Sunday, April 8, 2007

Pure PompPopProgRock-tastic!

Here's an amazingly good debut album, produced & engineered by Gary Lyons (who btw did Foreigner's debut too, among lots of others) which saw the light of day in '79.

A marvelous mix of Pomp/Rock/Orchestration/Prog & Pop. If you liked New England, ELO & Queen, I think you'll love these guys. Sadly they released only 1 album, but years later, in 2003, a second album 'Ambition' was released, with material recorded 77-79.
Both are well worth having in your collection!

Brad Love (vocals / keyboards), Toby Bowen (guitar), Ken Steimonts (bass),
Paul Madden (keyboards), Richard Bryans (drums)
Bass player Ken Steimonts died in 1994 (R.I.P.).

Aviary - Aviary. 1979.

1. Soaring
2. Anthem For The U.S.A.
3. Puddles
4. As Close As You Can Get
5. Mystic Sharon
6. Feel The Heart
7. Average Boy
8. I Will Hear
9. Maple Hall

Aviary - Ambition. 2003.

1. Hello
2. The Sun & The Sand
3. Apathy
4. You
5. Desert Song / Pharaohs March
6. I Should Have Known
7. Eva's Birthday
8. Fine Lines
9. Working Girl
10. Yes & No


Donnie Iris and the Cruiser's

As a 'this post's bonus', something completely different, I think. Donnie Iris. He's been around quite some time, and have released more albums than most ppl are aware of. Either you love him or hate him. Or maybe you've never heard him!? But I happen to appreciate most of his stuff. And now you can listen & make up your mind too. It's positive rockin' power pop, and it's greats songs! And what more can you ask for.

Donnie Iris & the Cruisers - Nick's Fat City '97.

Donnie Iris - Vocals

Mark Avsec - Organ, accordian, synths, piano, vocals

Marty Lee Hoenes - Guitar and vocals

Paul Goll - Bass guitar and vocals

Tommy Rich - Drums

01 - Agnes

02 - Do You Compute?

03 - Tenth Street

04 - Tough World

05 - I Can't Hear You

06 - That's The Way Love Oughta Be

07 - Poletown

08 - This Time It Must Be Love

09 - Injured In The Game Of Love

10 - Minnie The Moocher

11 - Love Is Like A Rock

12 - Ah! Leah!

13 - The Rapper


Donnie Iris & the Cruiser's - Live At The Paradise (Promo)

01 - Agnes
02 - Intro
03 - I Can't Hear You
04 - The Rapper
05 - Shock Treatment
06 - Ah! Leah!


Well, so much for this post. Whaddya think, want more Donnie Iris? Or, what do ya want out there!? Anyway, Happy Easter! Rock On!


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I still love the live versions of Leah. Do you happen to have 'The High and The Mighty'?


Anonymous said...

At nicks fat city is missing song #1

Alocacoc said...

Yes, got most stuff of Iris.
Hmm... I'll check the 'At Nicks Fat City'.


Anonymous said...

The Aviary albums are a trip. Too bad they never got heavy airplay over the radio. Oh well...


Glen Woods said...

Thanks for the comments on Aviary. Ken Steimonts was my brother-in-law. I miss him dearly. He was an amazing encouragement and talent.

Anonymous said...

I'm desperately looking for NO MUSS NO FUSS... Never heard... Never seen before... Can someone help me??? quentin.

The Crotch Kid said...

This is a little late, but Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for the Donnie Iris. Truly a "should've been big" story.

Anonymous said...

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Redneck Zen said...

Thanks a lot! I really enjoy their Aviary album! I played drums and bass guitar with Paul Madden for about six months as he was doing a tour for his contemporary albums.

herbalwellspring said...

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