Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Have 2 more Nutz...

Well, as promised, the two last Nutz albums. Have fun!

Nutz - Live Cutz. 1977.
1. Seeing Is Believing
2. Loser
3. Pushed Around
4. You Better Watch Out
5. RSD
6. Joke
7. Can Be Loved
8. Wallbanger
9. Knife Edge

Nutz - Hard Nutz. 1977.
1. Seeing Is Believing
2. I Know The Feeling
3. Loser
4. From Here To Anywhere
5. Wallbanger
6. Pushed Around
7. Beast Of The Field
8. Sick And Tired
9. Down On My Knees
10. One More Cup Of Coffee


Anonymous said...

Is Nutz Live a LP-Rip or from CD?

Many Greetings

Alocacoc said...

Hi Kosmo!

Good question. It's not my rip, is it released on cd at all?
Have to say it's a vinyl rip, but if u like the band/album, it's worth it! It's the same rip which is 'out there' as 2 files named 'Live Cutz 1' & 'Live Cutz 2'. But I've split the files & named them. And slightly enhanced the sound quality.
And I forgot to write that the last track ends in a weird way, which I'm pretty sure the album didn't.
But as I said, it's good. I recommend you try it anyway!

And thanks for visiting my site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. But a cd-rip (with cracks) I own for several years.

To visit your page is great fun for me. (nearly every day!)


Alocacoc said...

Glad to hear! I'll try to keep it fun. I'm not into this blogstuff enough to make the site look very good, so I'll focus on the music... :)

bigfoot kit said...

Nice site my friend, i like the loosely linked theme which runs through it. I'll be interested to see what you'll post next.
Many thanks for the Sean Delaney album, i've waited quite a while to hear this one too.
Nice blog all round!

Winslow Leach said...

I've wanted to hear these since reading about them in Martin Popoff's 1970s Metal Record Guide. Thanks for allowing us to complete the collection!

Alocacoc said...

Hi friends!

Nice to see the blog get some visits. I'm glad to be able to help with some rare music.
There's more to come.

I'll find some good stuff later today, gotta get some coffee in my vains first. Rock on! :))

sergey said...

Thank you very much for Nutz. It's my favourite group. It's bad there are no covers. Can you to solve somehow this problem?
Thanx anyway

Anonymous said...

Good Evening guys, just wanted to say thanks for great web site and kind words about the band, my name is Gary Devonport and I`m Mick Devonport`s(from Nutz) son. I know it makes him and me very proud to see people still listening to the music.

Alocacoc said...

Hi Gary!
And thanks for visiting this site.

Amazing! & say hello to Mick! Loved their music. And I'm glad to hear you're proud, both of you. You should be, got good reason to. Take care!

Nils Tibor said...

Hi Alocacoc!

Thanks for a nice site.
Nutz was a very good group, it was pity that they didn't break.

As I know all the four albums was released as CD in Japan, in the early 90's.

They even had an other UK group Hustler who did 2 albums 1974-1975 on same label as Nutz (AM) as CD in Japan at the same time.

I have Hustler's 2 albums on CD.

But back to Nutz, the 3 first CD was released for about a month ago the first time outside Japan.

They are in Digipak Edition with bonus tracks on each album.

Here is a link to a good Web Shop in Sweden who has all the 3 Nutz CD.



Anonymous said...

Rage - Run For The Night (1983)


Anonymous said...


Its nice to see these groups from my youth getting and airing, i remember seeing nutz as support to black sabbath at hammy odeon.

i have 3 copies of hard nutz and all have a dreadfull ripping of one more cup of coffee for the road, whilst the rest of the tracks are fine this has levels all over the place.

alocacoc im not having a go at u, but did u rip this from the vynal ?if so could u listen to the track and maybe re-rip ? its my fav track from that album.

it maybe that is how it is on the record......

Anonymous said...

This internet thing is wonderful...Saw these fellas supporting Barclay James Harvest on the old Liverpool Boxing Stadium in the 70's...Finding them again today was just too much..many, many thanks

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

what's up buddy yea it's really good lp's I have a question you know mega dont work any more is there other links you have ???