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Hi again. This time I needed a 'rest' from the time absorbing process the ripping of vinyl really are to get them ready to blog (that said, I'm not VERY impressed by bloggers who don't even care renaming their files, just pour them out. Although well done and often appreciated, it means more work). So I dug out a few cd's for you to enjoy. Although I'm pretty sure most of you people might
have these already, or at least heard. Most of them. Can't say when my next blogging will appear, but I'll prepare a monsterblog for the Christmas to enjoy (I wrote this when I thought I had good time to get it done, well... I hadn't.). What's in it, even I don't know yet. If I manage to get my cassette
deck to play, it might even be a few really rare demos from earlier blogged artists, who knows. Wish you all rocking & happy pre-christmas days. A time of year where at least I more than often really need my escape into great & LOUD music, so CRANK IT UP, friends! See ya later.

First out, a minor classic. Legendary Fergy Fredriksen (Trillion, Toto, LeRoux) & Ricky Philips (The Babys, Bad English, Angel!) awesome 1995 release, including co-pilots such as Neal Schon, Deen Castronovo, Bobby Blotzer, Tim Pierce, Pat Torpey, Robim MacAuley and more. Hell, even a great norwegian backing vocal on some tracks here, Aina Olsen! How 'bout that. Love it!

Frederiksen/Phillips. 1995.
Produced by Ricky Phillips.
01 Shot Down (Ricky Phillips)
02 Oh Diane (Ricky Phillips)
03 How Much Longer (Phillips, Purdell, Frederiksen)
04 Name Of Love (Ricky Phillips)
05 You Must Be A Liar ('Cause You're Unbelieveable) (Phillips/Frederiksen)
06 Baby Blue (Phillips, Frederiksen, Punky Meadows!)
07 Captured (Phillips, Frederiksen, Giuffria!)
08 Queen Bee (Phillips, Nand)
09 Hopelessly Lost (Phillips, Gowdy)
10 Do You Love Her (Phillips, Frederiksen)
11 Long Way Around The World (Phillips, Frederiksen)
American Henry Lee Summer, another artist and release that are NOT far away from the album just blogged (Frederiksen/Phillips), this sounding quite Journey'ish too, great pop rock AOR tracks all over! I've never heard or seen his first 2 albums before this one, I actually believed for years this was his debut, but that was not correct. (Anyone out there got these!? They're on my wish list. The same are his Slamdunk, Live, Smoke and Mirrors albums!). This is a GREAT album, and I'll share his two next releases ('89 & '91) later.
Musicians: Jimmy Rip, Anton Fig, Graham Maby, Mike Organ, Ed Roynesdal, Tony Aiello. His live band line-up at that moment, also consisted of Rick Benick & Mike Read (Roadmaster).
Henry Lee Summer - St. 1988.
Produced by Michael Frondelli.
01 I Wish I Had A Girl
02 Hands On The Radio
03 Darlin' Danielle Don't
04 I Know How You Feel
05 Just Another Day
06 Still Bein' Seventeen
07 Wing Tip Shoes
08 Lovin' Man
09 I'll Hurt For You
10 I Ain't Comin' Home
Sweden next, a 'supergroup' including Kee Marcello (Europe, Easy Action), Tobbe Moen (OZ), Freddy Von Gerber (Voodoo X, Rat Bat Blue, Bam Bam Boys) and Thomas Persson (Alien). Rockin' & kinda pop'n'bluesy with an opener that makes me think of Van Halen's classic Ice Cream Man. Definately cool stuff. Enjoy it.
Red Fun - Red Fun. 1993.
Produced by Freddy Von Gerber.
01 My Baby's Coming Back
02 Dr Love
03 Could Have Been Love
04 Rock This Town
05 Midnight Stranger
06 My Babe
07 Bad Reputation
08 Don't Close Your Eyes
09 The Party
10 Red Hot n' Ready
More Solli stuff. Great singer. I know, the second and last Sons of Angels album have been blogged & shared on the net earlier, not a very hard album to find. But what's 'new' here, it's that this version have both bonus tracks.
Sons of Angels - Slumber With the Lions. 2001.
Produced by Torstein & Lars K.
01. Burning Childhood
02. No Sorrow
03. Fire
04. Slumber With The Lion
05. Hopeless Kind
06. Lazy Stacey
07. Love You Too Much
08. Gimme Lovin'
09. Talk About Girls
10. Stranded
11. Hunger For Love
12. Baby Wanna Ride (European Bonus)
13. Wallflower's Heart (Japanese Bonus)
If smooth, well played & produced commercial rock are your cup of tea, you better put the kettle on, then! A good album, and I won't name drop all the obvious and hidden influences here. If you're into this stuff, you'll find out. Some of the opening track simply screams Toto at ya. When I say smooth, it doesn't mean there's no rockers here, because there are both rockin' and funky stuff here. Well done. The members have previously done work with bands such as Brød & Cirkus (another awesome & rare pop rock AOR gem, with norwegian lyrics, I might blog that later), Diezel, Tin Drum, Embee Normann, Alarm (norwegian band), Justin Case, Rondo.
Frode Henriksen - Vocals
Jon Johannessen - Guitars
Tom Sennerud - Guitars, Vocals
Svenn Huneide - Bass
Steinar Krokstad (Stage Dolls, Vagabond) - Drums
