Sunday, February 4, 2007

Billy Squier's PIPER

I bought some albums (as I often did), one day in '77, I can't remember most of them, but one was by a band named Piper. I had never heard of them before. I liked the cover, and a name on it triggered the investment. Produced by Sean Delaney. Being a big Kiss fan those days, knowing that he was heavily into the Kiss product, I thought it could not be bad. And it wasn't.

In fact, the album 'Can't Wait', are still one of my favorites, ever, and if I had to make a list of my all time best 10 albums, it would be high up there. I find it impossible to make such a list anyway, so instead I often say about an extremely good album that 'it's among the 20 albums of my All Time Top 5'.

Later, I got hold of their first album too, 'Piper', released one year earlier, 1976. I liked that one too, but it never got the place in my heart&ears as 'Can't Wait'.

Then the front man, writer, singer & guitarist went solo, and got a great career on his own, Billy Squier. But that's another story.

So, I will share these gems with you, as a start on this blog. And this share leads to my next share, the album I've used most years to get hold of a copy of, Sean Delaney's solo album 'Highway' from 78/79, ofcourse released on Casablanca Records. Looking for that one more than 25 years. But, that comes later...

But first, Piper...

They were pieced together by ex-Sidewinders man Billy Squier, PIPER was managed by Bill Aucoin, the man behind KISS and Starz and were a strictly rootsy Rock band. The debut album featured a cover of the Rolling Stones 'The Last Time'.

1st press photo(L-R) Tommy Gunn (bottom left), Alan Nolan, Billy Squier, Danny McGary, Richie Fontana.Richie played drums as well as percussion and backing vocals in this five piece band which featured Billy Squier.

Moments after their performance at Boston Garden with Electric Light Orchestra(L-R) Alan Nolan, Danny McGary, Richie Fontana, Billy Squier, Tommy Gunn.

Squier split PIPER in 1979 in order to go solo, releasing 'Tale Of The Tape' in 1980 and going on to enjoy sustained chart success. Drummer Richie Fontana joined the Casablanca signed disco project SKATT BROS. fronted by Aucoin employee Sean Delaney. Fontana had previously made an appearance on KISS man Paul Stanley's solo album in 1978.

Read more about the forming of Piper at the drummer, Richie Fontanas website:

And Billy Squier's webpage:

Piper - "Piper"

1976 A&M Records, Inc. Produced by John Anthony

Billy Squier: lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, percussion

Alan Nolan: guitars, backing vocals

Tommy Gunn: guitars, backing vocals

Danny McGary: bass, backing vocals

Richie Fontana: drums, percussion, backing vocals

Mixed by Eddie Kramer for Remarkable Productions, Inc.
Arranged by Piper
Recorded at Eastern Sound - Toronto
Engineer: Ken Friesen
Assistant Engineer: Dana Marks
Mixed at the Record Plant, N.Y.C.Additional Mixing by Corky "Stunt Man" Stasiak
Mastered at A&M Recording Studios, Hollywoodby Bernie Grundman
Design: Dennis WolochFront Cover Photo: Eric Stephen JacobsBack Cover Photo: Tony Loew
All songs written by BILLY SQUIER,except "42nd Street" (SQUIER / McGARY) and "The Last Time" (Jagger / Richard)

1. Out Of Control
2. Whatcha Gonna Do
3. The Road
4. Sail Away
5. Who's Your Boyfriend? (I Gotta Feelin')
6. Telephone Relation
7. The Last Time
8. 42nd Street
9. Can't Live With Ya... Can't Live Without Ya

Piper - "Can't Wait"

