Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Tale of the Blog...

A quick blog again this time. Still in topic, Boston born Billy Squier's been mentioned in here earlier, and after givin' the old Piper albums a few spin lately, I had to hear Billy's first solo album again. Great album, great songs, and the great start of a solo carrere. Some of his later albums I don't listen to a lot. But this one are filled with awesome good rock.
I was lucky enough to get to see him perform live, way back in '81, at The Reading Festival. A great memory.

Track Listing
1. The Big Beat
2. Calley Oh
3. Rich Kid
4. Like I'm Lovin' You
5. Who Knows What A Love Can Do
6. You Should Be High Love
7. Who's Your Boyfriend
8. The Music's Alright
9. Young Girls

Billy Squier (vocals, guitar, percussion)
Bruce Kulick (guitar)
Bucky Ballard (bass)
Bobby Chouinard (drums)
David Sancious (keyboards)
Richard T. Bear (keyboards)
Ernest Carter (percussion)

Produced by: Billy Squier & Eddy Offord
Engineered by: Eddy Offord
Mixed by : Eddy Offord


Freak Magnet said...

You'll always have a special spot in my heart when you post Billy Squier stuff, darlin'.

Anonymous said...

Hi From France and all my congratulations for your young but wonderful blog...
Bruce Kulick, Bobby Chouinard... Only some good partners in crime for Billy !!

Anonymous said...

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