Saturday, March 31, 2007

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I said in a earlier post that I would post some Rex here. So, here it is. Had some problems uploading his first album 'Rex', but here's his second, from 1977. Rex Smith, the brother of Michael Lee Smith, singer in Starz. 'Where Do We Go From Here?'. And from there he released some more albums, and got a carrere in movies & TV. Guess it was a wise move. Not bad music at all, but no classics either. And a pretty similar voice as his older brother when the songs rocks a bit.

Rex - Where Do We Go From Here?

Rex Smith - Main Performer, Vocals
Lars Hanson - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
Mike Ratti - Percussion, Drums
Bonnie Guidry - Vocals
Lou VanDora - Guitar, Vocals (Background), Slide Guitar
Michel Ratte - Drums
Orville Davis - Bass
Rob Stoner - Piano
Beverly Hanshaw - Vocals
Lynda Lawley - Vocals
Produced by Eddie Leonetti.
Lee DeCarlo Engineer

1. Where Do We Go from Here?
2. Do Me
3. Burn Your Bridges
4. 7 Come 11
5. You're Never Too Old To Rock & Roll
6. Chains On My Heart
7. Stealin' The Night Away
8. You Don't Want Love
9. Running Wild



Winslow Leach said...

Thanks for putting up an album by this underrated outfit. It would have been interesting to see what Smith had done if he'd stuck with the hard rock...

Dude said...

Thanks for this. Please try to upload the first REX album again. I recall that was a much stronger album

Karos said...

That is great! Now I have to figure out how to unpack it for a Mac computer.

Anonymous said...

Is this the Rex Smith making jazz and love songs, this is great!

Alocacoc said...

Hi all! Yes, cool stuff. I'll try to dig up his first, I agree that it was a bit better.
Been down for a while now, but got a new pc now, and gonna get a bunch of vinyls ripped eventually. Some obscure stuff there too.

Karos said...

This is great "of the time" hair-band rock stuff. Kind of funny to think of where he's gone from there.

Oh, would love the first album. I do have it on vinyl but have not had a chance to listen to it yet. Just bought it last week and need to pick up a pre-amp so we can get the turntable going again. Thanks for the great files!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please try to upload the first REX album, that would be so great! Thanks!

Geaux said...

I'll add my request for that first Rex too. I actually saw them in concert with mahogany rush

Residentevil2 said...

Thanks great and yes please up the first.

kingfozzy said...

Love the Rex lp's from back in the
day. It's a shame he didn't stick
with rock instead of turning into
a softy. Thanks for going to the
trouble of riping the vinyl. :)

Has anyone else had problems with
the track "You're Never Too Old
To Rock & Roll"??? There seems to
be a glitch at the 3:36 mark.

sparkiesdad said...

Yep, I also have that same little glitch towards the end of "You're Never Too Old To Rock & Roll" Hopefully, alocacoc will be able to fix it. I sure do hope that you are still going to add some more great stuff to this site, alocacoc, 'cause you are doing a great job.