1977 A&M Records, Inc.Produced by Sean Delaney and Chris Kimsey

Billy Squier: lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, percussion

Alan Nolan: guitars, backing vocals

Tommy Gunn: guitars, backing vocals

Danny McGary: bass, backing vocals

Richie Fontana: drums, percussion, backing vocals

Arranged by Piper and Sean Delaney
Horn and String Arrangement on "Now Ain't The Time" by Ron Frangipane
Recorded and Mixed at Electric Lady Studios, New York
Engineer: Chris KimseyAssistant Engineer: Neil DorfsmanTape Editor: Neil Teeman
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York by George Marino
All songs written by Billy Squier, except "Can't Wait" (Squier / Isaacs), and "Drop By And Stay" (Squier / Sartori)
Design and Photography: Ed Caraeff
Direction / Management: Aucoin, 645 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y. 10022

1. Can't Wait
2. Drop By And Stay
3. See Me Through
4. Little Miss Intent
5. Now Ain't The Time
6. Bad Boy
7. Comin' Down Off Your Love
8. Anyday
9. Blues For The Common Man

That's all for now. Hope someone out there'll appreciate this band & it's music as much as I did, and still do.

Until next time, ROCK ON!


Freak Magnet said...

Dude. That was awesome. I love Billy Squier and Piper. I paid $50 for the first album online and then found another fan who had both albums on one disc that she sold to me for $15. Worth every single penny. Solid albums.

Anonymous said...

Terrific, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Piper lps. Some great stuff on them. I'm surprised "Who's Your Boyfriend" hasn't ended up on some powerpop compilation yet.

Winslow Leach said...

You're off to a great start with these albums. Please keep up the good work - I'm excited about that Sean Delaney album...

Alocacoc said...

Thanks. And hi!
I will.
Just need the time to, I'm new to this. The blog, not the music.
Right now I'm busy day & nite finishing a project. As soon as I find time to, I'll UP a few goodies from the past... :)

the KIDD said...

WOW!!! Did not know about the band,PIPER.The 2 CD Comp. of Canadian music is also cool!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I used to groove on these back in the Days Of Vinyl...
Thanks for makin' these available digitally...
Great Blog, Keep Rockin'

Jim Allen said...

I came across this long after it was posted, but thanks so much! I've been looking for the Piper albums! I second what the earlier commenter said about "Who's Your Boyfriend" from Squier's first solo album, hard to believe it wasn't a hit...

Anonymous said...

I have both of these on Japaneese import...terrific albums. Does anyone know of any live performances during Billy's time with Piper? In addition...anyone have copies of the Sidewinders tunes that B.S. recorded?


Sweet Lew said...

Thanks so much for posting these Great Albums. I am a huge Billy Squier fan. I saw him on the Creatures Tour back in 91 in Boston and to this day it remains one of my fondest Rock Experieces. 2&1/2 hours of balls to the wall. I have been trying to get these now for a while. They are next to impossible to find on anything but vinyl which I do not have the means for anymore. These are a real treat for all true Rock Fans. The artwork and photos are great and the sound is pretty darn good too. Great work, thanks again! Rock On!

Anonymous said...

Yee haw! I finally got these albums off of Amazon, through the Billy Squier website. I've had the albums since 1982, but I needed to find a CD to import them into my iPod. I've LOVED them forever! "Can't Wait" is a pop/rock gem! I've been a Billy fan forever and still am.

RedSonja said...

I was lucky enough to find these albums at Amoeba Records in L.A. a few years ago. I loved them! Billy Squier was huge when I was in high school, but I've never heard of Piper. I just got the new CD release from I play the entire CD through; every song is great.

Anonymous said...

Great!!! Thanks alot....I have these 2 albums on vinyl somewhere....

First time I heard 42nd Street ir a dear memory for me....good times. Good band!

wretchedvonkrank said...