Dag Bårdstu (Charm, Harline (N), Storm (N), Torpedoes )- Hammond, Keyboards
Stoneflower - Crack a Little Smile. 2003.
Produced by Tom Sennerud.
01 Rock My Nation
02 Songs Of Love
03 If U Say
04 Whenever
05 Only U
06 Sign On
07 A Little Bit Of Money
08 Stop The Thunder
09 Winter
10 Torn To Pieces
11 Rat Razor
Not available.
Another collection of norwegian 'power ballads'. Guess most of you have heard most bands here, but there might be a few surprises too. Mostly the safe & known songs by the obvious artists.
Norwegian Power Ballads. 1992
01 Tindrum - (She'll Be) Dancin'
02 TNT - End of the Line
03 Evenrude - Broken Heart
04 Da Vinci - Tarquinia
05 Stage Dolls - Waitin' For You
06 Aina - Believe In Me
07 Return - Can You Forgive Me
08 Lava - Heartache
09 Slyboy - Tell Me
10 Dream Police - When The Sun Goes Down
11 TNT - Without Your Love
12 Thowsen - Black Rain
13 Da Vinci - Call Me a Liar
14 Stage Dolls - Sorry (Is All I Can Say)
15 Tindrum - The Show Must Go On
Da Vinci - Great band, great guys.
Ole Evenrud - Those happy & hairy days...
Slyboy - They had it all. The songs, the looks, the help, the album. But never happened. Just sad.
Tindrum - Here with MK2, frontman/singer/writer Dag Ingebrigtsen.
It doesn't get much better than this. Period. An album that stunned me right on, from start to finish, way back when I bought it. And a release with quite a special history. For a start, it's a trio - the drummer Eric Valentine produced it (a project to sell his abilities as a future big time producer). The bass player Dan Arlie wrote all the songs. And the guitarist Jeff Tyson, don't do ONE solo on the songs on this album. Not the conventional way for sure. If you haven't heard it, it's not easy to describe. But it's not entirely wrong to say hair metal. But very wrong too. It's SO much more. It's huge, big, creative, adventurous, well arranged sound pastiches that often have a movie soundtrack feeling to it. Filled with awesome hooks, harmonies, and hard and often funky grooves. It's arranged & recorded as a trio to be able to play it live, although it's so much happening vocally & instrumentally that you never think 'it's a trio, and it made the band very busy in a live situation and not much spare moments for the show. It was recorded and produced in a garage studio they build them self while developing the entire product. And when the company wanted a known Led Zep producer to lift it further, they got it back with something like 'What do you want me to do with this? It's perfectly finished'. The tragic thing is that it didn't sell enough to get a release of their second & started album. I've heard it exist, how finished I don't know, but... I would gladly offer a spare body part to get my hands and ears on THAT! In fact, make that my christmas wish for the rest of my entire life! I won't even ask if there's anyone out there who got it. I don't believe in that amounts of luck. But I'll pray for a rerelease with as much bonus tracks as possible! Not very likely, though...
Dan Arlie - Vocals / Bass
Jeff Tyson - Guitar
Eric Valentine - Drums
T-Ride - T-Ride. 1992.
Produced by Eric Valentine.
01 Zombies from Hell
02 Back Door Romeo
03 Ride
04 You and Your Friend
05 I Hunger
06 Luxury Cruiser
07 Hit Squad
08 Bad Girls and Angels
09 Bone Down
10 Fire It Up
And last...a BIG THANKS to mattias for supplying the links to 2 rare gems. Very cool and nice done. Really appreciated! Covers incl. in both.This australian female singers' album featuring an awesome bunch of interesting AOR names. Mick Ronson, Waddy Wachtel, Earl Slick, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, Steve Lukather, John Regan, and more. Enjoy it! And again, thanks to mattias.
Lisa Bade - Suspicion. 1982
Produced by David Kershenbaum.
01 No Way To Treat A Lady
02 Then Things Go Wrong
03 Jersey Girl
04 Pile Up On The Highway
05 Shakin’ All Over
06 Suspicion
07 Murder At Midnight
08 You’re The Weight
09 Losin’ Feelin’
10 Willow
Beau Hill (ex. Airborne, Shanghai, later big time producer) producing, composing & playing on this album by his girlfriend at that time, an album & production more or less in the style of Shanghai. Feat. both Anton Fig & Amanda Blue, from the mentioned Shanghai. Thanks again, mattias!
Sandy Stewart - Cat Dancer
Produced by Beau Hill and Gordon Perry
01 Cat Dancer
02 Get My Way
03 Think Of Me
04 Living End
05 Saddest Victory
06 Not Like The Others
07 I Pretend
08 Mind Over Matter
09 Leave It All Behind
I don't know when these last 2 links expire, but if there's interest, I might upload them later myself, if needed. As mentioned, don't know when my next blog will be ready, but then it's back to vinyls, more AOR and nwobhm & more mausoleum. Stay tuned.
Now, a time to eat and drink and... well, eat more and drink some more. And then drink.
Have a nice one, all! ROCK! :)))


