Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Rage continue...

Seems like I never get to do things in 'said order' in here. But blog'ing Nutz, the UK 70's band, NOT the german thrash bunch, led me thinking 'bout what happened after the Nutz 'broke up' after releasing 4 albums (all to be shared here eventually). Or, they really never broke up. Just changed name & got revitalized in the NWOBHM movement as Rage. And got one track 'Bootliggers' on the now classic 'Metal For Muthas Vol.1' album, in company with the more suited Iron Maiden, Samson and Angelwitch. (By the way, whatever happened to the band Toad The Wet Sprocket on that album, and why on earth did someone choose them to front the NWOBHM movement!? I liked it, but very misplaced. Not metal at all... but cool well played song)

To make a long story shorter, here's the line-up's:

Dave Lloyd - 1974-1980 Vocals (2 AM, Rage)
Mick Devonport -1974-1980 Guitars (Rage)
Keith Mullholland -1974-1980 Bass (Demon, Rage)
Kenny Newton -1974-1980 Keyboards (Nightwing)
John Mylett -1974-1980 Drums (Nightwing, Rage)

Nutz - Live at the Reading Festival 1974.

Dave Lloyd - 1980 -1983 - Vocals (2 AM, Nutz)
Mick Devonport - 1980 -1983 - Guitars (Nutz)
Terry Steers - 1982 -1983 - Guitars
Keith Mullholland - 1980 -1983 - Bass (Demon, Nutz)
John Mylett - 1980 -1983 - Drums (Nightwing, Nutz)

Dave Lloyd -1987-1988 Vocals (Nutz, Rage)
Mark Thomas -1987-1988 Guitars
John Young - Keyboards
Lou Rosenthal - Drums (Export)

Rage's '81 debut album 'Out Of Control' actually got 5 K's in the mighty Kerrang! magazine. After the next rockin' album 'Nice'n'Dirty' (with now gone rocker Gary Holton's (RIP) Donna, the blonde one on the cover), they returned a bit more to the Nutz kinda music with 'Run For The Night' in '83 (anyone out there got a good rip of that one!!?). Didn't sell much, I think, but I really liked that album as well. The track 'Cry From A Hill' was great! But I remember that was recorded real low and after playing that on a listenable volume these days, I often jumped high playing the next album without adjusting the volume on my stereo back to normal (such as Motorhead's 'Overkill'... usually woke up my neighbours. And me.)

Drummer Mylett tragically died in a car crash later that year (RIP).

Rage - Nice'n'Dirty

01 - American Radio Stations
02 - Waysted Years
03 - Woman
04 - Heartbreaker
05 - Silver And Gold
06 - Long Way From Home
07 - Only Child
08 - Blame It On The Night
09 - Wild Cat Woman
10 - Ready To Go


Then they disappeared. Untill the singer Dave Lloyd turned up a few years later in the more soft project 2AM. Even that a good album, with good songs. Although far from rocking. Sorry, didn't find the cover on search, and my scanner are not connected right now. I might do a scan later, if there's any interest.

2am - When Every Second Counts

01 - Never Gonna Let You Escape
02 - You're The One
03 - Sombody Someday
04 - Who Will You Run To
05 - Too Late
06 - Lost Souls
07 - Running With The Same Old Crowd
08 - Never Feel This Way Again
09 - Dream And Promises
10 - Now You're Leaving



matt said...

toad the wet sprocket managed 2 singles then faded. Blues in A was a terrible choice for metal for muthas. If they had placed "reach for the sky" on it they may have managed to stick around a bit longer and we may have gotten an LP out of them. Thanks for the Nutz / Rage stuff. you wouldn't happen to have the first Rage album "out of control" would you.
nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhh Yesss,
Out of control,
that would be great!!!
Memories come in my mind!!!

The Dice-Roller ;-) said...

I tried to find this album everywhere on the I-net, but no success!!
Please can someone upload it???

Anonymous said...

Rage - Run For The Night (1983)


Blandy said...

Hi Guys
I'm a friend of the band and have put a site together for them on MySpace Music;
They are looking at putting all their albums and a dvd of them at Bingley Hall (with Quo) and on the OGWT.
You can email Keith through this site.
Alan Bland

Anonymous said...

After checking your links I have nothing to say but thank you, thank you, thank you! RAGE was such a great band. I have looked for -Nice 'N' Dirty- for a while and finally I have the pleasure of listen "American Radio Stations" once again. I am still looking for "Thank that woman" from -Out of Control-. Any directions to where I can find it?


Anonymous said...

Nevermind, I just found "Thanks that woman" in your archive (April). That is awesome. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

My Dad is Lou Rosenthal, if you fancy putting the years in it's 1952 and still going :P I actually really liked some of exports stuff... And Nutz sounded awesome. John Mylett was a hell of a drummer, he had a 25th anniversary since his death 3 years ago which I got to play guitar at (at the lonley age of 13,) was a night to remember.

Anonymous said...

I went to see Queen at the Mecca in Sunderland in 1974. The support band was Nutz. It was the first time I'd heard of them and they were brilliant. I remember coming away that night - even though I wasn't that impressed with Queen - thinking I'd just seen two bloody great drummers. I think you'll have to agree with me on that one! Saw them a couple of times after that (supporting Budgie and the Heavy metal kids) and they were much better live than on record, which was a shame. Neil Thompson

Anonymous said...

Nutz and Rage feature in a new book by Tony Bolland called 'Plug Inn' the forgotten years and a couple of sites www.hesssys.co.uk and www.pluginn.bravehost.com. about the 70's bands and what they done afterwards. John Mylett also has a tribute site on Respectance.com

Anonymous said...

Hi - I would like to see the 2 AM scan, if you could please. I saw them when they first started performing the songs from this. They were managed by John Arnison, who also managed Marillion. And later I was a student in Liverpool when they used to play in the clubs there.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Its amazing what you can find on the internet. I used to have a cassette called Heavy Metal Thunder and on it was Saxon / Rose Tattoo / Dokken / Demon and Rage (Long Way From Home & Women)
I have been looking for those Rage tracks for ages, I knew the Rage band wasn't the German metal band, but every time i search thats where i ended up. This is great just to find information about the band let alone a link to downloading the tracks. I am well happy. :o)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I´m from Mexico you were searching from many years ago "Long way from home" of Rage, I have the L.P. Heavy Metal Thunders, I am on the lookout for the great version of the group Spitfire "So you think a rock and roll star", this cover appeared in the L.P. in Mexico, it is a great version, so long and thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Cherry Peck said...

My parents used to roadie for them.. my dad jeff is thanked on the hard nutz lp. Would love to be able to contact them for my mum.. she still says it was the best time of her life.. anyone with info im on facebook as cherry peck and would really appreciate it. Thanks