Nice Job! I'm a HUGE Piper fan from back in the 70's. I have both on vinyl, and now have the re-issue CD's... they sound as great as ever. Also, that pic from the Boston Garden show with ELO, I WAS THERE! Any more pics? I saw Piper twice, that show with ELO, and a show with the Baby's at the Orpheum in Boston which was AWESOME! FYI on the guy that asked about live shows of Piper... I know there was a show recorded for King Biscuit Flower hour from a hall in Philadelphia. I taped it off the radio back in the day, but I don't have it anymore. Hoping it will show up on "Wolfgang's vault" online (a site where you can hear tons of live shows for free, and most come from King Biscuit, but I haven't found the Piper one YETTTTT). Going to see Billy Squire next week, and he's supposed to pull out a song or 2 from the Piper days! I HOPE!!!! Wish he'd reform Piper and tour!!! :-)

rocker said...

I got the first Piper Album before it was released. In fact, it says "Promotional Copy Only- Not for resale" on the label in the center of the vinyl record. I still own this album. I loved it then and I love it now. "42nd Street" friggin' rocks and has an amazing guitar solo! "Sail Away" is an awesome power ballad that was recorded long before power ballads became popular.

Anonymous said...

Haa.. cool, I have the regular version of the first album, but have the "promotional copy" of the Can't wait album (the cover is just blank white).

Anonymous said...

Saw Billy rehearsing today at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY. He's playing the first show of his tour here tomorrow night. I could see him through the crack in the door and heard them play "The Stroke" and "Calley Oh" and it sounded SUPERB! His voice sounds amazing like 1980 or so, still hitting the high notes, and the band sounded awesome! Sounded VINTAGE late 70's early 80's... can't wait for the show tomorrow

Anonymous said...

I'm the first DJ in Brazil to play the Piper's album in 70's for the 2.000 brazilian people at the Rock Night Club in São Paulo, Brazil.
I found and read about The Piper´s Billy Squier Band at Rock Scene, Hit Parader, Circus Magazines at 70's. Piper and Billy Squire's solos albums go to the top of hits in my small pub dancing rock club. The brazilian people listened the Billy Squire's Music from my hands.

Piper was one of the best rock bands of 70's, of course!!!

Wilson Alexandre - Fundador da Fofinho Rock Club (Orkut)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info and nice photos of Piper. I was/am a fan of Piper and BS. Saw Piper with the Babys back in the day and Billy in Atlantic City last weekend.
Great Show! Songs from almost all releases and really rockin!

Mark C said...

WoW. I have been looking for these 2 albums for years.I grew up in Boston in the 70,s .Saw a show at the Orphiem Theater Piper and The Babys.Ever since then Cant Wait was one of my best albums..Another great band was Angel...Thank You

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

that was awesome - thanks so much. I lost all my vinyl in a move and the digital copies in a HD crash, this was a favorite. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

on a Def Leppard post at there was a stub showing they opened for Billy, and I asked about Piper.

I decided to googleblogsearch and see what would pop up.


Thank you!
I have wanted to hear this band since 1981 !

Nixter said...

I Still have these two original albums, as I remember playing the first disc to death, and their follow-up was brilliant. Was disappointed when they broke up and Billy went solo, however some of his solo work had reminded me of classic Piper.
Thank you for putting this up...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting these!!

site said...

Well, I do not actually imagine it may work.

Tyler Adams said...

Any chance of a reupload. Megaupload site is no longer around. I'd really love to have these albums.

Rob McLaren said...

I will second the calls for a reupload...thanks!

Rob McLaren said...

Any chance of sending me a copy?? thanks!

Vulture said...

I "came of age" in the '70s. Bands from 10cc to the Babys to the New York Dolls,to Starz & Rex, to Angel to Gary Glitter to Alex Harvey to the birth of punk, and then New Wave and all of the big names (Zeppelin, Floyd, Alice Cooper, etc) from that era. Piper was right smack dab in the middle of the mix. My whole group of friends loved them. We saw them at least three or four times, always as an opening band, unfortunately. Saw them with Angel a couple times and with The Babys and with City Boy. They were ALWAYS fuckin' great! Very energetic and entertaining. Billy was quite the wild man up front.
Good times, good friends, good memories!