Sunday, August 19, 2007

Witschke Rudzevecuis WHO?


Before everything, there was nothing. Before light, there was dark. Before someone said 'Let There Be Rock!' Someone had Something To Say. And that someone included a future feared rock'n'roll outlaw WITH hair, and a soon to be member of a legendary never ending hard rock'n'roll monster engine!


Buster Brown were a hard rock group with undoubted potential but they had the bad luck to be signed to Mushroom Records just as Skyhooks began to take the label's attention and promotion budget. The band is now remembered for the future careers of its members - Angry Anderson with Rose Tattoo and Phil Rudd with AC/DC. Buster Brown promoted their working class roots and cited The Faces as a musical influence. Something To Say was their only album and features the up-front vocals of Angry Anderson and some good guitar work by John Moon and Paul Grant. Musically the band play energetic rock and boogie with Apprentice and Something To Say showing some depth and complexity that a limited recording budget prevented being developed further.

Angry Anderson, born Gary Anderson on 5 August 1947 in Melbourne, he first came to notice as the singer with Buster Brown, a band he fronted between 1973 and 1975. Along with himself, the original line-up also featured drummer Phil Rudd, who would leave the group in 1974 to join AC/DC and also with Paul Grant as guitarist who still plays locally in Melbourne. Buster Brown released an album, Something to Say, in 1975 before disbanding the same year.

Phil Rudd, born Phillip Hugh Norman Witschke Rudzevecuis, on May 19, 1954 in Melbourne, Australia, is the drummer for Australian rock band AC/DC. He held the position from 1975 until 1983, and again from 1994 to present. After the 1977 departure of bassist Mark Evans, he became the only Australian-born member of the band.

This is NOT the re-release remastered cd with bonus tracks. It's the original vinyl. Rock on!

Buster Brown - Something To Say. 1975.

01. Rock And Roll Lady

02. Let Me In
03. Buster Brown
04. Roll over Beethoven
05. Young Spunk
06. Apprentice
07. Something To Say



Here's a good rare one. Sadly, I don't have this vinyl myself anymore, and this rip definately could've been better. But, as always, it's better to have it than NOT. His apperance on the classis double vinyl 'Music For Konnoisseurs', blogged here earlier (look in the archives) makes this an album that suits your collection. If anyone out there have this in a better condition, or even got his first solo album, please tell me where to find it!? Good one. Hope you'll like it!

The Reggie Knighton Band - ST. 1978.
Produced by Roy Thomas Baker

Reggie Knighton - guitar, vocals
Brian Ray - guitar
Glenn Symmonds - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Kurtis Teel - bass

1 Breakin' Up Inside
2 Rock 'N' Roll Alien
3 The Kind and I
4 Clone in Love
5 Lear Jet
6 Highway Patrol
8 Ooh Girl
9 Magnum Sally
10 Behind a Rock 'N' Roll Band



With the amount of canadian classics blogged here lately, I felt I couldn't do a new post without ANY. Always loved Teaze. So, here's their great live album, I guess most people in here already have it. Anyway, play it LOUD!!
'The group moved operations from Windsor to Montreal the next year and continued touring eastern & central Canada and in the US but still couldn't seem to get their 'big break' . This all changed for Teaze in the fall of 1978 when they travelled to Japan and were met with sold out stadiums and mobs at the airports. The jury is still out as to whether or not Teaze simply cashed in on rock and roll starved Japanese kids after the likes of KISS, BTO and Cheap Trick had already paved the way. Whatever the reason, the reception of Teaze in Japan was almost comparable to the reception the Beatles or Rolling Stones enjoyed in the United States. Their ten day tour of the Orient led to 1979's appropriately titled live album TOUR OF JAPAN.'

Brian Danter - vocals, bass
Mark Bradac - guitars
Chuck Price - guitars
Mike Kozak - drums

Teaze - Tour Of Japan. 1978.

1. Rocking With The Music
2. Lady Killer
3. Come On Hold Me
4. Baby Why Can't You Stay
5. On The Loose
6. Open My Eyes
7. Tonight It's Me
8. Boys' Night Out
9. Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight
10. Hot To Trot



A band I never listened much to. I once had the single 'Driver's Seat', and I still think that's a good & well performed song. So, this is a request of a band I don't have much knowledge of. Glad to help. And maybe more of you out there'll appreciate it. :)

Sniff'n'The Tears - Fickle Heart. 1978.

