Saturday, March 10, 2007

American Tears

A quick and not very informative post now, just had to put these out while the links lasts.

Anyone remember TOUCH? The band that opened the first ever Monsters Of Rock at Donington in 1980.

Before there was TOUCH, and their amazing & criminally good classic AOR/Hard Rock debut album, there was American Tears, in the mid-seventies. Although more of a progressive symphonic keyboard oriented rock cult band than their later to come masterwork.

Originally a trio, but the late line-up was:

Craig Evan Brooks (vocals, guitars)
Mark Mangold keyboards, vocals)
Glenn Kithcart (drums, percussion)
Kirk Powers (bass, backing vocals)

Anyway, if you're interested, it's worth having a listen.

Their first album:

American Tears - Branded Bad

Sweet Changes

Doctor Abreaction

Low Down

Need You Badly

Crooked is Quicker


Lock and Chain

Take Me LordLouie (I've Been Arrested)


Their third album:

American Tears - Powerhouse

Slow Train

Promise To Be Free


Lookin' For Love

Can't Keep From Cryin'

Don't Give It Away

Say You'll Stay

Last Chance For Love (Later recorded for the TOUCH awesome debut album!)

Born To Love


Mangold's later activities includes, Drive She Said & a blues project called Flesh And Blood with ex-Waysted and Tyketto vocalist Danny Vaughn.


Anonymous said...

Can you post the second ambum? I prefer their first album than the third. A good band.

Anonymous said...

I was at Donington that day. Seemed a great band to me. The version of Dont You Know What Love Is on the live album of the show is just fantastic.

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