Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blame Canada!

Hi! A quick blog again this time, based on some cut'n'paste info, more own vinyl rips later. Been a hard, long & wet weekend, still recovering. Those parties are killing me...
Some canadian goodies, not of the most rare kind, but certainly some stuff that most of you should've heard. I guess you have. Enjoy.


Now without a deal, Teaze continued to do club dates in and around the Toronto area but disbanded in 1981. A 'best of' package titled A TASTE OF TEAZE was released in '84 and the compilation OVER SIXTY MINUTES WITH TEAZE, the definitive collection with 17 tracks, in 1990.
Though Teaze in no way enjoyed the same success of many other Canadian groups, it should be noted that they had a unique sound for a Canadian group at that time. Except for Triumph or Rush, few homegrown bands relied on heavy guitar riffs and searing vocals to gain an audience. And the aforementioned two pretty much had that niche covered already. It is noteworthy however that Teaze did enjoy more success with a virtually-virgin audience in Japan than either Triumph or Rush during that time.

Brian Danter bass, lead vocals
Marc Bradac guitar
Chuck Price guitar
Mike Kozak drums

Teaze - The Best Of - Over 60 Minutes With...

1. Sure Thing
2. Young and Reckless
3. Boy's Night Out
4. Heartless World
5. Living on the Edge
6. Good Time Tonight
7. Roses and Chrome
8. Loose Change
9. Calling All Nurses
10. Reach Out
11. What Happened
12. Baby Why Can't You
13. On the Loose
14. Back in Action
15. Stay Here
16. Nobodys Fool
17. Sweet Misery



Originally formed by Brian MacLeod and Ab Bryant as a sort of 'side project' from Chilliwack in 1980, the group's earliest beginnings included drummer Matt Frennette, ex of Streetheart and Randy Bachman's wife Denise McCann, who had enjoyed a moderately successful disco career a few years earlier on vocals. Frennette soon left to devote his time to his other band Loverboy and was replaced by Bernie Aubin, who incidentally co-wrote Loverboy's "The Kid Is Hot Tonite". Before the end of the year however, it was decided that McCann wasn't right for the job of translating MacLeod's musical vision and was replaced by Darby Mills, already a seasoned session worker and singer of Streetback, a group closer to what MacLeod had in mind than McCann's disco background.

Darby Mills - vocals
Brian MacLeod - guitar, drums and keyboards
Ab Bryant - bass
Bernie Aubin - drums

Headpins - Line Of Fire. 1983.
Produced by Brian MacLeod.

01. Mine All Mine
02. Feel It
03. I Know What Your're Thinking
04. Just One More Time
05. Don't Stand In The Line Of Fire
06. Celebration
07. Double Trouble
08. I've Heard It All Before




Bill Henderson: guitar, vocals
Ed Henderson: guitar, vocals
Doug Edwards: bass, vocals
Jerry Adolphe: drums

Chilliwack - There And Back Live.
Produced by Bill Henderson.

1. Fly At Night

2. Lonesome Mary
3. I Believe
4. Crazy Talk
5. Communication Breakdown
6. Trial By Fire
7. Ground Hog
8. Whatcha Gonna Do
9. Arms of Mary
10. Baby Blue
11. California Girl
12. There is Something I Like About That
13. 17th Summer
14. Rain-O
15. My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)



If you don't know who he is, you'll find a great biography here: http://www.canadianbands.com/Zappacosta.html

Zappacosta - Quick... Don't Ask Any Questions!1990.

1. Letter Back
2. Nothing To Do With Love
3. Simple Words To Say
4. Good Intentions
5. Place On The Beach
6. The Only One
7. Mannu’s Dilemma
8. All Night
9. Keep It Up
10. I’ll Be The One
11. Worries Away
12. Don’t Ask Me




jpkv said...

I read about Headpins circa 1985 in a french heavy metal magasine, but never heard their music. Thank you !

Anonymous said...

do you got leyden zar from 1981 my vinyl copy has ssen better days

lumpensammler said...

Teaze has always been faves here, and to find a greatest hits with them was damned nice. My old vinyls has seen the better days so this upload was very much appreciated. Thank you so very much.

Ps. Broken Home gets atleast 1 spinn every day over here Ds.

Anonymous said...

I had Teaze - One Night Stands on vinyl back when. Thanks for this one.

Now another request. Band was called 1994. Featured Karen Lawrence on vocals(Blue by Nature). I have a vinyl rip to Maxell HQ cassette and then to mp3 via Roxio and a soundblaster card. Quality is decent and I'd be glad to upload it. It's not a complete LP. A few tracks are missing and I also have a few tracks from "Please Stand by" which was their last recording. the 1994 debut Cd is recently available for purchase on a european site. I'll have to find the URL. It's on her myspace. So if anyone has a decent rip of this one it would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...


Here ya go. 1994

Alocacoc said...

Thanks, all...

No Layden Zar at this moment, sorry.

Thanks a lot! Watch for my next blog post... ;)
Maybe later today.

Kolaboy said...

Brilliant stuff, thanks ;)

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