think his songs do better in a bare naked production like this than some of his later hits for other artists.

Bane The GeroMetaL said...

Hallo Nutz fans! Have anybody Nutz sequels RAGE (UK) album Out Of Control (wonderful if it's from CD)?
2nd album Nice'n'Dirty and 3rd Run from the Night are relatively easy to find, but Out Of Conrtrol seems doesn't to exist! Can anybody help?

Steve Szajna said...

Thanks for the post about Jester. Yes, they are from Windsor, Ontario in Canada. I am not sure if they're together anymore.

They were a great live band but for their first go in the studio they wanted to do everything in parts so we did all of their drums first (Rick was excellent) and built off of that.

Steve Szajna

Anonymous said...

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David said...

I'd really appreciate it if you could update the Roadmaster Live + 5, download link. It's no longer active.