1. Driver's Seat
2. New Lines on Love
3. Carve Your Name on My Door
4. This Side of the Blue Horizon
5. Sing
6. Rock 'N' Roll Music
7. Fight for Love
8. Thrill of It All
9. Slide Away
10. Last Dance
11. Looking for You


That's it for now. More later. In fact, the next blog will introduce my new co-admin of this blog. A life long friend, a great collector of the uncollectable, a living encyclopedia, and generally a partner in crime through thick and thin... as I said, more later. Much more. Rock on!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Reggie Knighton. I only know this guy/band from this one song on the Beton-compilation (Rock 'n' roll alien). Because of that song I was looking to hear some other stuff of this guy/band.

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot for all the great albums :-)))

madeiras said...

Thanks for Teaze,
A request . Do you have any album of Johnny Markin.

bigfootkit said...

Some more interesting looking posts, many thanks Tor!
Thought you might be interested to know that i've just posted "Live & Raw" (1981) by SHAKIN' STREET over at Live & Otherwise.

Thanks again for all the great stuff you've brought us recently!

lumpensammler said...

1 down and 3 to go, many many thanx for Sniff 'n' the Tears, and Reggie, hell i forgot all about that guy/band. In the old days i had both albums with him and they where both equaly good i might say so this was a real treat to find it here. Once again you come up with some great gems, hats of and all praise goes your way Aloc.

Anonymous said...

1994, 1st Shakin Street and Buster Brown. Again you put off some LPs from my wish list.

Kolaboy said...

Thanks for these, I'd forgotten how good the RN lp was ;)

Anonymous said...

More Teaze, Great!
Got a challenge for y'all. After Argent Split, the rest of the group formed a band called Phoenix. You or anyone else have it? I have 2 songs once again ripped from cassette. Link at bottom of post.

Rockdetector info:

Allmusic Review:

"If you fancy yourself a British rock historian, Phoenix is a power trio you should know about. Not because their songs were fantastic (although they were decent), but because of who its members were. Phoenix members John Verity, Jim Rodford, and Bob Henrit were all graduates of Argent, a band that former Zombies keyboardist Rod Argent led from 1969-1976. When Argent broke up in 1976, its ex-members got into different things. Rod Argent pursued a solo career, while Rodford joined the Kinks and replaced bassist John Dalton. Phoenix wasn't a full-time gig for Verity, Rodford, and Henrit, it was merely a side project, although a noteworthy one. Not as artsy or as experimental as Argent, Phoenix provides some competent arena rock on this self-titled debut album of 1976. None of the songs are mind-blowing, but most of them are likable. With Verity on vocals and guitar, Rodford on bass and keyboards, and Henrit on drums, Phoenix gets into a fun, lighthearted groove on catchy rockers like "Try a Little Rock 'N' Roll" and "Winnebago," but is quite moody on the ballads "A Woman Like You" and "From the Ashes." Meanwhile, "I'll Be Gone" is the most bluesy offering on this LP, which didn't set the world on fire but is worth checking out if you admired the musicians' work with Argent."

Two tracks Easy/Drowning in Tears merge into one another. Good stuff, probably the best on the album
password: ALOCACOC

Nils Tibor said...

Scott, you can find Phoenix here.


Robert Pally said...

Thanks for Reggie Knighton. Do you have his other album too?



lumpensammler said...

Some crappy info on Sniff 'n' The Tears fot you Aloc. If i remember right the vocalist/bandleader Paul Rodgers made all the albumcovers as he's a famous painter to. And the leadguitarist Loz Netto left the band after their 2 first albums (Fickle Heart & The Game's Up) and made an album called Loz Netto's Bazar which sucks badly, after that i have no clue where he went.

That's my 25 cents worth of info on them.

Anonymous said...

Nils, Thanks a bunch!

Robert Pally said...


Do you happen to have anything from Peter Straker!



Anonymous said...

Absolutely top-notch blog, as ever.
Now one request... Do you have any STRAIGHT LINES' albums (specially the 2nd RUN FOR COVER)?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LeecHammer said...

hey LeecHammer...your blog ROCKS!! Always looking forward to your posts!! All of Canada will know your name!! lol

Alocacoc said...

Thanks for the comments. That's really appreciated!

Robert Pally:
No, haven't got any Peter Straker stuff.

Thanks! Really cool seeing you here!
Say Hi to Canada... :)))

Now it's time to prepare some blogging...

Marie Provost said...

Hello ALOCACOC great blog you have. I may be a bit late with this, but if you guys don't have it yet here's Reggie fist album.
Got it over at powerpopcriminals blog (Very good it is too)

Marie Provost said...

Oh Shit!!! I see the end .rar is missing from that link. Sorry folks you know what to do don't you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, im downloading reggie, have the record too. see if yours is better, otherwise we could exchange it.

Anonymous said...

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