Sunday, March 11, 2007

Talkin' about...

I'll stick to the topic. Same years, same names. This page started with the great Sean Delaney produced Piper album Can't Wait, which led to Delaney's rare solo album. And now the band that Delaney gave their name.
I'm talkin' about rock'n'roll. I'm talkin' bout the Detroit Girls. I'm talkin' bout Starz! The cool, charming, fun & rockin' and underrated New York band that released 4 albums in the period '76 - '78.
And later quite a lot of live & rare collections.
To make the link to the previous posts even more obvious, a quote from
'Sweval, having contributed a co-write and backing vocals to Aucoin Management employee Sean Delaney's1978 debut album 'Highway' was to appear the following year with his hair cropped and sporting a moustache as a member of Delaney's sub Disco band Skatt Bros. ' 'Strange Spirits' album.'

Michael Lee Smith - Vocals
Richie Ranno - Guitars
Brendan Harkin - Guitars
Pete Sweval - Bass
Joe X Dube - Drums

Here's a live recording. Sorry, got no additional info or cover on this one. But it's GOOD!

Starz - Live 1978.

01. Fallen Angel
02. Hold On To The Night
03. Cool One
04. Detroit Girls
05. Rock 6 Times
06. Subway Terror
07. Night Crawler
08. X Ray Spex
09. Cherry baby
10. Johnny All Alone
11. Waitin' On You(inc. Coliseum Rock)
12. Pull The Plug
13. Route 66
14. Piss Party


So, keeping to my 'connection theme' here... my next upload might be the Starz singer, Michael Lee Smith's younger brother, Rex Smith. And his albums 'Rex' from (76) and 'Where Do We Go From Here' (77). Not exactly classics in any way, but good rare pop rock for the connoisseurs & collector of obscurities...


Anonymous said...

Good Stuff. I remember hearing Cherry Baby on AM reader way back in the junior high days. I did spend my hard earned lawn mowing money on the likes of Starz, Angel and Piper. Not familiar with the American Teas stuff so I did download that. Thanks alot for the trips down memory lane.


BIG Steve said...

Great blog. Full of unseen albums - thanks. Would it be possible for you to post the other Starz albums that you have shown sleves for? Thanks.