Saturday, April 7, 2007

I'll give you a rare Rose...

I love this album. It's great. Highly professional played, written and produced good rockin' AOR/hard rock. No wild screamin' guitars, but they're there. Should satisfy most likers of 'radio rock'. Bought the album by looking at the cover, way back then, I thought the band looked interesting. And they were. Sadly they only released this one album, before changing their name to Small Talk, and released a softer album. Not bad that one either, but frankly a bit boring. I got that stacked away like most my old vinyls, and I'll try to rip & clean it up when I get some equipment up and running. I think & I hope you'll appreciate this one!

Rock Rose - Rock Rose. 1979.

Frank Demme - Vocals, Bass
Carl Johnson - Guitars
Jack D 'Amore - Drums
Chris Barr - Keyboards

1. Daddy's Car
2. Matinee Mood
3. Bittersweet Love
4. You've Gone Beyond
5. Phantom Lover
6. Diary Of Fools
7. Sad Thing
8. Slippin'
9. Rock Rose

Year of the Wolf...

1981 was a good year, a lot of great things happened around that time, in the world of hard rock. Record companies had back then the will & cash to give a lot of happening bands a fair chance of release. And south african artist Trevor Rabin, released his amazing third album 'Wolf'. Might not be the best lyrics ever, but who cares, it's a great rockin' AOR album, one of the best out there! And that's really something.

I guess most ppl interesting in this type of music, already have this one. But if not, don't wait anymore. Grab this pearl as fast as you can & enjoy it!!

If in any doubt, take a look at this awesome line up (and yes, it's THAT good!):

Trevor Rabin - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Simon Phillips - Drums
Jack Bruce & Mo Foster - Bass
Manfred Mann & Rabbitt - Keyboards
Additional vocals: Chris Thompson, Stevie Lange, Noel McCalla
Composed and arranged by Rabin
Produced by Trevor Rabin

Associate producer: Ray Davies
Recorded at Konk Studios London
Engineer: Benedict Tobias Fenner

Trevor Rabin - Wolf. 1981.

1 Open Ended
2 Heard You Cry Wolf
3 Do Ya Do Ya Want Me
4 Stop Turn
5 Lost in Love
6 Looking for a Lady - (Wolfman)
7 Pain
8 Take Me to a Party
9 She's Easy 10 Long Island



shotgun169 said...

hi Coca cola. nice blog.
Grabbin the trevor rabin.
thanx alot and don't stop.
feel free to visit my blog:


Nils Tibor said...

Many thanks for the Rock Rose LP.

You have a great blog.


Alocacoc said...

Hi shotgun :)))
Nice to see you here. No, won't stop. Had a lot of pc problems. And moved.
I've just started. Soon it's all set up for some serious vinyl ripping. Got quite a lot rare albums I've never seen on the net.

Thanks nils.
I love the Rock Rose album.

Anonymous said...

Get all your head bangin' guitar speed freaks together and this guy will shred them one by one..

billie said...

Thank you for the rare Rock Rose! I heard them way back in 1979-1980 on FM Radio, but their album was never released here in the Philippines. This is a real treat!

Do you happen to have Pousette Dart Band's album "Never Enough" (1979)? Another favorite album that I've been looking for. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

10x for Rock Rose!
Very nice music in vein of Bad Company, The Babys, Foreigner, Toto & AC/DC. said...

So, I do not really imagine this is likely to have success.