Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Long Time, No Sea...

...as Moses once said.

Sorry, I've had long time problems with the computer & net.

Now I've got a new one. Hurray!
And it's restarting & closes down most programs whenever it want.
Not so hurray!
As soon as I get it to work, I'll do some more blogging. And I've got a nice pile of vinyls ready for ripping. A lot of rare stuff. Yes, the questioned Susan too.

I'll focus on the NOT very easy to find stuff. The rest are 'out there' and easily found. Or bought.

But as I said, fix the pc first, then rig for rip & scanning.

But thanks for visiting this blog!
And thanks a lot for the postings.

Rock on!!!


Geaux said...

Cool, looking forward to that "Rex" album

sergey said...

We are glad, that you have returned at last.
Rock On!!!!!!!!

Alocacoc said...

Thanks! :)))

Winslow Leach said...

Good to have you back, Alocacoc. Your musical generosity has been missed ;-)

muebles caceres said...

This won't work in reality, that is what I suppose.