conspiracy theologian said...

Great update! Thanks for all of the work.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Beau Hill is my favourite producer

the blackheart said...

great post man. High quality hard rock/aor songs. Thank you very much and a very happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone also have the Sandy Stewart - Blue Yonder album from 1987? Thanks

noizzz said...

If you're looking for more vinyl rips of hard to find stuff check out my blog.
I've only just started so there's not much there yet.

Anonymous said...

Just an amazing post. Thanky so much.

Nils Tibor said...

Many thanks for the Stoneflower album.
It sounds sometimes like Toto and also Michael Learns To Rock in the softer songs.


Anonymous said...

Wow!Awesome Blog.What can I say?Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Rage - Run For The Night (1983)

camelblue said...

Excellent job again mate
Rock On

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Does anyone hv the Broken Home 2nd albums life (UK 1981)

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard (of) T-Ride. This was a gem of a find, thank you very much. I think they're my new favorite band - I just ordered the album. It is definitely worth paying for. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the Holly Woods & Toronto - Assault & Flattery album from 1984? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to share all your stuff. Hopefully you will be back soon with more music.
Does anybody have anything on -HOUNDS- "Unleahsed" (1978)


Bonkrr said...

I just stumbled upon your blog by accident while quite frankly, just wasting time on the computer. What a great find. I ended up downloading at least a dozen albums from your collection from Teaze and Hatch, to Sniffn and Moxy. Many thanks for keeping the tunes alive for we children of the 70s and 80s.

Pratl Power said...

Thanks for the Lisa Bade - not familiar with her, but I'll give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your efforts Great blog!!!!

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You have an amazing site man!.. Where I am, it's impossible to get the kind of muysic I like. You are trully a lifesaver!

Rock On!


Anonymous said...

You have an amazing site man!.. Where I am, it's impossible to get the kind of music I like. You are trully a lifesaver!

Rock On!


simon said...

I would like to know if you are to help me out with some info. I need to have track list and cover art from some Zero Records compilations where you can find Takara tracks. I knew that there are 2 that have "Spotlight" and 2 more that have "When Darkness Falls". I f you have this info I would Thank U a lot friend. Cheers.

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Many thanks for the rare and talented Lisa Bade

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